WTF Moment


My buddy brought me to a strip bar a couple of weeks before I was going to get married. As I was just standing there, a stripper comes over and takes me upstairs. My buddy said that this one is on me. I went upstairs and she pulled my pants down and leaving me in my boxers. She pushed me on to the seat started with a lap dance, straddled me, then went down and started to perform fellatio. I said “what are you doing?” she said “your buddy paid for it, do you want me to stop?”. I had remained completely faithful to my fiance and she was pregnant but once she had started, I figure the rest didn’t matter. It caught me by surprise and wasn’t expecting it. When she finished, she did give me some nice parting words but I wasn’t married yet and I keep telling myself that because it kinda justifies it a little. Not my proudest moment but in my defense, if I have one, I really was caught by surprise and I, of course, told her, my fiance, soon to be wife, about it.

WTF Moment: Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

An Oklahoma man was shot to death by bystanders after he opened fire on a restaurant with patrons inside. The man, who says that gay demons were taking over his mind, was obviously in despair and had no clue what was happening to him. Why he felt that his only recourse was to open fire on innocent people is still unknown. Maybe he felt that the gay demons were emanating from inside this particular establishment. In the process a minor and her mother were shot, not killed, luckily.

Two men, one who was already in the vicinity of the establishment but not inside and one who was driving by, happened to be there and armed. They shot the suspect andmurder god ultimately killed him and his demon thoughts. It’s sad that anyone got shot and also that these demons seem to press on to the next person. This rash of demon thoughts seem to take a toll on innocent people but obviously the demons survive. These active shooter scenarios, all who had demon thoughts of different kinds, seem to always appear out of nowhere and from people that were demon free until that point. So, we put another notch on the headboard of the murder gods as they have succeeded in taking another soul.

The father and husband of the injured family went up to the individuals after the police subdued all three and asked the most poignant question, “Which one of you is responsible for injuring my family?” Not really an easy question to answer.