Just when you thought that the two sides were going to go outside into an alley and decide legislation by last person standing, the legislative bodies come together to show an impressive cohesiveness and allowing people to love and marry who they want. I guess maybe there is hope for good legislation and reasonable thinking after all.


There a lot of things right with this country but there are some things wrong. The biggest problem, as I see it, is there is no entrance exam to hold public office. I mean you have to take entrance exams for college, you have to take entrance exams to go into the military (ASVAB), there’s even entrance exams for some kindergarten schools… but there is no entrance exam to make decisions on the fate of the economy or what we should do if there are incursions in other countries or whatever rates high priority emergencies.

Elections are popularity contests and lets be honest here, we all like the dumbass that falls down drunk, pisses on him/herself and sharts and lets everyone know that he/she did. We like them because, who hasn’t sharted, right? And they have the grace to pull of a shart so lets vote them in. Well, I would rather vote in the person who has the brains to say I have never sharted. Our adversaries, the Chinas and the Russias don’t mind us voting in dumbasses because they are easily manipulated. They can have their egos stroked and they become lap dogs for our adversaries. They don’t have the wherewithal to know the difference between behavior that is harmful to the country from normal behavior.

So, why don’t we have a minimal educational standard for people that are going to run or ruin this country? Why is it that people that adhere to conspiracy theories are allowed to walk the hallow halls of the Congress, or is it hollow halls now that they were looted, btw, I didn’t hear anyone say if you loot we shoot when that happened, all I heard is we love you. That’s for a different day though. Our elected officials should not be the pandemic spreaders of conspiracies but the vaccine to such ridiculousness. And if they do mention such conspiracies, being that they are lawmakers, they should be held to a higher standard and be forced to produce evidentiary material to back their craziness up or be forced to relinquish their position. People are crazy because some of our lawmakers are crazy… and because they forget to put on the aluminum foil hats… hahahaha… damn aliens or is it non resident earth beings now, who the fuck knows. Well, I know one thing, I’m not smart enough to be a lawmaker but I’m plenty smarter than any dumbass that wears a gun to Congress or impeaches a President on the first day because the other guy lost and yes, I had a few and I did just shart… Therefore disqualifying myself and thank god, from every holding public office. I bid you adieu, I have to take a shower.

(Disclaimer: This story is not meant to represent any person in particular. Any similarities to real life situations are completely coincidental and unintentional)

This is a 5 terrorist 5 Kilos excerpt


The presumptive ability to self pardon oneself is an interesting debate. It has never been done before and it would be amazing to see how it would play out in courts. With one Capitol Police Officer dead, the riots in Capitol Hill have taken an ominous turn. It now has the label of a murder pending a Federal investigation. The Capitol Police Officer, may he rest in peace and my deepest sorrows goes out to his family, who died after having an altercation with rioters, and probably due to some prior health problems, most likely had a cardio infarction, a heart attack, after the stress of the situation. The culprits, mostly, I’m guessing all, political supporters of the current President who falsely believe that the election was stolen from them, it wasn’t, acted hastily and without care for human life. The problem though lies in what happened prior to the riots. Their was a speech given where several speech makers used rhetoric that specifically mentioned violence, a pre-cursor to the riots that might be seen as marching orders to create havoc. I listened to the speeches and while some people did make worrisome remarks, including a sitting congressman with ambitions that now will never be realized, I did not hear anything from the current President that called for violence, admittedly I did not hear the full speech but clips played by the media. I know that the left have interpreted some of his remarks that way but that is more hopeful wishing than reality. We have to keep things real and not make alternate realities just for your own purposes. I know that the current President is not very popular among the people, he is a hate or love him type of personality but when it comes to the rule of law (what a joke) that has no bearing on charges. I am one that feels that a President, current or former, should only be indicted if he commits treason or uses the power of his office, while he is in office, for monetary gain. I’m not saying that murder or rape should be excused but I’m just presuming that someone we elected into office wouldn’t commit those heinous crimes. Nevertheless, self pardoning has been mentioned. Personally I think, given everything I know about how the government works, it should be fine. People in the government have done much worse and they pardon themselves all the time but given the intense scrutiny of being President, the world will be watching and common sense should tell you that self pardoning is a ridiculous notion. My advice, if it were me, (it would never be me) I would resign three days prior to the President – elect takes his oath and have my second in command issue those pardons. Of course, this would mean that VP Pence could only serve one more term as President if he ever decided to run for the office but chances are that, since he is forever linked to President Trump and these rioters created such chaos, he would not make it past the primaries. While VP Pence is actually a likable person and stood his ground on these decertification fiascos by not going along with it, plays well for him, he is ultimately tied to one of the most disastrous Presidency’s in history. The pandemic, the insurrection riot, racial riots, the devaluation of the American Dollar, will always be fodder for his opponents. But once again, self-pardon, nope, resign and have your number two pardon you, yep.

I would like to add that thank God it wasn’t Hispanic People, there might have been a couple, in the Capitol Hill “insurrections” or you would have seen a wall built in less than thirty minutes. Hahaha…. it would have been labeled the Freedom Wall. You have to have a little sense of humor with it or you would just go nuts.

You know what’s funny, President Trump could come back as a Senator for the the Sunshine State. Crazier things have happened.

Another thing I would like to mention is that I hope that this never happens again. Politicians words make a difference in the feeble minded. They believe in what these people say like it’s religion. They will literally overtake the Capitol building and commit felonies if told to because they are too dumb to know better. I would never vote for a narcissistic demagogue who is hell bent on feeding his/her ego. Those people that objected to the certification of President – elect Biden’s verification were appealing to the mass’s confused message of despair and profiting off of it while sowing discord for their personal benefit. That is the exact definition of demagogue. Look it up. Your job is to tell the truth above all else and you are failing your constituents.

SHARED NEWS: ‘We do have two systems of justice in America’: Kamala Harris says Barr, Trump in ‘different reality’ on race Reported By William Cummings, USA TODAY

VP nominee states the obvious. The question is where do the nominees lie on this obvious statement. My opinion is a little different then how they see it though. Today, it’s not about black and white as much as it’s about socioeconomics, it’s about who can afford/get a lawyer and who can’t or is allowed to.



The RNC gave it’s round of speeches and they were pretty good. Their strategy was to begin with the world is ending (if you vote the wrong way) and ended with glory, glory hallelujah. I was impressed with the First Lady, even with the absurd criticism of her attire, it didn’t overshadow that she felt like a very genuine person. VP Pence is a seasoned speech giver that delivered his message straight to the heart and soul of his political congregation, not meant as a poke at his religious beliefs, I hold the same ones just don’t interpret them the same way in some cases. I see that this is going to be a highly contested election.

One thing though, I agree that this country has the ability to be the best in the world but we have to realize that there is problems and not be blind to those problems. I’m not voting for anyone that doesn’t know what those problems are because they won’t know to fix them. If this country was perfect, we wouldn’t need two or more political parties, we would have just one and sing kumbaya all day and all night.


Jesus cartoon

I noticed in my history that I had a lot of likes under blog post “Jesus was a Socialist”. I still agree with what I wrote and want to add that there was another man in biblical times that represents something like what is going on today. Moses led the chosen people out of Egypt into the homeland. On his way, he ran into an obstacle, not unlike a wall, the Red Sea, alright not exactly a wall either. He parted the Red Sea and his people got through and when the Egyptians tried to follow, the sea swallowed them up. Now I’m going to point to the “The Wall” on the southern border and how a big gust of wind took it down. I foresee a big hurricane decimating that wall and little Mexican guy on the other side with a red poncho and his goat herding staff with his hands in the air, saying “Hijole, vistes lo que paso”. Now, wouldn’t that be a sight.

I’m not saying let everyone in, but when you are the greatest country on Earth, it’s your responsibility to live up to that nom de plum and help the less fortunate. You call yourself Christian and you act more like heathens and pagans worshiping a wall.




Presidents laughing
The Presidnet’s Club

Watched some of the DNC Convention speeches. While some very riveting, Candidate Biden gave a good speech, and some confusing, AOC nominated Sanders in a last bid effort to pull a jedi mind trick on the DNC, it was President Obama, as usual, that gave the speech that made you listen. His speech was poignant, historical, and relevant all at the same time.He tied it all together in less than 20 minutes. Impressive. VP candidate Harris also gave a strong speech that would make a strong man check his scrotum, just to make sure she didn’t just put “los juevos” in her purse.



In a 10 hour block, Hispanics get six minutes of key note speakers. What would happen if every eligible Hispanic voter decided to vote for Bernie Sanders as a write in? You know what would happen, Bernie Sanders would finish in second place with Joe Biden pulling up third place and President Trump  would get re-elected to a second term. I think the Hispanic vote is being undervalued and maybe that is what Hispanics should do to get some appreciation for our efforts.

Another thought on this matter – if I had to choose a person to be President in these harsh economic and divisive times, it would be Bill Clinton. Former President Clinton was the only President, in recent times, that actually turned a deficit into a surplus all while maintaining the respect of the allies around the world and kept the economy booming. No small feat. Whatever his blueprint was to do that, it should be looked at in the times of the pandemic. President Obama would be a close second choice but he faced immense backlash by a Repub led Senate. If he would to be the President now, I don’t think they would fight him tooth and nail like they did before.

In all seriousness, what you need right now is someone that is going to bring the country together, someone that can unite the country.

And don’t listen to me because:

I’m feeling dry, I’m feeling dry

My brain is turning to ash and that’s no lie

This arid brain of mine can’t think right

As I lose my ability to care and be alright


Suing the Federal Government

With all the hoopla about the next election, the outcome is still in the hands of a minority. Now, when I say minority, I don’t mean a Hispanic or African American , etc., I mean in the hands of the independent or non-affiliated. Some where between 42% – 45% of the nation is going to vote Repub and the same number are going to vote Demo. The remaining 10-16% percent are going to look at things differently. The people that have their minds made up would vote for their candidate even if their candidate set their house on fire and had the accelerant in their hands. They would hand their candidate more accelerant to make sure that they don’t run out. Well our house is on fire, currently, and one side is going to hand their candidate the accelerant. Luckily, the moderates, independents, non-affiliated, whatever you want to call them are pretty good fire safety specialists. They are going to vote for the candidate that they think will best suit the nation with it’s current dilemma. These people are what Malcolm Gladwell calls outliers. Non traditionalists that view things differently. The way I view things is by simply asking what is needed at the current time. My opinion is smart leadership that can get the country on the right fiscal track. The economy has tanked at my vote is going to go to the person who I think can make the tough decisions on the pandemic so they can then turn the country back on the economic rails. The person I vote for would have to have a sound plan, and a proven strategy. I look at both candidates and wonder if it isn’t too late to vote for another one, lol, it is. The way I see it is, President Trump would be the pick for the fastest recovery but the one with the most risk, as bubbles would appear because his method is high risk high reward less regulation. Candidate Biden is more the safer bet, moderate risk with moderate returns more regulation but probably a lengthier recovery time but also no bubble affect. In the end it’s what you think these times call for, high risk more reward more bubbles and patch them up later and hope those bubbles don’t burst creating and even worse problem or low risk, slower recovery no bubbles but more regulation (not necessarily bad) and longer wait but no worries of having to patch up something and no worries of the whole thing coming down. My opinion is…. my own. You make yours.