older lady abs

I was walking with my girlfriend outside a Kroger near Wright Patt AFB in Ohio. Me and my girlfriend, who was African American, were talking when an older white lady, and when I say older, she was about 40, I was 23, walked by with abs that you could throw a quarter at. If after throwing a quarter at her abs you didn’t get two 12.5 cent pieces, the quarter would have definitely bounced off like it was hitting a brick wall. Now, me being naive and noticing this lady as she walked by and smiled, I just said to my girlfriend “did you see that lady’s abs”? She turned and smacked the cheez wiz taste out of my mouth (it really wasn’t that hard, more like a love tap), grabbed the keys, jumped in the car and took off. I had to walk 5 miles back to the house where she said “I’m sorry” and I just looked and said “aha”. Lesson learned, if you going to look at a woman’s amazing abs as she walks by, make sure you can point out what’s behind her so you can tell your girlfriend, I think we need to buy some Kroger brick wall.

As I got older I never understood this fascination with six pack abs. I had friends show off and women asking me how to get them? I’d  say I don’t know, never had them, but I had twinkies, they’re good. I have a flat stomach, when I lay down. My abs are ripped, all along the wrinkles.


unisex names

Dating a person with a unisex name can be awkward. When you tell your friends about her they get this funny look on their face… Jo was an amazing person, I’m sorry, don’t mean to confuse you, Jo(sephine) was an amazing person. I married a Cat(alina) who was…. well… wow!!! Dated a T(ara) J(oi) that was funny and a little jealous. Cris(tina) used to have a crush on me, sort of. I guess all the others were gender specific, Janina, Latrice, Brenda, Kimberly, Sylvia, Sydel. Never dated a Pat(ricia) or a Sam(antha). Had a crush on another Jo(anna) but she came around the same time as wow and Sydel was her best friend….



5 People dead, 5 officers hurt, 1 seemingly FINE person goes on a rampage. No prior history of such actions. More sacrifices to the Murder Gods. I don’t know if it’s the Nyquil or just that I’m sort of numb to this already. Vroom Vroom go the RPM’s.

murder god



The right to choose is a very important aspect in our life. The right to choose what to do with your body, whom to love, where to go, what to buy, with whom to associate, how to vote and so on is why this country was birthed. Fighting oppression by anyone is essential to having a democracy. Any person that tries to chip away at any right to choose, be it guns or abortions, as long as that choice does not harm any other living human being, should be voted out of office, impeached from their position and/or relegated to being by themselves in their elitist room. You should fight, by any legal means necessary, any action that limits any right to choose that does not bring harm to any other person. Democracies are built on holding strong to your right to choose and fighting any erosion of that right. Just ask Venezuela.


amy k

LOL…. After Trump tweeted that Klobuchar “looked like a Snowman” during her announcement, the senator responded by asking how Trump’s hair “would fare in a blizzard?”

Two things… She handled herself well and she looks presidential. Have to wait and see her views on different items. I smell trouble for all the other candidates. I’m going to wait and see if Bernie jumps in the race but if he doesn’t, I think he shouldn’t, if he doesn’t, who he endorses will mean a lot. #BernieBump


boxing gloves

I would like to share a story of why everyone should do boxing.

I have trained in boxing, on and off, for the past thirty odd years. Have never been good enough to really do anything with it financially speaking, but it has kept me in good shape. When I severely sprained my ankle while working in the border Patrol, I stood on one leg and and a leg with an air cast and used boxing drills to keep me in shape. As soon as I was cleared to run again, something that I used to love to do, I was able to run down a group of illegal citizens that had crossed. Chasing them down for a little less than a mile, carrying all my equipment , the day after I was cleared to return to work. Boxing is an amazing sport that fine tunes your body. What it does mostly, it refines your reflexes. It makes them quicker and steady.

This was never more apparent when my son, at the age of 8, for some reason decided to cross the street running while an SUV had just accelerated at full speed to beat a light. I had just turned my head to the right to look for oncoming traffic when I caught my son, who was to my left, through the corner of my eye, racing into the middle of the street. Out of nowhere, my left hand, my best hand, I used to throw a mean and quick left hook, even though I’m righty, reached out and grabbed him and pulled him back. The SUV was literally, not figuratively, right upon him. I pulled him back and out of the way. All I can think is that if my son gotten hit that day, I would have never been able to live with myself. It would have devastated me. My son apologized and he knew better. I have been teaching him to the cross the street since he was 5. I don’t know what got into his head, ear or eye.

I thank boxing, it literally saved my son’s life.


Aaron Schwartz

Forgot to commemorate this young man. A genius dead at 26.

Aaron Hillel Swartz was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist. Wikipedia
Born: November 8, 1986, Highland Park, IL
Died: January 11, 2013, Brooklyn, New York City, NY


liam neeson

I weigh in on silly situations because that’s what bloggers do. They make their opinion known to their 36, maybe 37 followers. Within the last week Liam Neeson made it known that a friend of his was raped and that he acted irrationally to someone being raped. He stated that he sought the person that did it or anyone that looked like that person. He was obviously traumatized by the event and acted outside normal behavior. The back lash to his comments about actions that happened some 40 odd years ago is, hmmm, how can I put it…. insane. He did something wrong, well, almost very wrong, and he admitted to it. People seem to take the fact that someone he obviously loved very dearly got RAPED and skim past that point like yeah, we all do it, well, we all don’t do that. His behavior is actually what occurs when a loved one is sexually molested or raped. You go outside your normal self and you want to lash out. Some people handle it in different ways. Some people file civil suits because the appropriate authorities are magooing it (as in Mr. Magoo), some people look for immediate action and some people just sit on their thumbs because they’re too damn scared of their own shadows. While Liam should have focused his frustrations on finding the guilty party, when a traumatizing event like that occurs it can discombobulate you. I’m glad the Mr. Neeson didn’t hurt anyone and that he came to his senses prior to doing anything dumb. But if I had a question for Mr. Neeson, it would be, “How’s your friend, is she alright?” because in this incident, she was the only one hurt and no one else.

It amazes me what people seem to take to heart. The forest for the trees people. And if rapists and sexual predators or people that support rape don’t want to see his movies… fuck them. I don’t support his action, I condemn the reactions or over reactions when they don’t take everything into perspective.