Thought of The Day


It is my firm belief that xenophobia is rooted in that person’s lack of intellect, self-worth and envy.

That the only way you can feel better about yourself is to demean someone else because, secretly, you want to be them.

What sounds more probable;

  1. That someone would dislike another person because of the amount of melanin, lack of or abundance of, and/or because in their household they grew up speaking a latin based romance language (spanish) and/or have beliefs that God has a different name and/or the existence of a supreme being…… or,
  2. That someone lacks the rudimentary intelligence to understand those facts and they hate themselves but instead of directing their energy towards self-improvement they would rather hate someone that they see as different and better/happier then them and wished they could be them so they can stop hating themselves.

I personally think number 2 but that is a decision that you have to make for yourselves.

In layman’s terms or in other words, there’s a whole bunch of stupid.




There’s two ways to make yourself stand out. By your good deeds where people will put you on their shoulders or by pushing people down to make yourself look better. Only one actually moves you, the other moves people the wrong way.

#superhero #Ican’tdowhatyoucando



I care! I care about about my son and his mother. I care about homelessness. I care about doing the right thing. I care about idiotic atrocities that people tell you not to care about. I care. I care about climate warming and good people getting hurt. So should everyone. When they tell you not to care is when you should worry. I care about everyone, even the ones that don’t care. There’s nothing wrong with caring, there is absolutely something wrong with not caring. If they tell you that the solution is not caring, then they just did something very wrong, criminal, atrocious, shameful. So who cares if they care that you care, care anyway. Care until hurts. It’s the only way to fix problems. I care.


appropriate v inappropriate

Inappropriate jokes are just inappropriate and not sexual molestation, it shouldn’t damn you to hell. Inappropriate touching is when you start the barter system, you touched my crotch, my fist touched your eye, albeit at a way faster and forceful nature. I don’t think anyone should be outcasted for being a little familiar, as long as it isn’t serial, you know, every time we speak, but I am a firm believer of reminding someone that your hands are meant to scratch your crotch not anyone else’s the first time it happens. #FOREVER

Thought of the Day!

up you nose

Did you know that what goes up your nose can land in your eye? Ever wonder why when you get hit on the nose, your eyes water? The nasal canal leads to your sinuses which leads to your lacrimal glands, tear ducts. That’s why you get those nasty green eye boogers  when you are congested and have that nasty cold.