demo front runners

I just listened to The Daily by the New York Times and they put on a very interesting talking piece about what the candidates listen to to motivate their crowds. So I thought I would have some fun with it and put my set on how they seem to look right now from my own playlist.

Bernie Sanders –

1. I’m Alive – by Johnny Thunder

2. Legendary – by Welshly Arms

3. Take back the Power – by Interruptors

Joe Biden –

1. Dear Mr. Fantasy – by Traffic

2. Everybody wants to rule the world – by Tears for Fears

3. This Ain’t My America – By Lynyrd Skynyrd

Elizabeth Warren –

1. Renegades – by X Ambassadors

2. You Can’t Stop Me – by Andy Mineo

3. Stand by me – by Otis Redding

Kamala Harris –

1. Bad to the bone – George Thorogood

2. Californication – by Red Hot Chili Peppers

3. Short Change Hero – by The Heavy

Pete Buttigieg –

1. Listen to the Music – The Doobie Brothers

2. All the Way Up (The remix) – Fat Joe, Remy Ma

3. Come Together (remake)- by Gark Clark Jr.

Julian Castro –

1. Believer – Imagine Dragons

2. Simple Man – by Lynyrd Skynyrd

3. Fantasy – By EWF (if you don’t recognize that moniker then you shouldn’t be allowed to listen to them)

Andrew Yang

1. One Love – by the great Bob Marley

2. Feel it Still – by Portugal.

3. Don’t Let Me Down – Chainsmokers. Daya

Cory Booker

1. Spirit in the Sky – by Norman Greenbaum

2. Whatever it takes – by Imagine Dragon

3. Victory – By Notorious B.I.G., P Diddy (G Version, if there is one)

Kristen Gillibrand

1. Paint it Black – Ciara

2. In the Name of Love – Jacob Banks

3. We didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

Tulsi Gabbard (The Sniper)

1. Black Eyes – Bradley Cooper

2. Run The Jewels – Run the Jewels

3. Congratulations – Post Malone, Quavo (Radio version)

4. Hell and Back – By Kid Ink

5. Mean Demeanor – by Run the Jewels

6. Drops of Jupiter – by Train



tariff wars

The incredibly growing tariff war with China has hit home. The stock markets are declining and the average American will soon feel the pinch. Is it necessary? Is it necessary to get into what will amount to an all out fight against China over tariffs? I don’t know, I’m not an economist or hold a degree in that field, so I called a buddy of mine and asked him and he said that we should send tanks and take over Taiwan. In all fairness, he isn’t an economist either or particularly good at world geography, he works at a deli, so after getting my bagel with cream cheese and grape jelly, I decided he doesn’t really know what a tariff war is. What I do think is probably around the same as the common laymen, that doesn’t play X-box Call of Duty, even though he does make a mean cream cheese bagel with grape jelly, and that is that we might as well get it over with now. A trade war was bound to happen. China keeps devaluing it’s yuan, or is it peso, dollar, euro?, China keeps devaluing it’s money and that’s going to keep us, who almost pay a fair wage to it’s employees, on edge. Companies keep moving there manufacturing businesses there because of the cheap labor. That cheap labor, who gets paid something like $3.41 on the low side, is attractive to people that like profit over people. China has the largest disparity of income between classes, having the most millionaires in the world. You can’t have the most millionaires without having low paying wages. China keeps there poverty rates and housing conditions under wrap, meaning that if you got to wikipedia, you probably won’t get the most accurate information. In the end, China’s ambition, don’t really know what they are, to devalue there money is tied to keeping their products cheaper when they export them to the U.S.. I’m not saying that China doesn’t have the right to attract businesses and reap rewards and stave off of poverty, (wait, taking a bite of my bagel) but when you keep wages low, then you devalue your money, people living two to a studio apartment, have the highest disparity between working classes then any other nation, and don’t pay a fair minimum wage across the board, ratchet up military spending (maybe they’re worried about North Korea), and allow loopholes to the labor laws to be constantly exploited, then it’s hard to be sympathetic to these millionaires. While the administration’s reasons for the tariff war might not be what I think it is, to promote humane treatment and prevent people from being exploited as cheap labor, maybe… no huh, it still can have that affect.

This is where the Marshal Plan would be effective. Castro’s idea of a Marshal Plan, even if President Trump gets re-elected (since a Demo came up with the idea), should have some very serious consideration. The plan of America First sounds a little self serving but everyone knows that increasing the economic future of our neighbors to the south, not just Mexico, will eventually do what we all want. It will curb illegal immigration, it will make China reevaluate their position, it will stop illegal narcotics (at least from that corridor), it will raise our own minimum wage to a fair level ($37 an hour, just kidding), we will no longer feel the need to live inside a wall (I don’t anyway), it will save money building a wall, it will stabilize global markets mainly because devaluing the, I’m going to say the Ruble? no?, China’s currency will no longer have the same impact. Locking up ourselves in this dome that we are currently calling the U.S. because we fear, I don’t know, foreign cooties, which is different from regular cooties I guess, only plays right into China’s hands, (not that they are the bad guy but they should really pay their workers more plus in the end and they are a Communist government who can, with a swipe of their pen, take all the freedoms that we enjoy here away from their own citizens), and allows China to expand. China is currently investing in poor African Countries, a Marshal Plan of their own, and they are succeeding. If we become a hermit to the world, if we don’t become a beacon of freedom, I saw that in Justice League, and help out other countries, they are going to seek help from someone else and I’m sure China is more than ready to invest in their infrastructure. I’m sure they would love to invest in Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and the other countries that make up Central America. If I were them, I would, as soon as possible. Then you will have puppet regimes that are run by Huwaei 5G cell phone towers and our bigotry will get us what we deserve.

I’m not a fan of any type of government that can take away our right to vote, have guns, get an abortion, buy a house, own a pet that isn’t a shih tzu. If they succeed, they pretty much have said that communism is the right approach and then NRA can get into a frenzy over not being able to buy guns and we would all agree and the NRA would probably back abortions.

Pete Buttigieg’s question to woman who shook RFK’s hand takes awkward turn

Presidential candidate and South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg had an awkward campaign trail encounter Tuesday with a woman in Iowa who told him she once met the late-Robert F. Kennedy.

Peter Buttigieg wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera© Provided by Fox News Network LLC

The Democrat was campaigning at the Iowa State Fair when a woman approached him and said she met Kennedy in 1968, according to a tweet from a CNN producer.

“I shook Robert Kennedy’s hand in 1968,” the woman told him.


Buttigieg responded: “So you’re good luck?”

“Not really— he was shot a month later,” the woman said.

Kennedy, the former senator and attorney general beloved by liberals, was assassinated in California in 1968 while seeking the Democratic nomination for president. His brother, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in 1963.

Buttigieg is among the Democratics who have been campaigning over the last few days at the Iowa State Fair.

“I’m running for president because it’s time to have somebody in the Oval Office who will stick up for American values,” Buttigieg said during a speech at the fair Tuesday.

Manny’s Blog comment…….

Hopefully Mayor Pete skipped the hand shake and gave her a hug instead.


marshall plan

A Marshall Plan is an amazing idea that would ensure the safety of our neighbors to the south and have a curbing effect on illegal immigration as well as boosting a slacking economy. I always wondered why businesses choose an authoritarian regime with goals of usurping democracy over democratic countries that are less than half the distance away. I am hoping this would mean opening drug interdiction bases manned by American or NATO troops and opening trade routes and re-directing businesses to the south. No plan will work unless you rid these countries of the scourge of drug running. This would also negate any need for tariff wars with China that would take a financial toll on this country. We hold most of the cards, we used to hold all the cards, pretty soon we’ll have the losing hand.





After watching 4 debates, here’s my take on what the candidate is not saying and should.

Biden: Not that I think he should get the nod but sometimes you just want express your opinion:

Joe Biden keeps getting attacked on his past votes and actions (like he should). He should stop defending his votes and state the obvious. Then is not now. No one would have been able to have the conversation that we are having now without taking the baby steps of yesterday. That it is only possible to take the steps we are today because of the steps we fought for yesterday. You have to make inroads before you make super highways. If you had tried to take the ambitious steps you are taking today, back then, in that atmosphere, be it climate change, racial disparity, global trading… it wouldn’t have made it passed morning coffee. Everything you are trying to implement today is because of the baby steps of yesterday. No one is born and runs a marathon, you first have to crawl, then walk and then you can run.

I felt bad for giving him shit for his immigration policy views, they are wrong by the way, but I think his campaign manager isn’t setting the record straight the right way and for the record, I don’t think he is a nimrod.


DEMO DEBATE 07/31/2019

democratic debate 07 31 2019


Andrew Yang – Hahahahaha… the opposite of President Trump is an Asian man that likes math. WHAAATTT!. Funny, smart, to the point. Other people said stuff. Now every time someone says math, they think Yang. Maybe he can hire people to yell math at the polls.

Harris in a natural speaker, even in the minor flub, she handled it like a pro. Didn’t get nervous. Shows she can handle the pressure.

Biden was last to speak. Poignant. Commanded the stage. Got a pretty good ovation.


“yadda,yadda,yadda” My personal opinion. None of those plans will ever work until they come to the realization that healthcare is a national issue and should be exempt from capitalism, profiting, and socialism, the government will pay it with your taxes, and made into a practical issue, we take care of each other and we pay for it and be a stand alone independent agency. We HAVE TO pool our resources. This would allow for negotiating prices and keeping pharmaceuticals at a fair rate. Everyone talks price, great, how does keeping employer based or tax based health care offset that. Private businesses want to make money and the government is great at seeking ways to hike taxes by disguise. This is why you need that independent agency that is fully transparent and separate from any other agency. Lol, keeping it private will bring medical and pharmaceutical costs down, are you crazy, no one profits when you pay less and if you keep it as a for profit system, then they are going to seek profit, maybe we can pay with twinkies and cupcakes, like that at least Hostess can make some money, disclaimer: currently own shares in Hostess.

Hahahaha… math makes a resurgence in the political debate. Yang, you are a genius.


Castro – The Marshal Plan. We all know he’s right. All other plans are band aids, Castro’s is a permanent fix. Some of us learn from history and some of us don’t. A whaaat! moment. Civil action for illegal immigration and what we need is some one with guts (Balls, you know he was thinking Balls, I’ll say it for you, Balls on this issue)

*A Marshall Plan is an amazing idea that would ensure the safety of our neighbors to the south and have a curbing effect on illegal immigration as well as boosting a slacking economy. I always wondered why businesses choose an authoritarian regime with goals of usurping democracy over democratic countries that are less than half the distance away. I am hoping this would mean opening drug interdiction bases manned by American or NATO troops and opening trade routes and re-directing businesses to the south. No plan will work unless you rid these countries of the scourge of drug running.

Harris – Is aghast at the treatment of women and children. Children have died. Being treated like felons and criminals. (If you get elected, you should think about Castro’s Marshal plan)

Bennet – Agrees with Harris. It’s Un-American. (If you get elected, you should think about Castro’s Marshal plan)

Gillibrand – People are being killed, extorted and raped. We need to do something. (If you get elected, you should think about Castro’s Marshal plan)

Biden – Crossing the border is a crime.

(Mr. Biden, Can you tell me England’s asylum laws, I’m betting that most people that come here couldn’t tell you what our asylum laws are or even have a clear understanding of them, it’s difficult when it’s life and death and unfortunately in a lot of cases it is) (If you get elected, you should think about Castro’s Marshal plan) (Lol, get in line?, the thieves and drug cartels can start at the back of the line and work their way up the line, if my family is in danger, I’m cutting the line, sorry!) (And stop giving countries money blindly without us there making sure they are implementing that money the right away, doesn’t promote good leadership, a mistake saying that you just gave money away and didn’t get your desired result)…. (Dumb people don’t deserve safety only people with PhD’s? because they have no schooling? Jesus Christ… Dude…. If they’re kicking out nimrods, I’m locking my doors, maybe you should too, at least when it comes to this issue. People with PhD’s aren’t fighting our wars, digging our needed ditches and harvesting our necessary crops. If we had a nation with people with only with PhD’s, we would have a nation doomed to fail) Couldn’t disagree more with you on this issue, came off badly, but luckily illegal citizens don’t vote. Wait, I’m legal and graduated from school, and I promise to try and get my PhD.

Gabbard – It’s heartbreaking. We can do both, safe borders and have humane legal immigration. No more second class citizens they should be able to better themselves and get an education (plus if they don’t get a PhD, Biden is going to deport them) (If you get elected, you should think about Castro’s Marshal plan)

Yang – simply stated, Yang went Vinny bag of donuts on the situation. Yang said the reasons they say for detention and not allowing immigration are false or in other words “Everything these guys are saying is bullshit, thank you” (LOL. I hope you go up in the polling.) Good ovation. (If you get elected, you should think about Castro’s Marshal plan)

Booker (A Rhodes Scholar) – Repubs are loving this, we need to stick together. Crossing the border is not a crime, it’s a civil issue. Brought up the PhD issue, (in all fairness, I wrote that before Booker stated it) (If you get elected, you should think about Castro’s Marshal plan)

Gillibrand – Children are dying under the current system. We need to do better. (If you get elected, you should think about Castro’s Marshal plan)


Biden – People should receive help not just be thrown into a system that’s going to perfect the criminal skills. (Biden under attack, fights back) Invokes Obama, a good President that may be deemed great by historians (with PhD’s). Says Stop judging on me on my past. (Head scratcher)

Booker (A Rhodes Scholar)- We need to legalize marijuana. (ehhhh, no) Booker rips into Biden, Biden under constant attack. Kool- aid reference, classic, points for a retro slam. Continues his attacks on Biden policies.

Castro – Agrees with Booker and attacks Biden. Front runner is getting barraged with incoming rhetoric. End qualified immunity for law enforcement. Attacks De Blassio on the Gardner case.

Inslee – Washington is the apotheosis (That 25 cent word, $11.37 with inflation since that phrase was invoked, was for Biden so when he gets elected doesn’t try to deport me) of Criminal Justice Reform.

De Blassio – We were forced to wait, we will take action on the Gardner case. (Personal opinion, always do what an officer is asking you to do, if they’re wrong, they will face the consequences, do not engage in a fight with the police. My heartfelt condolences goes out to the Gardner family, I do not make a judgement on whether the officer was right or wrong, I don’t know enough about the situation to offer any kind of opinion) Attacks Biden on the Gardner case.

Yang – Stop the infighting. We are not our enemies. Focus on the solution not on the person next to you. We should focus on bettering people’s situation prior to needing the Criminal Justice System to get involved. Got cut off but was making an awesome point that he wasn’t allowed to finish.

Gillibrand – Officer in the Gardner case should be fired. Was adamant and resolute on the issue. Showed decisiveness. Strong, tough.


Harris – Me and Biden are on opposite sides of how to approach the busing issue with the Senators of that time. Makes a resounding point of stating that if those senators had their way, she would have never been a Senator, Booker would have never been a Senator and former President Obama would have never been in the position to have offered Biden the position of Vice President. whaaat! Continues into what is her strong point, Criminal Justice, and throughout a bombshell, stating that the Civil Rights Department recommended charges be filed in the Gardner case but was overruled by the AG. Damn! And that she would not allow this type of behavior to occur.

Biden – Biden attacks back. Attacks her honesty and ethics. He figuratively said, in the most direct way without actually saying it, “Everything she just said is Bullshit, thank you” dropped the mic and danced on her grave. whaaaatttt! They have lobbied hefty attacks on each other and have damaged each other heavily. Biden got off the floor and completely leveled Harris. I can tell Biden didn’t want to do it, but if you get knocked down, you better prepared to get that 10-8 round back in a big way and he did just that!

Gabbard – Harris placed 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and laughed at her own usage. what!(Those sneaky left hooks that you don’t see coming can have a devastating, calamitous, destructive and crushing affect on one’s goals) Harris wants to be a prosecutorial President, what! (I hope that’s not true. That wouldn’t be her job, like she states it isn’t the job of the current President) And kept people in prison beyond their sentence to use them as cheap labor, wait WHAAAATT! (ooof, slavery, if true, it’s hard to believe) (Harris is visibly upset and shaken up, She needs to deny these charges or she will never beat Trump). Failed to disclose exonerating and exculpatory evidence that would have freed a man from death row… WTF!!! WHAAAAATTTTT!!!!! She needs to deny these allegations immediately, that’s a personal opinion. There is most likely something behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Did Gabbard used to be a sniper in the military, because she just set her sites on Harris and might have killed her chances.


Bennet – #Equalisnotequal. A great tag line with amazing logic behind it.

Inslee – I approached this topic with humility because bigotry hasn’t affected me like it has others. Honesty. I feel that I have a double responsibility to fix these issues.

Yang – Technology. By implementing a fair minimum wage and help the lower socioeconomic class. (Won’t get into the problem with that argument under this banner.)

Castro – Lets call people what they are, the President is a racist. We have to invest in educating people, and invest in our educational system and make the best education for everyone. (As my ex-girlfriend would say after we ate and I asked her if it was my turn to pay…Yep!!)

Gillibrand – White people’s skin is bullet proof?? (Huh, how about if you are hispanic and white, am I still Superman or is it Superhombre?) Gillibrand feels that white privilege is the reason why minorities are targeted and white people are not. Not a great argument. She needed to expound on how and if she meant the Criminal Justice System.


Inslee – We need clean air and clean water no matter who you are.

Biden – I have been on the front line from the Paris accords to this day.

Yang – (Rephrased) It’s too late, it’s already happening and if we don’t do something yesterday, we are in for one hell (because it’s hot, get it) of a ride.

Harris – Agrees with Inslee. Thinks that the current President embraces science fiction instead of science fact. A good line that would have went over better 10 minutes earlier.

Gillibrand – LOL…hahah.. The first thing I’m going to do is clorox the oval office. Bam! whaaaattt!!! Gillibrand is fervent supporter of the green new deal and is, by her enthusiasm, an unyielding and determined advocate for climate change solutions. I have goosebumps down my spine listening to her justify her position. I’m going to go plant a tree.

Gabbard (The Sniper) – Climate change is a personal… I love the way she says Hawaii…  Growing up in the most remote island chain in the world, protecting our environment isn’t political, it’s a way of life, it’s part of our cultural. Prior to the new green deal I offered the Off Fossils Fuels Act…

H.R.3671 – Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act115th Congress (2017-2018)



Sponsor: Rep. Gabbard, Tulsi [D-HI-2] (Introduced 09/01/2017)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce; Ways and Means; Transportation and Infrastructure; Education and the Workforce; Science, Space, and Technology; Financial Services; Foreign Affairs
Latest Action: House – 05/22/2018 Referred to the Subcommittee on Energy.  (All Actions)

Booker (A Rhodes Scholar) – Is ranked at the top, along with Inslee, as the most proactive

leaders by Green Peace. Climate change is not a local issue, state issue, or a national
issue, it’s a global issue and we must join the accords and we must lead the charge.
De Blassio – I have led the charge against lead poisoning. I have led this in the biggest city
in the country.
Castro – People don’t have to guess what I will do, I have done it. I have gone in at the
federal level to reduce the amount of lead in this country.
Biden – Because we did it. I manged an 87 billion dollar fund that revived the economy
during the 2008 bubble collapse.
Gilibrand – I can unite the country in red, blue and purple areas.
Yang – By putting the well being of the people ahead of the well being of corporations.
Gabbard (The Sniper) – The current President won the rust belt because the people in
those areas feel like that are being left behind instead of serving the needs of this

Booker (A Rhodes Scholar) – The truth. The suppression of our black voters by foreign nationals is why we lost Michigan. I will block voter suppression. (I know a little about that)

Harris – President Trump lied to the working people. The trade policy is a disaster. Trump betrayed the American people.


Gabbard – Fair Trade. Not trade deals that give away our sovereignty, our jobs and harm our environment. I would not keep the tariffs because there is no clear or strategic plan.

Biden – I would re-negotiate. Either we write the rules of trade or China does. The only way to do that is by partnering with our allies and standing firm.

De Blassio – Attacks Biden on NAFTA, which Biden concedes was not good for the country


Bennet – By infrastructure and by stopping letting politicians profit from business deals. No more pork.

WOMEN IN THE WORKPLACE (And it has become a battle royale and Biden is the belt holder being attacked)

Yang – We have to give women the economic freedom to make the changes that helps them by placing a dividend of $1000 a month in their hands.

Harris – Require corporations to pay an even wage or fine them. Enforce the Equal Pay Act. Women get pay paid 80 cents on the dollar, black women 61 cents, native american 58 cents and Latina women 53 cents on the dollar. I’m done with the conversation, I will fix it. (Front kick to the face of the other contenders and lays them out flat) (My mom and ex-wife are Latina, that hits home, literally, especially knowing that they are the smartest hard working people I know) Attacks Biden on the Hyde Amendment and flip flopping by withholding resources for poor women reproductive health care and for women of rape and incest. Harris has prosecuted rape and child molestation cases………

Gillibrand – It needs a broader conversation. Attacks Biden on past remarks that women belong at home. And here we go!!! On his remarks that women that work outside of the home causes the deterioration of the family, Gillibrand wants clarification.

Biden – Gillibrand’s remarks miscontsrued my stance. It was about giving families tax breaks. Gets defensive on the position and states that he is very pro woman (LOL, the current President says the same thing) and states that her attack is due to her Presidential run. And answers critique on the Hyde Amendment

Inslee – I have the largest pay increase for our teachers and for Nursing staffs in my state.

-The air has been sucked out of the room by the attacks on each other and the people clap less and the answers are less poignant. People came to be energized and got the little debate of horrors.


Booker (A Rhodes Scholar) – I will not be the “Tweet and Commander” and run the country in the twitter office. It has created a dangerous situation. I won’t reveal my plan but will do it reasonably and privately, so we don’t endanger anyone

Gabbard – (The only veteran on stage) – We were all lied to, this was the betrayal. I will get our brothers in arms out of war zones and not engage in frivolous armed conflicts. The damage that these wars inflict on our military and their families is irreversible. (A crack of emotion peeking through from the very stern faced Gabbard) Thank you for your service!

Yang – Stop the never ending wars, bring people home, and invest those funds in our communities. Our alliances are sputtering due to the President’s erratic behavior.

Inslee – These decisions are judgement calls. I voted against the Iraqi war and this goes to my judgement.

Biden – I was wrong and misled and did make a bad judgement call for the Iraq invasion. I opposed the surge in Afghanistan.


Harris – I would never direct the DOJ to do anything. No one is above the law.

Booker (A Rhodes Scholar) – We have a President that’s acting like an Authoritarian and he should be impeached.

Castro – I agree with Booker, I believe that he should be impeached, I would not direct the DOJ but any competent DOJ would seek criminal charges. Impeach, and let McConnell get him off the hook.

De Blassio – Impeachment is obvious but it must not consume us and we should work for helping families.

Bennet – Impeachment is secondary, the first business of order should be beating him for the office of President


“yadda, yadda, yadda, ADIOS” President Trump needs to be beaten (not physically, I’m hoping) at the election polls.

And then Yang speaks and he kills it. Mixing a little humor with wit and tough policies, while the whole time looking like an AI Bot.

Booker (A Rhodes Scholar) shares inspirational family story, nice.

A wealth of dotcom sharing

Harris takes a somber tone and recites her work as a prosecutor. Predators are cowards…. Yes they are….

Biden, a battle for the soul of America…. I agree.


Yang, Castro and Gillibrand and I liked Gabbard (Hawaii) oh yeah, Bennet, well done and Math… Math is a winner, Math won in that debate.


Biden and Harris and the democratic Party.

Personal Comments:

This was the wrong time to for the front runners to challenge each other because the herd will thin out, that’s when you attack the record of you opponent if it’s necessary. I literally was going to watch the excorcist so I can watch something that isn’t as brutal as this debate. I was not comforted by the front runners, I didn’t get that warm fuzzy feeling that they gave me last time. They have an uphill battle, but it might have been better to air that dirty laundry now then later.

The “establishment” pick lost the last election, the “establishment” pick has the biggest chance to lose this election. I said it in 2016 prior to Bernie losing the nomination, you don’t have to be a genius to see that in this election. The last two Presidents were not “establishment” picks. Maybe our next pick should be a computer geek, an author, a mayor or a cantankerous old Senator that is an independent… I’m telling you, the people want something new not an “establishment” player. And I’ll be honest, I’ll vote for who I think is best but if I don’t like either one, I’m not voting and I’m sure there are a lot of people who think like I do, and do you know why, because we think that……

                                                                                    Vinny bag of donuts






DEMO DEBATE 07/30/2019

demo debate 7 30 2019

Opening Remarks

What I was looking for is a Vinny Bag of Donuts moment. For one person to reference the movie “My Cousin Vinny” and say “you remember the part where Vinny gets up and says … “everything these guys said is bullshit, thank you” and just let the next person go. I would vote for that person, it’s why they voted for Trump. By the time everyone was finished talking I couldn’t remember what the previous person said. I think that this formatting of allowing the candidates to speak at length in the beginning is “loco”, that’s Spanish for not functional. If I had to pick a person(s), Amy Klobuchar, because she is loud, even when she whispers and she said basically I don’t lose… in a rhyme and it stood out; and Bernie Sanders because he was the only one with inflection, you know, the opposite of monotone or at least he was the one with loudest inflection; Elizabeth Warren because she just did that direct attack towards the President; and Mayor Pete because he called Trump a cheat and that was a “did he just call Trump a cheat?” moment which makes me remember that he spoke even though I couldn’t tell you what else he said.

Health Insurance

Bernie doesn’t need a microphone, he is a microphone. I opened my window and heard him. What I heard from everyone is, to quote one of the candidates, “yadda, yadda, yadda”. If you can make a wall a national emergency, why can’t you make healthcare a national emergency? If people are dying like they say, wouldn’t that constitute a national emergency? If healthcare is causing economic distress, wouldn’t that be a good reason to declare a national emergency? I’m going to repeat my opinion, you have a NASA, make a MESS, Medicare for Everyone Stocked Solution, MESS. You might want to call it something else, the acronym might not work?? Even though it is definitely accurate right now. One private insurer, with no CEO, just managers. An independent agency that doesn’t answer to no one and can’t have their funds raided. The problem is that the monies are divided, therefore creating the problem we have. If everyone’s monies went into one independent agency, you could cover everything for everyone at a 100%  and maybe have something left over to buy a sandwich, maybe…. and at one easy rate dependent on your income and adding the corporation cost sharing the way they are doing it now. The problem with healthcare is that it’s split. you have too many companies that have a certain portion that are healthy and paying dues and certain portion that are sick and are paying dues and using their healthcare. If you pool all healthy people into one insurance company, with all people that require healthcare and get rid of the hundreds of millionaires that are in the healthcare business, you won’t have a system that can barely survive, you will have a system that will thrive. It’s all about pooling your resources into one non-profit system. Prove me wrong. It can be done, legally, but you need the grit, the resolution, the huevos… as us hispanics like to say. You have to have the mindset that this is as big as an existential crisis as climate change, that this, with a growing elderly society and diminishing younger society, isn’t an option but a must for our economic solvency… or we can just kill all the old people and keep the current system, but do one or the other. Maybe you can hypnotize people to do nursing home shootings instead of school shootings. This one goes to no one, just a bunch of bickering without a real solution, forced to pick someone, Sanders because my window was open.


Criminalizing illegal immigration, lol. I heard a story, when the English/Spanish came over to the U.S. (don’t think that was the name at the time), there were a couple of Native Americans watching them land. The first guy says to the second guy “What do you think, should we criminalize illegal immigration?” the second guy said “Nah, they’re probably just visiting.” Take that any way you want. If you’re for criminalizing border crossing, you probably thinking that’s exactly why we should criminalize, who wants crazy Europeans coming over here and if you’re on the other side, you should be thinking how can we criminalize something that we did. I’m not saying just let everyone in, but walking past an imaginary line should be treated like…well, someone crossing an imaginary line. You just ask them to go back or you take them back, civil solution, maybe you can carpool, good for the environment. If they break any other law then you enforce that law. You keep border security in place and let the pieces fall where they may. It over burdens our system to try and convict anyone that crosses a line that you can only see on google maps. “Amor, did we cross the line”… husband looking at phone “I don’t know, I lost my connection” This one, Buttigieg, civil unless there’s a criminal element.

Gun Violence

Difficult topic. I am a firm believer of the second amendment. I am not a believer of why the amendment was first enacted, to stand against an oppressive and dictatorial government, that is no longer a viable reason. I do believe that you should be able to defend your home against anyone that wishes to do you or your family harm, if you are a hunter or even if you wish to do it for fun, i.e. target shooting. That being said, why would anyone need a fully auto M-16 that carries 30 round magazines? To look cool? Are you shooting a flock of geese in less then 5 seconds? We all heard of Bell’s Curve. 20 percent want to ban all guns while 20 percent believe you should have SAM’s (surface to air missiles) placed on your roof along with your solar panels, no doubt to power the SAM’s. We need a person that is right in the middle of those extremes, in the middle of the sane 60 percent. Someone with common sense. Then, when we find a weapon that doesn’t meet the restrictions, you change the law and allow people to sue the manufacturer, the gun dealer and anyone that is involved in bringing that gun or transforming that gun in this country.

Bernie Sanders/ Demo’s too far to the left

The guy is funny, smart and tough. He is so relevant that he is a sole topic of the debate. Do you think Sen. Sanders is too extreme? He isn’t. If you want to move a heavy object ten feet, you have to prepare like you want to move it 20 feet. Have lofty goals and smart implementation. No one expects you to move those twenty feet in one day, we all know you have to go foot by foot. But if you prepare for twenty feet and you only get those ten feet, you still did something good. Plus, when you negotiate with Congress, you want them to think that you want the world while the whole while knowing that you would settle for what’s best for the country and nothing less. Ask for twenty feet, settle for ten feet, and when they offer 9 feet, tell them you want 21 feet until you get that last foot.

Green New Deal/Climate Change

A lofty goal. We should reflect on JFK at this time, who, when referring to landing on the moon, a lofty goal at the time;

 “But why, some say, the Moon (New Green Deal)? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask, why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic? (may not be relevant anymore) Why does Rice play Texas? (Do they still play them?)

We choose to go to the Moon (New Green Deal)! We choose to go to the Moon (New Green Deal)…We choose to go to the Moon (New Green Deal) in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one we intend to win”…..

Huh, reading it out loud, minus my childish comments, it works.

I think all the candidates were right and they were animated and inspired and you can tell that they believed in this. Some were more measured and set goals that can be achieved while in their presidency if they get elected while others set goals that far outreached any term of service they could provide but seemed that they would haunt the next president if they fail to continue their progress. I support any measure that eliminates harming our planet. A huge issue that could sink their opponents.

A shout out. Hey, AOC, you have started a revolution. Trouble maker, lol. Good for you.


Williamson tied infrastructure to racism. And it worked. Nice. (Better roads in the southern border so my family doesn’t have to walk through the dessert when, uhhh, “visiting”, that’s mine.)


O’Rourke… we’re great because of not despite of immigration.

Williamson made a solid argument for reparations. Well thought out. Well received.

Sanders provided a solution called the Thurgood Marshall Plan that would make sure that education, a good education, is provided to all, especially the distressed communities.


Congressman Ryan…. It’s China..They have a 100 year plan, a 50 year plan, a 30 year plan, a 20 year plan.. We live on a 24 news cycle. Holy Shit… If you don’t get elected you should definitely hold a cabinet post.

Sen. Warren… We have a Trade policy written by giant multi national corporations to help giant multi national corporations, they don’t have any loyalty to America, they are not patriots. Very Presidential.

O’Rourke… He is right, you need a united front with your allies to defeat China or at least to force them to give a fair paying wage to their people.

Sen Sanders… Sen. Warren is right and I support her, basically…. that’s new in these debates.

Student Loan

Had to use the bathroom, missed it, I’m sure it was a good one.

Foreign Policy (This is how I understood it)

LOLOL!!!! Question was how are you different from President Trump on foreign policy Sen. Sanders. -“Trump is a pathological liar, I tell the truth” He’s been the funniest candidate, mixing in that humor unwittingly and seemingly naturally while reaffirming his message of taking on big business strongly. We should not be the policeman of the world. I agree.

Dem Ryan – Don’t give dictators credibility and photo ops by meeting with them so they can just go and shoot of their missiles two weeks later. Cabinet post, if you don’t win.

Mayor Pete – No more endless wars. 3 year sunset on any foreign conflict that would have to be renewed by congress to continue. Radical idea that might work. We are all one, we are not a letter, R or D. How will history judge you, how will God judge you, maybe a jury should judge you.

Hickenlooper – You can’t just leave after you burn down their house. You have to rebuild that house or don’t destroy it in the first place. It’s a humanitarian issue. The women would be destroyed.

Sen Warren – You need a better exit strategies, before you enter.

Sen Klobuchar – We need the treaties, this is not a  race where the person that finishes first wins, If one person loses we all lose. We need to be a partnership in this world, not the sole survivor.

Ending Statement

Basically, in their opinion, Trump needs to be defeated. Makes sense, hopefully they’re not running in a two person race to come in second place.

I like Williamson, she is a long shot be she is telling how it is, how she think it is. They both might be the same, that’s for the voters to judge.

I think Klobuchar would make a really good President. She under performed a little but she gives me the feeling that she can do what she says she can do. She seems tough as nails.

Warren is ready made.

Mayor Pete seemed the most pragmatic. If he doesn’t win this one, he will definitely win the next one that he is in and I think we will be better for it. He should finish potty training before becomes President, get it, because he’s really young and inexperienced and still gets pimples on his forehead. I had to, Sanders is next.

Sanders is …. The father of this revolution. Maybe the American revolution, get it, because he’s old. A little ageism on my part but I think I’m voting for him, either him or whoever the Repub nominee is or whoever the Demo nominee is, but definitely one of the two. Plus, my son said that to me, that’s where I got it.

The ending statements should be kept and opening statements should be nixed.

Winner, Sanders, maybe? The democratic party, definitely.