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Kevin Hart Slammed for His Response to Homophobic Attack on Jussie Smollett

So funny. The only person that has the right to dismiss Kevin Hart’s tweets is the person he referenced. All these people that jump on this band wagon of trying to tear the comedian down for some jokes, albeit comedians will make some on edge comments and they were only jokes, must be perfect. Didn’t know that their were so many Jesus’s walking the earth. Hey, to those people, I would like start my own wine distillery, maybe you can come over and turn my water to wine. I would share the profits with you but I’m sure you’re too perfect for that. Mr. Hart, keep your head up, if any of us were perfect, then we wouldn’t need mirrors in our homes or cars in our garages. We would just wake up and float every where. You see, after reading this paragraph, this is why we need the Kevin Hart’s of the world, I’m just not funny but we all need to laugh. I’m not calling people out for chastising him on the statement, I’m calling them out for mentioning it more than once. He apologized, he got it, let’s move on.

Adonis Stevenson Recovery Update


Per Stevenson girlfriend Simone “Sisi” God: “As the first month of 2019 slowly comes to a close, I’d like to share an update on the health of our beloved boxing champion Adonis Stevenson. Last month, I disclosed that Adonis had woken up and was healing from his injury in the private company of his family and his dedicated medical team. Today, I am happy to share that after months of grueling workouts and physical therapy, Adonis has taken his first few steps, and is working towards walking independently.

“Despite his champion health, these improvements to his condition have not come easy. Adonis has pushed himself as the true champion that he is, incorporating courage and determination into his recovery. It has been a true gift to watch his health improve and we are grateful for every advancement he has made. Adonis is a world champion in the ring and continues to exhibit strength and perseverance in his rehabilitation.

“Additionally, I am happy to share that Adonis is beginning to verbally communicate and is able to speak to our family, friends and his medical team. At this time, I am confident that our Superman will make a full recovery.

“On behalf of Adonis and our family, I thank you once again for your messages and ongoing support. We are truly humbled by your love and well wishes.”


electric feet

The gym is so weird. Every time I go there there’s something new. This time it felt like I had ants in my feet trying to make it up to my nut sack. And, why do women wear so much perfume. It just gets all in your lungs and you can hardly breathe and every time you take a breath for 15 minutes after, you have that smell in your nose that seems to go straight to the brain.



ammonia brain



  • Abnormal movements or shaking of hands or arms.
  • Agitation, excitement, or seizures (occur rarely)
  • Disorientation.
  • Drowsiness or confusion.
  • Behavior or personality changes.
  • Slurred speech.
  • Slowed or sluggish movement.
  • Reddening of the eyes, especially when you sweat.
  • Causes non stop chatter and synapses to fire due to the overload of potassium chloride.

So if you ever have sharp pains to the liver, where the hepatic blood vessels go to cleanse the blood from foreign substances, then you might suffer these symptoms. You ever heard of the term bat shit crazy, that because bats defecate high quantities of ammonia and if you are ever in a bat cave, you need to wear a protective mask.

To help, eat items that have peppermint, spearmint or any kind of mint. It helps reduce the amount of potassium chloride and it cleanses the blood.

No wonder Batman goes around jumping from building to building, he’s crazy.


bad call

What a bad call. This stuff happens all the time, not on purpose, and the question you have to ask is how do you approach this problem. I say you adopt an MLB rule. You allow the head coach to approach the officials and request an official’s review, meaning that when everyone in the stadium saw it and everyone on the offended team saw it and everyone on the opposing team saw it but the officials missed it, the head coach can request an official’s review of the play, no matter what the play was. If the head coach is wrong, then he loses that challenge for that half. When games as big as these are on the line, you should be able to review any call on any play when everyone else saw it. It’s like asking an umpire to review if the home run was a home run, they don’t have to but when you are unsure, why not allow an official review. So instead of making it play specific, make it a general review that the officials would have to agree on. I’m sure after looking at the jumbo screen and hearing all the boos and magoo’s,  they would have agreed to do it.


pink floyd

Why are you building the wall? To keep the crazies in or out, because it seems that the crazies have been here for a while and none are illegal. This is the only wall I’m interested in. Rock out with your pants undone. Keeping it PG. Tick tock, people are hungry, about to file for bankruptcy. No money for gas to get to work. LOL, I’ll build them damn wall, if you don’t mind Legos. A Lego wall, now that might work. No pressure though. I’m sure we’ll get to the right answer quickly.

So, the wall is just a 214 mile extension. And it’s going to cost 5.7 billion. Well, I would like to sell my tools to you cheap. $150,000 and only broken once.

I have an idea, why don’t we build a labyrinth at the border. A really tricky one and if they make it through they automatically qualify for LAPR status. We’ll put it on TV and sell advertisement to afford the labyrinth, it will actually produce a profit.

This is becoming dangerously close to the hunger games for federal workers. And no offense meant to any leader of this country but we should try not to liken something that’s meant to divide property to a person that tried remove boundaries.


When my son was 2, he got it in his head to put a hard candy in his mouth and started to choke. I did exactly what this video said but it was his mother, who did a finger sweep, which they say not to do, that saved his life.

I don’t think NY had anything to do with it. I couldn’t tell you who did.



With the Justice Department embarking on a Religious freedom initiative, you kind of wonder what they mean by that. Does it mean that they stand with the baker from Colorado that refused service to a gay couple, that wanted a wedding cake, on religious grounds or do they mean that they stand with the gay couple’s right to be treated equally under the law? What we have to realize is that some of these religions don’t allow you to recognize any other God but the God of that religion. Does that mean that the baker can now refuse service to non-believers or people that believe in other religions? The slippery slope of exclusion based on religion is one thing that we should avoid.

First, there is no religion that says that people should be discriminated for any reason. All religions say that you must be tolerant and show compassion. To refuse to treat a person like a person and claim it on religious grounds is contradictory to what the religion is all about. All people sin and in if you choose to discriminate on only one particular sin, which I don’t really know if it is or is not, then your being biased. When you start adopting rules on religion and how you can treat each other because of it then you might as well head back to the days of the crusades. Another reason to truly eliminate your wrong beliefs of religion as an excuse of proper or legal behavior is because you will then excuse people that commit horrendous crimes because of their misinterpretations of religion, 9/11, and since this country has a freedom of religion, their argument is going to be as crazy as the bakers. There is a very good reason to separate state and religion, it’s so people don’t act out and then point to obscure, misunderstood and misinterpreted verses in a religious book and use it as an excuse to be crazy.

By the way, the baker was wrong.

And, I believe that’s there only one God and that he came down six different times or however many true religions there are, in the form that the people that he was preaching to could accept and acknowledge. It’s crazy to think that an all powerful and omnipotent God couldn’t foresee the dangers of making one true messiah that only looks like one portion of the population. All religions basically teach the same things, in the core of that religion, so why would you think that Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha and whoever else would be different people but not the same person as an image that is acceptable to pass his message on to the people he /she is preaching to? Well, I’m not a religion major and I’m sure that there are arguments to debunk my belief but I’ll wait to hear them, again my Religion Degree comes from Crayola, who by the way all share the same box peacefully.