I don’t get all the criticism or harsh commentary being levied on Jake Paul…or is it Logan Paul….Paul Jake? Logan Jake? Paul Logan?? It sucks having two first names and having a brother that looks a lot like you. The kid is boxing and is a boxer. The criticism by non boxers are that he is fighting non boxers, MMA guys, basketball players, etc. yeah, that’s pretty tough task to begin your career. Most boxers fight plumbers or electricians and some have fought mailman (Roy Jones Jr. in a title bout) to begin their career. That’s because no one fights a professional boxer in the beginning, they all fight people that are trying their hand at boxing. Only very few people actually begin their career fighting professional boxers. Vasily Lomanchenko being one of the few. You’re a professional boxer when and only when you make your living or at least significant amount of your living in the ring and don’t have to do anything else. A lot of guys fight for a long time and never become a professional boxer. Lets look at the best pound for pound guy and his first 6 fights.

Canelo Alvarez fought Gonzalez, Alvarado, Vasquez, Lopez, Juarez, Hernandez. Out of those, only Vasquez actually stayed in the sport and made a living as a boxer. The others have a total of 11 wins and 54 losses before hanging up the gloves. They weren’t athletes like Paul’s first six opponents. Paul’s first six opponents were actually more dangerous than any of Canelo’s opponents, sans Vasquez. I don’t like pundits, most who haven’t boxed, thinking that this kid isn’t a real boxer, he is. It takes a lot of courage to get in the squared circle and go toe to toe with another opponent who wants nothing better than to shut you up. But I get it, he is making money that some in the sport, who have been boxing for some time, only dream of. Is it right, why not? He built a platform and is using to elevate the sport. You have to admire his chutzpah.

This leads me to my prediction…… I say the white guy will either win, lose or draw. It will either go the distance or a stoppage. One scorecard will be completely wrong and the best man will win. Either way, Paul deserves his props and I hope he cleans up in his PPV card. I won’t be paying for it, not because it’s Paul and Fury but because it’s two guys with less than 10 fights fighting an 8 rounder and I wouldn’t pay to see anyone fight in their 8th pro fight. I like to consider myself more than a just a fan… I would like to consider myself a broke fan, that would be more accurate. Or else I might just get it.