Not one of the home movies mentioned below / This is stock image from google/ any resemblance to anyone is unintended.

This WTF is truly unbelievable if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s completely true. I’m at home with my son, who was 12 at the time, spending time over my house after school before I have to take him to his mother’s house. He is on my computer, on his child protected account, while I was cooking dinner for both of us and watching some TV. I then get this image on my phone of a porn site, just popped up on my phone and I then look at my son, who was doing his homework and a porn site pops up on his account. He just sat there viewing what looked like a lady with big boobs. He doesn’t see me but I walk up behind him and say “what are you doing?” He looks up at me and says, “It just popped up”. I start to laugh because he was staring at these boobs and I say “let me see”. I then notice something unusual, as I scrolled through the images, I notice that these pics were of home movies, still shots. I know this because me and my ex-wife once decided to make our own movie, where both parties were aware and consented, just in case it needs to be said, and it had gone missing and lord and behold, their we were, unmistakable. This freaks me out a little so I keep scrolling and see another home movie still shot, of a young boy, mid teens probably, about to perform fellatio on another male, seemingly over 18, couldn’t really tell you. They were all home movies. I start to look for URL’s, website addresses and where could this have probably originated from but their was nothing that indicated the origin. I then check my son’s account settings and his settings were set to child, no adult content allowed. The young boy, who was pictured, was actually someone from the neighborhood and the guy, seemingly someone that thinks that a mouth is a mouth. This was reported to the U.S. Attorney’s Office as well as the State’s prosecutor’s office. Never heard from them again but I will still see these people that were pictured in those videos from time to time. The question that I obviously have is who would have a compilation of home sex tapes, I have a good idea who took mine, and how could qualified immunity protect you from showing that to a child or having a compilation of those home movies, some explicitly and undeniably illegal! Still have the computer for forensic testing. Just saying……


After reading the Washington Post article and thought how cool that whole conspiracy theory guessing game was, I thought I would give it a try.

Can you guess which of these statements are true?

  1. The earth is neither flat or round, it’s actually a triangle.
  2. The sun is made of American cheese, that’s why the Russians hate us, unlike the moon which is mozarella
  3. A DHS Agent once overdosed a colleague with sleeping pills in an attempt to keep him from talking about criminal activity that he was involved in, same agent would then try and force himself on his colleagues wife after telling the other agent they were going to turn him in because they knew his wife was in the country illegally prior to their marriage, that same agent would then ignore his colleague about a possible terrorist incident because he was busy trying to find out what hotel a flight attendant was staying in, the possible terrorist incident, people involved, turned out to be tied to the December 2009 Christmas bombing, all while the agent was taking illegal steroids. That same agent would later seemingly hit on his colleague by asking him what was the size of his appendage. That agent is now retired early collecting a full pension. The other agent is retired with full benefits as well, even though he met his wife in the U.S..
  4. Godzilla is real and running for President of the United States.

Alright, if you can’t guess which one is a fact, I’ll give you a clue, Godzilla isn’t running for President, she, most likely a she, is a fictional animal created for movies. One of them is 100% true.


Getting angry seems to be taboo these days. People that get angry seem to be always wrong and people that are calm and loquacious are always right. I mean why would you yell about getting sexually assaulted and why would you be mad at the affable guy that did that. It makes no sense, so next time you wake up on the ground when your homeless and some dude is laying on top of you like you were a mattress just remember that you are in sunny San Diego and smile about it while you are trying to figure out WTF is going on right now. For the record my pants were still on but my sleeping bag was 20 feet away and the the thing I used for a pillow, was removed from my head. The good thing is that it all just seems like a dream to me now. So remember that if you are the one yelling, you’re wrong and it’s your fault.

To be perfectly honest, I was in and out of consciousness, did it happen, there is no doubt. After that I used to try and sleep on the sides of rocky hill sides hoping that they trip and impale their dicks on a cactus instead of trying to impale them in me while I was asleep and for the life of me couldn’t wake up, but that’s life. No it isn’t, it really isn’t, that prison life but without the prison. I couldn’t for the life of me understand how these people were always able to find me. I changed spots often and I would sleep next to freeways with a crap load of brush. Never be homeless and if you are going to be homeless, then be homeless in the middle of the Sahara.

I did go to the emergency room and a proctologist to make sure that nothing happened, and they said everything was alright and then gave me a thumbs up, which these days really doesn’t reassure me too much.


30 years of charges and you tell her to do something no man should force a woman to do. Then you hide behind your authority. It’s your job to prevent it but you’ve done it more than anyone else in prison and you got away with it too. You’re awesome. That’s not the law. I can see why women don’t report these cases. Who’s going to help them. You just add on to the humiliation.

Don’t you think it’s about time we release discovery?

That you had charges to file and chose not to and then you do this, makes it seem like it was premeditated.

Jeremy (White guy, blond buzz cut, about 230, all steroids, spoke to me at the gym no tattoos that were visible on upper body, probably not his real name, just named him that) So as not to confuse him with anyone else whose name is really Jeremy.

WTF Moment


Starting a new category I’m going to call WTF Moments. I’ll start one that happened to me. There  was a short time in my life that I was homeless and sleeping out of my car. I was parked in the middle of a field and it was a rainy night. I fell into a deep sleep, the one that feels like you are hypnoed out and you can’t wake up. About half way through the night I felt something wet in my crotch area and woke up to find my belt undone, my jeans unzipped and pulled apart, my car door open and unlocked and, well, the one eye monster peeking over my boxers and wet. Didn’t see anyone around but definitely a WTF moment. I had been homeless for a year by that point and usually parked where there are cameras. The only difference that night was that I parked in a middle of a field where there were no cameras.

True story and not the only time this type of behavior occurred. I had a couple of break-ins into my home, one of them, a person pinched my rear, left a bruise, and left the sheets off of my pelvic area. Didn’t wake up, couldn’t wake up.

WTF / AnecDOtE!


My son was walking home from school when someone drove by and yelled at him “go back to Mexico”. My son, who was born in Colombia (which being a hispanic/LatinX country, automatically gives you Mexican nationality or at least that’s what the crazies think) but born a U.S. citizen, much like Ted Cruz’s situation, because I, his father, am a naturalized U.S. citizen, responded, “You need me, who are you going to hate if I leave, yourself”. While this a true story, his response was changed because he is a minor under the age of 14 at the time. All expletives were removed because I taught him better than that. (I was on the phone when that happened and the conversation was recorded and I’m the one that said the expletives, not him)



According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States — that’s roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child “stranger abduction” cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person. (ABC News)

How can this be possible today with all of our technology unless our technology is the reason that makes it possible.


The latest political move to garner votes is that the President is rescinding an order from the Obama administration to place affordable housing in suburban neighborhoods. I think that people have a misconception of what is going on here. First it is my opinion that this is not a Black issue, because when you say that it is, you are saying that Black people are the only poor people, and that simply is not true and it’s somewhat demeaning. The other thing you are saying is that Black, Hispanic or Asian people that live in the suburbs wouldn’t mind having our homes devalued, that also is simply not true. Why won’t they put affordable housing in neighborhoods with million dollar mansions? Everyone is missing the point here. The reason people try to make it to the suburbs or Jeff Bezo’s type neighborhoods is because we love our children and want them to have a better education. If the schools in the urban neighborhoods were equal to the schools in the ritzy neighborhoods, then people wouldn’t move anywhere. Hell, why would I pay that crazy amount of taxes when I can pay lower taxes and get the same kind of education for myself or my kids. The fact is education should be equal but it isn’t. That’s what keeps crime going and what drives poverty. I don’t care about moving into your neighborhood, I care about giving my child the best shot at realizing his potential. If the politicians would stop arguing about who maintains control of the government and pay attention to the real problems, they would agree and do something about substandard education.

In all seriousness, I don’t know why affordable housing would devalue homes. I don’t understand the economics of it. The schools are still good, and that’s the main reason why people move into neighborhoods.