Good things don’t always come in quantity. If society could choose for themselves then why make laws. Capitalism is the opposite of utilitarianism, unless you think 99 percent of people think that 1 percent of people should have the majority of the money.


overt vs covert

I don’t know what is better, an overt racist or a covert racist.

With the overt racist you know where he is coming from and you know to avoid him and not to trust him with your family but you also know he is going to do what it takes to worsen your life.

With the covert racist you can have an open dialogue and if they get to know you maybe you can persuade them through your actions that all people can be good, even though you don’t know you’re doing it, but they are also the person, that when you are looking over the the side of that mountain just to get a view of the waves crashing against the rocks below, give you that push so you can have a better and up close look.

We would like to have that dialogue, it gives us hope, but not at the cost of becoming fish food.


good v bad

The only thing a person should be judged on is their actions. If they are good people or bad people. I’m not a bad person because I speak a different language at home, or because my skin doesn’t look like yours, or because I’m heavier or lighter or because I’m not as smart or wealthy as you or because of my sexuality or because I choose to stand up for my family. Those are not the issues. The issue that we all should be judged on is if “We’re doing the right thing.” All those other things are distractions that are invoked by people to hide the fact that they are a horrible human being. So when someone references something about you that has nothing to do with actions that you have taken. You need to find out what they just did because obviously they just shit the bed and  are trying to hide it.



Thought of The Day


It is my firm belief that xenophobia is rooted in that person’s lack of intellect, self-worth and envy.

That the only way you can feel better about yourself is to demean someone else because, secretly, you want to be them.

What sounds more probable;

  1. That someone would dislike another person because of the amount of melanin, lack of or abundance of, and/or because in their household they grew up speaking a latin based romance language (spanish) and/or have beliefs that God has a different name and/or the existence of a supreme being…… or,
  2. That someone lacks the rudimentary intelligence to understand those facts and they hate themselves but instead of directing their energy towards self-improvement they would rather hate someone that they see as different and better/happier then them and wished they could be them so they can stop hating themselves.

I personally think number 2 but that is a decision that you have to make for yourselves.

In layman’s terms or in other words, there’s a whole bunch of stupid.