Someone once asked who do you think you are?

I am nobody. I am a father to my son and a husband to my wife.

Beyond that I am nobody and perfectly happy being it.

It’s when you become somebody that people like to try and tear you down.

I can’t wait to be nobody again.


boxing gloves

I would like to share a story of why everyone should do boxing.

I have trained in boxing, on and off, for the past thirty odd years. Have never been good enough to really do anything with it financially speaking, but it has kept me in good shape. When I severely sprained my ankle while working in the border Patrol, I stood on one leg and and a leg with an air cast and used boxing drills to keep me in shape. As soon as I was cleared to run again, something that I used to love to do, I was able to run down a group of illegal citizens that had crossed. Chasing them down for a little less than a mile, carrying all my equipment , the day after I was cleared to return to work. Boxing is an amazing sport that fine tunes your body. What it does mostly, it refines your reflexes. It makes them quicker and steady.

This was never more apparent when my son, at the age of 8, for some reason decided to cross the street running while an SUV had just accelerated at full speed to beat a light. I had just turned my head to the right to look for oncoming traffic when I caught my son, who was to my left, through the corner of my eye, racing into the middle of the street. Out of nowhere, my left hand, my best hand, I used to throw a mean and quick left hook, even though I’m righty, reached out and grabbed him and pulled him back. The SUV was literally, not figuratively, right upon him. I pulled him back and out of the way. All I can think is that if my son gotten hit that day, I would have never been able to live with myself. It would have devastated me. My son apologized and he knew better. I have been teaching him to the cross the street since he was 5. I don’t know what got into his head, ear or eye.

I thank boxing, it literally saved my son’s life.


Bernie beats bag

Bernie beats bag.Β 

Bernie Sanders throws a good right hand over the top and then moves to the left and lets the bag go over his right shoulder. Lol, that’s how it’s done. What impressed me is his power and that he might just have a quicker jab (straight left) than me. Sanders just put to rest any prevailing thought that I had about his age having an impact on his health. I was duly impressed, especially by the jab. All he has to do now is hit his opponents with the truth and dodge all incoming negativity the same way. He has won all debates he has been in, now lets see if American Demos can give him the shot he deserves at the title belt.

Sen. Sanders, they say the bag got you but I saw the slight move to the left and the way the bag went over the right shoulder. And that left hand, seriously, that was quick and perfect technique. The bag knows who won, the haters just like to criticize.

The Curious Case of Bernie (Button) Sanders. He just seems to get younger as he gets older.








demo debate 7 30 2019

There is one name that I would like to see on that debate forum that isn’t there, that’s of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. The Sniper, duly nicknamed for her rapid fire attack on Sen. Harris, is a worthy candidate that holds everyone accountable for their actions. She is also the only female war veteran. I think it a big mistake leaving her off of the debate stage. I’m starting to feel a 2016 Sanders end run game plan here by the DNC. She levels criticism on one of the top contenders and now she seems absent off of the stage. I don’t like it, no, I don’t like it one bit. I also don’t like mint chocolate ice cream but they haven’t stop selling that, so… it really doesn’t matter what I like, still think it’s wrong though…. both, Gabbard not being included and mint chocolate.

The next debate is on the verge of needing two nights

Democratic presidential candidates* by whether and how they qualified for the third primary debate, as of Aug. 26

Joe Biden 14 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Pete Buttigieg 14 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Kamala Harris 14 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Bernie Sanders 14 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Elizabeth Warren 14 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Cory Booker 11 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Beto O’Rourke 9 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Amy Klobuchar 6 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
JuliΓ‘n Castro 5 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Andrew Yang 5 βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Tom Steyer 3 βœ“
Tulsi Gabbard 2 βœ“
Marianne Williamson 1 βœ“
Kirsten Gillibrand 1 Has cancelled her bid for the Presidency
Michael Bennet 0
Steve Bullock 0
Bill de Blasio 0
John Delaney 0
Tim Ryan 0
Joe Sestak 0

*For candidates considered β€œmajor” by FiveThirtyEight.

To qualify for the third debate, a candidate must reach 2 percent in at least four national or early-state polls from qualifying polling organizations and must have at least 130,000 unique donors, including at least 400 donors in at least 20 states. Information released by campaigns is used to determine whether a candidate has hit the donor threshold. If a campaign announced it had reached 130,000 donors but did not say whether it had at least 400 donors in 20 states, we assumed that it had met the latter requirement as well. Candidates will have to prove to the DNC that they have met the donor requirements.


The ones that are in bold, I feel, should have made the cut, at least for the next debate.


potential habitable planet

The USA Today newspaper reported that scientists have discovered a blue planet that may be habitable. Is that good news, maybe for us, maybe not so much for that planet. I was talking to my son about his future. We always discuss different topics, mainly to see what his views are on different things. This particular day we discussed what he should major in and why. He was all into game designing, what adolescent isn’t. He likes game theory and coding. I told him that I would like to see him double major in mechanical engineering and astrophysics, what parent doesn’t. He asked me why and I explained that those are the jobs of the future, especially with climate change being such a crisis, mechanical engineers, along with civil and other engineering fields, are going to be in the forefront in finding a new way to adapt to growing oceans and diminishing resources. I told him that I expect that we are going to look for a new planet to inhabit and that scientists recently found a planet that may be habitable and that a mechanical engineer would be needed to design a vessel that may have to carry people that could travel for such a long time. That we would need to find a way to induce artificial gravity on a vessel on such a long trip and I would love it if he were one of the people working on a project like that. Then it occurred to me, what would we do if we could do that?

What would we do if we could inhabit another planet? Would we mine for coal and fossil fuels or would we use something akin to the green new deal? Wind, solar, and clean energy (I’m guessing nuclear). Would we let cows fart? Of course we would, that was a joke. If we could start anew, would we do the same things there that forced us to look for a new planet in the first place? I hope not. Would we have different countries and crazy border issues or would we be borderless? Would we make sure everyone was happy regardless of what origin they were from on the planet they left from or would we start separating people into different regions? Would we have borders and build walls or would we be free? Would we build weapons of mass destruction that could render that new planet useless or would we ban such actions? So what would we do?

Then it occurred to me, why do we have to wait to get to a new planet to do those things, why can’t we just do them on this planet, right now? At least work towards that goal.

You ever notice that you inhabit a planet that is habitable. If you inhabit something, wouldn’t it be inhabitable? That’s one of the things I would like to change on a new planet, confusing literacy. Maybe not a priority.

Lol, I tell a poignant story and end it with the most absurd shit ever.

Inter(n)ment Camps on Our Southern Border


With the thought of implementing family separations in the southern border once again, I would like to remind people that we were not the originators of such methods. There was another person that decided to separate families. I would ask that we think long and hard how this time in our history will be remembered and who we will draw comparisons to. Our legacy as a nation will be judged in times like these and how we decided to treat people that were way less fortunate who were trying to escape tyranny. Historians will not be kind, our grandchildren will be ashamed and God will be our ultimate judge. Think Marshal Plan. The money we are spending to intern these people away from their families for a crime that is equal to driving without a license could be better spent coming up with a permanent solution that could cement us as a leader of the world.


Kovalev v Yarde

What a fight…… Yarde is a beast and Kovalev came in as beast tamer. It’s a must see fight. This fight will only help Canelo. Kovalev took a beating and Yarde took a worse beating. Kovalev should take 6 to 8 months off before fighting again. Canelo doesn’t have Yarde type power but some heavyweights probably don’t have Yarde type power but Kovalev should fully recoop before going again.

Watch the fight.

What was noticeable is that Kovalev’s right hand wasn’t doing much in the way of discouraging the young lion but that number 1, that jab of Kovalev’s, won the fight for him. He KO’ed the hungry fighter with a jab. He started with a jab and finished with a jab. I gave every round except the 7th and 8th to Kovalev. You can tell that Yarde was a little nervous in the beginning and that his adrenaline was flowing because every punch was fast and some were coming up short. He wasn’t pacing himself, he wasn’t trying to establish distance or timing. He was just throwing quick punches which were tiring him out. Yarde looked like he was trying to finish the fight in the first round. Kovalev, on the other hand, was establishing his jab and his distance, his experience showed. He wasn’t nervous or throwing all out fast punches, he was letting his opponent do it and run into his punches. Kovalev realized that 12 rounds is a long time while his opponent had only gone 7 rounds previously. Yarde started a marathon with a sprint and couldn’t finish the race while Kovalev started with a reasonable jog and didn’t have to finish, he just went further than Yarde and in boxing, that’s all you have to do. Yarde will get there. He’ll learn to lay off the gas pedal early and save some gas for the finish but for now the rabbit lost once again while the turtle is still the champion.