Bernie beats bag

Bernie beats bag. 

Bernie Sanders throws a good right hand over the top and then moves to the left and lets the bag go over his right shoulder. Lol, that’s how it’s done. What impressed me is his power and that he might just have a quicker jab (straight left) than me. Sanders just put to rest any prevailing thought that I had about his age having an impact on his health. I was duly impressed, especially by the jab. All he has to do now is hit his opponents with the truth and dodge all incoming negativity the same way. He has won all debates he has been in, now lets see if American Demos can give him the shot he deserves at the title belt.

Sen. Sanders, they say the bag got you but I saw the slight move to the left and the way the bag went over the right shoulder. And that left hand, seriously, that was quick and perfect technique. The bag knows who won, the haters just like to criticize.

The Curious Case of Bernie (Button) Sanders. He just seems to get younger as he gets older.