DEMO DEBATE 02/19/2020

Elizabeth Warren

The debate was 2 hours but it felt like it was only 30 minutes. After the opening bell, I paused it, got my traditional boxing snacks, and went back to watching it. It was a battle royale. I heard some people on stage say that after this debate that the Demos wouldn’t be voting for any of them but I disagree. I think this is the opening salvo to what the general election is going to be like and to my surprise, the person that I thought would most likely wither in these types of harsh, in your face, toe to toe, mano a mano slug debates was the one that came out the clear victor. Sen. Warren was straight out of the ‘hood, you know the Senate ‘hood, but nevertheless, went straight gangster (more Ma Barker less Rick Ross) on her opponents and they seemed shell shocked. It was brutal. Don’t listen to anyone, while I expect this not be the norm, it’s good practice to what you will face with your opponent. So if you got rattled and couldn’t take the heat, as the old saying goes, it’s time to get out of the kitchen. The Demos actually showed something in this debate, more to the point, Elizabeth Warren showed something, her spine is made of that same stuff they build the Space shuttle with and the Demos needed to show that, they needed to show they have uumph or is it oomph, good debate. Good luck on Super Tuesday to all the candidates.

This type of debate only worked because it was unusual. If this becomes the norm, people would get tired of it quickly.



As Andrew Yang closes out his bid for the Presidency, he will be sorely missed. As one of the few voices that had true insight and didn’t just blame his opponent for everything, Andrew showed something that is completely rare in the days of high tech gadgetry, common sense. It’s funny that common sense is as rare these days as a solar eclipse. Mr. Yang should not put his head down. He outlasted several highly regarded contenders, all by seeing the problem for what it is and finding practical solutions. If I were the top three candidates, I would be seeking Mr. Yang’s endorsement because, even though he didn’t get the nod, he has shown that he has the right answers. And if I were Mr. Yang, I wouldn’t just give his endorsement to just anyone but the person he truly feels will make the best candidate. A lot of people will be watching to see who he chooses.

DEMO DEBATE 02/07/2020

demo debate 02 07 2020

This was a really good debate. The candidates were animated but controlled. There is no easy path forward for these candidates but they certainly made a good case for themselves. If I had to describe the candidates with one word it would be:

Yang – Innovative

Buttigieg – Pragmatic

Sanders – Revolutionary

Biden – Stalwart

Warren – Energetic

Klobuchar – Tenacious

Steyer – Virtuous

It will be up to the voter to decide which one is a leader. A leader, to me, is not the person that has all the answers, I expect that they will have some, but the person that recognizes the right answer when it is presented to them and just as important, can recognize the wrong answer and be able to change course when necessary.

They were pretty emphatic in pointing out that judgement was the key, I believe that to be right. In any occupation where decision making is the priority, judgment, good judgement, is the key.

I also believe that any problem can be fixed through education. You fix our educational system, pay teachers a higher wage and, at the same time, hold them to higher standard, you can fix everything from racism to poverty. The reason why inner cities face such high rates of discrimination in the justice system is because the education system in these areas are overwhelmed. If my old stomping grounds, as they say, Paterson, NJ, had schools that were rated a 10 instead of a 1 in some cases, you would see an influx of wealth in that city because people want to migrate to where they can offer their child a better education. You fix the school system in inner cities you fix a majority of the social ills. That means more teachers, better paid teachers, more student teachers, better curriculum, more diversity, less worrying about my Hispanic child being left behind and passing him out of pity and more holding him to a standard that would allow him to thrive in the real world both educationally and morally. Teach a philosophy, not necessarily a religion, that’s up to the parents, but a philosophy that demonstrates that hard work and making the right decisions and doing the right thing is what makes us good people. I personally am a fan of Immanuel Kant, but there are many modern philosophers that can lead you down the path of wisdom. You are never too young, or old  for that matter, to learn to  do the right thing and make the right decisions.

It has always been my belief that you put the best two candidates forward from each party and the country can only benefit us a whole. I see 7 good candidates on this stage, I have my opinion, and I think it was demonstrated, as to who is the candidate who can bring us all together. That candidate might or might not have been on the stage, that’s my personal decision and that’s the way I’ll vote.

An example of some past leaders that represented the values and leadership skills that I held to be dear to me are Eisenhower, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Obama. They all had something in common, they united the country.

Iowa Dems release ‘100 percent’ of caucus vote totals showing Buttigieg ahead, amid calls for recanvass, FOX NEWS

iowa cuacus

Iowa caucus made simple.

Lol… Deja vu …. can anyone say repeat

Funny, Demos make ballots into linear accelerator relativity and wonder why they can’t get the votes in on time

Repubs show a pic and say push here.

Just give the State to Pete, he earned it. I already have a headache listening to this nonsense. You can’t run a ballot box and you want to run a country, is what people are thinking.




LOL…. You have to hand it to both sides. The President went sans handshake (with the coronavirus out there, I’m sure it was just precautionary) and the Speaker went paper shredder (the Speaker is all about recycling). It’s good to see that they were being both medically and environmentally conscientious or is it contentious. I get those two mixed up.



I have my reasons and I’ll explain some….

If I were to tell you that two people got into a fight outside a bar, what is your first thought, two dudes got into a fight. That’s the way it is. No offense to my brethren but we had it so good for so long and women had to struggle for everything for such a long time that evolution has made them the savvier, smarter ones. We lock ourselves out of our house, guys try kicking down the door, women call a locksmith. We get lost, dudes say I’ll find it, women use google maps (they ask for help). We can’t open a pickle jar, guys hanker down and use all there might even if it means we don’t eat because there is no fucking way this pickle jar is going to withstand my awesomeness until we decide its defective and throw it away and go buy another, women use a butter knife to break the vacuum seal and open the jar. This is the evolutionary process. Men haven’t really evoluted (not sure that’s a word but I’m a dude so we’ll make it one now) because we have been the dominant ones for so long, women have adapted and overcome their hindrances which were mostly dudes not opening pickle jars (a metaphor) to become the better adapted beings. For these silly reasons, which are actually real reasons when put into perspective, I’m voting for a female in the Demo primaries and then decide later who to vote for in the general election. Of the two women, Klobuchar is the one that can win it all and make the best President, But, I have said this before, my ESP without the N was right then, I believe it to be right now. The reason for me is that Klobuchar is hard to rattle and the election are going to be all out verbal kung fu and I think Warren can be put on her heels and made to go on the defensive, while Klobuchar could definitely deliver.

DEMO DEBATE 01/14/2020

demo debate 01 14 2020

I’m going to make this real simple. In my opinion

Buttigieg and Steyer made the best arguments to be nominated.

Klobuchar had an off night but I think she had other things going on

Warren was good but attacked Sanders in a he said she said matter that should have never made the news

Sanders is the Godfather of the Democrats but was hindered by this he said she said business

Biden needs to keep focus, he isn’t stuttering, he is actually thinking ahead too much and conflating his answers.

Messages were all the same from the candidates with Buttigieg and Steyer seeming to resonate and be steady with their message

Still though a Klobuchar presidency would be interesting

Everyone saw that there was something missing at this debate. It was sort of boring. We all know what it is  …….         ….      Yang!

Whether we like it or not, it’s a television debate and your opponent knows how to work a camera, while boring is probably best for the head of the Executive branch, people watch to much reality TV and are drawn to the person that illuminates, like a shiny penny, so either get on your game or, as we say in the northeast, forgetaboutit…. So get energetic, take a 5 Hour shot before your debate, drink 5 or 6 red bulls, make us believe that you believe what you are saying because I literally fell asleep watching the debate

And for goodness sake, no petty sh….. stuff.