As the Delta variant continues to spread, the question to vax or not vax has become the central topic of discussion. The mistrust of the government is the leading reason why people don’t vaccinate.

People claim that metal objects are now all of a sudden being magnetized to their skin. Claims of microscopic RFID’s are being injected so they can be tracked and manipulated have arisen. That the shot will change them or their DNA or cause infertility is a leading contender.

While the government does seem to not care about privacy as much as they should, i.e. the NSA debacle of a few years ago when they were caught monitoring phone calls, they do have an interest in saving lives, mainly to collect taxes. They want you alive and healthy and working. The reasons listed above, while maybe not all that crazy in this day and age, are not really good reasons not to get vaxxed. If you ae worried about RFID’s, get the shot and then go get an MRI. That should help knock out any RFID’s. If you are worried about them causing infertility, don’t. Who will pay taxes if you don’t have kids to carry on the tradition of making little tax payers? If you are worried about them changing your DNA, to what exactly, I wouldn’t know, a werewolf maybe???, Don’t. There’s a shortage of silver, so they wouldn’t have enough to make bullets to kill us all. And the biggest reason not to not get vaxxed, see what I did their, I injected a double negative and let you know about it with a bad pun, is that if they are going to do that stuff, they can do it at anytime not only with the injection of a vaccine. In your food, your drinking water, over the counter medicine, your steroids, while your asleep, while awake, so get vaxxed for goodness sake. Hahaha, I crack myself up.

I get it. With all the latest technology, people are super skeptical. That is the governments fault, but don’t let their intrusive behavior end your life or the life of a loved one. Someone told me yesterday that this is the times we live in and there isn’t much we can do about it. She was right, if that’s what they are going to do, then there is very little you can do about it, at least dead anyway.

Funny enough, if the government had said that Pfizer had come up with a vaccine but they don’t recommend you take it, the whole country would be vaccinated right now.