As the Delta variant continues to spread, the question to vax or not vax has become the central topic of discussion. The mistrust of the government is the leading reason why people don’t vaccinate.

People claim that metal objects are now all of a sudden being magnetized to their skin. Claims of microscopic RFID’s are being injected so they can be tracked and manipulated have arisen. That the shot will change them or their DNA or cause infertility is a leading contender.

While the government does seem to not care about privacy as much as they should, i.e. the NSA debacle of a few years ago when they were caught monitoring phone calls, they do have an interest in saving lives, mainly to collect taxes. They want you alive and healthy and working. The reasons listed above, while maybe not all that crazy in this day and age, are not really good reasons not to get vaxxed. If you ae worried about RFID’s, get the shot and then go get an MRI. That should help knock out any RFID’s. If you are worried about them causing infertility, don’t. Who will pay taxes if you don’t have kids to carry on the tradition of making little tax payers? If you are worried about them changing your DNA, to what exactly, I wouldn’t know, a werewolf maybe???, Don’t. There’s a shortage of silver, so they wouldn’t have enough to make bullets to kill us all. And the biggest reason not to not get vaxxed, see what I did their, I injected a double negative and let you know about it with a bad pun, is that if they are going to do that stuff, they can do it at anytime not only with the injection of a vaccine. In your food, your drinking water, over the counter medicine, your steroids, while your asleep, while awake, so get vaxxed for goodness sake. Hahaha, I crack myself up.

I get it. With all the latest technology, people are super skeptical. That is the governments fault, but don’t let their intrusive behavior end your life or the life of a loved one. Someone told me yesterday that this is the times we live in and there isn’t much we can do about it. She was right, if that’s what they are going to do, then there is very little you can do about it, at least dead anyway.

Funny enough, if the government had said that Pfizer had come up with a vaccine but they don’t recommend you take it, the whole country would be vaccinated right now.


While congress struggles with the decision to get rid of qualified immunity, they are passing over the obvious and over thinking the situation and going to get to a solution that no one will be happy with. I think they are approaching the problem in a completely wrong way. Every job has qualified immunity. Doctors have qualified immunity when they operate. If the patient dies due to complications, they are protected as long as they did every reasonable measure to prevent it. It doesn’t mean that they can’t be investigated, it just means that they should do their jobs the right way and if they did, then they should have nothing to worry about. Police officers should also have qualified immunity and be protected if anything goes afoul due to no fault of their own. What congress needs to do is update their definitions. One example is excessive force. As it stands excessive force is doing something that is not taught as a legal measure that leads to any kind of harm, well, that is the wrong definition. Excessive force should read doing a legal maneuver in excess that leads to grievous bodily harm and/or death. No legal maneuver should ever result in grievous bodily harm or death if done correctly or why is it being taught? I can put someone in a chicken wing but if I keep pulling it up until he/she touches the top of her scalp, then I could easily break that limb and it will never be the same again. Abuse of power and excessive force are two different situations. That’s just one example of how you can correct the problems between the community and law enforcement. Accountability is another. You should hold people accountable when they break the rules that they are governed by. Updating definitions on when you can use lethal force, should be when the officer’s life and /or the life of others are in danger if the person escapes not because he/she is not following my orders, is a good one. And you should make those rules unambiguous so there is no misunderstandings as to when someone can use lethal force. Also, shooting someone when you don’t see a weapon should be a big one. The definition of when you should fear for your life should be explicit and it should have nothing to do with the color of one’s skin, I fear for my life because he/she was black seems to be a problem. You should also mandate that the punishments for using excessive force and acting in bad faith while performing one’s duty should be punished with a minimum of losing one’s position without the chance of appeal and the possibility of a lesser punishment. If the prospect of losing a good paying job and their pensions for some of these dumb dumbs becomes a possibility, then you’ll see them smarten up quickly. The trick is getting rid of the bad apples before they become the bad apples in charge of the basket (cases).

Where congress should focus on is bad faith actors in both the Federal and State level prosecutors. Imagine being a person that was imprisoned for a crime that he did not commit and the prosecutor’s office had exculpatory evidence that would have exonerated him and yet, failed to produce it. This is more common in minority prosecutions that happens way too often. In this case, prosecutors should have to face criminal charges and the office should be able to be sued. Failure to properly do one’s duty because the person in charge looks different or doesn’t speak the same language you, the person being charged, does at home is something that should not be tolerated. Congress should take away the power from the prosecutors to charge and not charge, meaning that they should charge when the facts demonstrate a crime has been committed. That power, of not holding someone accountable, belongs to the people in form of a jury, not to a prosecutor looking for favors.


Getting angry seems to be taboo these days. People that get angry seem to be always wrong and people that are calm and loquacious are always right. I mean why would you yell about getting sexually assaulted and why would you be mad at the affable guy that did that. It makes no sense, so next time you wake up on the ground when your homeless and some dude is laying on top of you like you were a mattress just remember that you are in sunny San Diego and smile about it while you are trying to figure out WTF is going on right now. For the record my pants were still on but my sleeping bag was 20 feet away and the the thing I used for a pillow, was removed from my head. The good thing is that it all just seems like a dream to me now. So remember that if you are the one yelling, you’re wrong and it’s your fault.

To be perfectly honest, I was in and out of consciousness, did it happen, there is no doubt. After that I used to try and sleep on the sides of rocky hill sides hoping that they trip and impale their dicks on a cactus instead of trying to impale them in me while I was asleep and for the life of me couldn’t wake up, but that’s life. No it isn’t, it really isn’t, that prison life but without the prison. I couldn’t for the life of me understand how these people were always able to find me. I changed spots often and I would sleep next to freeways with a crap load of brush. Never be homeless and if you are going to be homeless, then be homeless in the middle of the Sahara.

I did go to the emergency room and a proctologist to make sure that nothing happened, and they said everything was alright and then gave me a thumbs up, which these days really doesn’t reassure me too much.


The Governor of the Great State of New York has tendered his resignation . Mr. Cuomo has decided not to put the State through political theater in the midst of an outbreak of Covid -19, the Delta force variant, which has been going through the vaccinated like the Taliban going through Afghanistan. It is a unlikely end to a person, that in 7 years could have run for and probably would have been the first American President of Italian descent. who was the face of confidence and voice of reason during the COVID pandemic, but the silver lining is that he will have his own show on some primetime news channel in a couple of years, and as sure as we were born stupid, it will happen. If you read my blog, what I will say next will make total sense. I cannot say he is guilty or not guilty but I can say that Anglo Saxon women are powerful. You can do whatever to immigrants, but Anglo Saxon women are a powerful group that can and will destroy you if you mess up. Again, this is not a referendum on what happened or on innocence or guilt or if anyone is lying, this is merely a statement that points out that you can do whatever you want to anyone but Anglo Saxon women, and good for them as I hope all women will reach that pinnacle one day, are as powerful as one group of people can be. This young lady did what Trump as President couldn’t even come close too. I think that Keanu Reeves has it right with the phantom hugs and no touch policy. I will say though that I know for a fact that what Gov. Cuomo did, allegedly, pales in comparison to what lesser people, non-political though, have done to immigrant women and those people are still working and will still receive their pensions, so forgive me if I can’t get behind the Cuomo is not worthy hoopla. This again is not to downplay the women and their feelings on these issues, I just know that a lot worse has happened to good people and been ignored. So, for now, ehhhh, is all I can muster up.

I will say one thing, Gov. Cuomo did do one thing that was really impressive. He withheld tax revenue from the State of NY from the Federal government when he felt that they were not doing enough to protect the States or taking enough remedial action against COVID. This was right after then President Trump said that the states had to do their own prevention measures. This was a bold move by the governor and I can definitively say that his troubles began shortly after that. So, lets just say that there is magic involved.