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Murder Gods are hungry

Two deadly shootings that leave a total of 31 people dead.

One crazy manifesto that decries harmonization of people of different races as the problem. I think if people of different races and ethnicities want to be together and have children, that it would provide more of a solution than create a problem. I wonder what made him feel that way?

It was reported that he was having hallucinations and hearing voices. That he was inexplicably angry. They all say that. What we do know is that many people won’t be seeing their loved ones.



Why is it that there is so many random acts of deadly violence by people that have no history of violence? Gilroy Garlic Festival……

Why do you wait to be outraged by this type of behavior. One day it might be your family that’s liquidated by these experiments and your outrage will be too late. The fact that these experiments will never affect certain individuals, that their families will never be in harm’s way, makes this whole process illegal.

murder god
Murder Gods

WTF: Who’s fault is it? The person who heard the story or the person who told it?

people telling stories

Sometimes people tell stories and the people that heard the story will retell that story. I have a couple.

Story 1

 I guy at a gym once told me that I couldn’t do what they could do. He was referring to how they carry out these safety investigations. Given all that happened in my safety investigation, I would say he was right. I told him as much and then called him a superhero. They think that pushing someones buttons and taking advantage of someones wife and child makes them special, makes them superheroes. So I labeled him as much.

Story 2

I knew a woman, who I mention a lot in my blogs, who humbled me and made me get breakfast many, many times. This woman, who was in the country illegally had to get a life saving surgery but because she was illegal, and because she married me and we lied about where we met, a simple lie so we could stay together as a family and because of the way the hospital asked her to pay for that surgery, prior to me meeting her, or I’m guessing they wouldn’t do it, I’m not sure, accumulated some very serious charges against her and me. 30 years of charges to remove an ectopic pregnancy, not with me ( I hope I would have done the right thing and paid for it instead of making her go to charity care) and for simply stating that we met in a different place. She didn’t profit, she wasn’t doing anything else illegal, she was just determined to give herself and her family a better life.

Story 3

The superhero from story 1, not the superheroes you see at the movies obviously, but the egomaniac that thinks of how they can take advantage of the situation, tells the lady from story 2 that she was going to jail unless she performed some favors, told me the exact same thing. 30 years and a deportation is a long time with a very bad ending. She would tell me, and they are in quotes “they have me so scared I was going to run back to Colombia” and “just do what they want, do what they say so they can leave us alone”. She did, I didn’t. We divorced (I asked for the divorce hoping it would prevent anything else bad from happening to her while the superheroes were trying to teach me a lesson, or what did they call it, giving me an education, lady in Starbucks in San Diego in 2015, because as they told me, if it doesn’t bother you what we do to you, maybe what we do to the ones you love will change you mind) our son lives with her but she no longer has to worry about those 30 years, now she has to worry about her professional license from the degree that I helped pay for by cashing in my retirement plan early to make sure that she would not be homeless and had food on the table and had money for books, this after we separated because they told her that I had to go, but I didn’t want her to be at their beck and call, so  when she called me in 2014 asking if there was anything I could do to help, I gave her the money only if she promised to graduate, not to come back to me (even though that was what I wanted) but to make sure that she was independent and had a way to provide for herself and our son without anyone’s help. If she wanted to come back, I would hope it was because she loved me not because she needed me or couldn’t afford to be by herself. I didn’t want her to be dependent on anyone, not me, not anyone for her survival. So in 2014, after not receiving a full retirement paycheck for almost a year, I gave her money and became homeless. I lived on the streets of San Diego, moving from Florida to NJ and then San Diego, for a year.

Things that happened along the way prior and after

  1. O and Chase in a school classroom alone with a child
  2. Break in to my home where I found my clothes removed but couldn’t wake up and where my child was there also.
  3. A kidnapping on a school field trip
  4. And a woman, an amazing woman, in fear, made some very tough choices all the while being ridiculed and called horrible names by the people that made her make those choices, only to succeed because of her determination, no thanks to the superheroes, again not the ones in the movies, who would let her be homeless with a child in 2014 after getting what they wanted.
  5. Me, deciding that the law isn’t real, will never see the law as real again even though I used to be a law enforcement officer, buying steroids from Mexico, to help my broken back and then deciding to sell them to try and get a lawyer

I tell this story so no one that knows this story gets in trouble for the guy(s) in story 1 revealing it to try and save their own neck. The ones that were trying to save their own neck and not the ones who were trying to correct a situation, and to those that did try to correct it, I apologize for my rudeness, it’s that sometimes I can’t tell you people apart, you know, the good ones from the superheroes (again, not the ones from the movies).

This is my story (just part of it) and now it’s yours. I appreciate all your help, la la la LA la la. Thank you and good bye. (Not one of you deserves to be messed with and I’m hoping that I gave you the tools to prevent that)

This story will only be up for a couple of days and my name is not on this blog, so you shouldn’t know me? hopefully!! I wish to remain anonymous. Everyone says there is two sides to a story, I can only tell you, in this case, there is the truth, what you just read without deviation, and there is their side. Let’s get another thing straight, YOU, the ones that take advantage of people that are in shitty situations, revealed this to everyone to try and find a way out of trouble. You shouldn’t have because the law clearly states that but, like I mentioned before, the law is for suckers, it’s an opiate for the masses that seemingly only the morons and people that don’t know better follow.


a boy sitting on a bed using a laptop: Pat Gallagher relaxes with his son Patrick, 22 months, as they wind down for the day at their home in Virginia Beach.

He never expected to be a single dad. Then a gunman in Virginia Beach made him one.

You hear that Murder Gods. Another single parent. Let’s hope you do’t make him an orphan.

murder god
And another one bites the dust


boxing gloves

I would like to share a story of why everyone should do boxing.

I have trained in boxing, on and off, for the past thirty odd years. Have never been good enough to really do anything with it financially speaking, but it has kept me in good shape. When I severely sprained my ankle while working in the border Patrol, I stood on one leg and and a leg with an air cast and used boxing drills to keep me in shape. As soon as I was cleared to run again, something that I used to love to do, I was able to run down a group of illegal citizens that had crossed. Chasing them down for a little less than a mile, carrying all my equipment , the day after I was cleared to return to work. Boxing is an amazing sport that fine tunes your body. What it does mostly, it refines your reflexes. It makes them quicker and steady.

This was never more apparent when my son, at the age of 8, for some reason decided to cross the street running while an SUV had just accelerated at full speed to beat a light. I had just turned my head to the right to look for oncoming traffic when I caught my son, who was to my left, through the corner of my eye, racing into the middle of the street. Out of nowhere, my left hand, my best hand, I used to throw a mean and quick left hook, even though I’m righty, reached out and grabbed him and pulled him back. The SUV was literally, not figuratively, right upon him. I pulled him back and out of the way. All I can think is that if my son gotten hit that day, I would have never been able to live with myself. It would have devastated me. My son apologized and he knew better. I have been teaching him to the cross the street since he was 5. I don’t know what got into his head, ear or eye.

I thank boxing, it literally saved my son’s life. In a day and age where kids are getting thrown into rivers and off third floor mall balconies, the world makes a little less sense.



5 People dead, 5 officers hurt, 1 seemingly FINE person goes on a rampage. No prior history of such actions. More sacrifices to the Murder Gods. I don’t know if it’s the Nyquil or just that I’m sort of numb to this already. Vroom Vroom go the RPM’s.

murder god