Video shows Oregon coach disarming student then embracing him before police arrive By ELLA TORRES and KARMA ALLEN Oct 20, 2019, 4:04 PM ET


This is one of the reasons why I teach my kid to box. I rather he defend himself or take the problem outside then be hurt or hurt anyone seriously. Whatever demons this kid had whispering stuff to him, he probably had no other outlet that he could see. If he had more tools in the toolbox, he could have handled the problem better. Obviously this coach is a brave and a selfless individual.

Boxing showed me restraint and taught me how to walk away from confrontations. It also showed not to hate the other person because at the end, you always shake hands, whether you got the better or if you got the worst of the match. It taught me to control my emotions and not to get overly worked up. If you ever watch a boxing match, you will see that the person that comes out to emotional and overly hyped will usually lose, there’s always an exception to the rule. More importantly, boxing taught me that getting punched in the face is no fun and that I would like to avoid that. This young man did not know how to box and this is what he tried to do. The bad thing about boxing is that any words that were misspelled or any grammatical errors might also be due to boxing but I didn’t really box enough to blame the sport for being a dumb dumb.  Link


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You have to admire Ellen and President Bush, they get to sit in a box seat and watch the Dallas Cowboys. The story wasn’t how the Cowboys blew a game to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, it was that she sat next to the former President. They are labeling her a traitor of some sort and that we she did was wrong. I disagree, all misconceptions and/or wrongful biases are only changed through conversation. I think it’s great that Ellen is sitting next to President Bush. She is obviously a very intelligent, charismatic lady with many wonderful qualities. If anyone can convince a person that they are wrong about something, it’s Ellen. If you think that you can change someone’s mind by yelling, trying to humiliate them or arguing or fighting, then you really don’t get the big picture of how things really work. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and the only way you can change that opinion is through conversation and good deeds. I’m Hispanic, do you think that I can change the mind of someone that doesn’t like Hispanics by fighting them or cursing at them, no, I have to show them that their biases are misconceived notions brought by fear of the unknown. I try to show them that I’m polite, hard working and care about everyone regardless of their biases. I think what she did was an amazing testament on how to handle yourself and how to be a grown up in the digital/social media age. Ellen doesn’t need to apologize, she needs to be applauded. Haters have to hate, I guess, because if they didn’t, they would cease to exist. Everyone criticizes the former President for some of his stances and refuse to look at other advancements he made in civil rights. It’s one of those things that some people can only see the bad and none of the good because of his political affiliation. These are the type of people that if you bought them a house but accidentally ran over their dog, the only thing they would say about you is that you killed their fluffy, who was a real bitch by the way.



I have fallen down a 30 foot cliff, been shot at by a cartel, faced off with a federale with a gun. The worst day of my life was seeing my wife and son cry and not being able to fix it immediately. But today is a new day and the tears faded and the smiles are back and the tears didn’t return and there is so many more smiles to put on their faces, I have just begun.



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I would like to share a story of why everyone should do boxing.

I have trained in boxing, on and off, for the past thirty odd years. Have never been good enough to really do anything with it financially speaking, but it has kept me in good shape. When I severely sprained my ankle while working in the border Patrol, I stood on one leg and and a leg with an air cast and used boxing drills to keep me in shape. As soon as I was cleared to run again, something that I used to love to do, I was able to run down a group of illegal citizens that had crossed. Chasing them down for a little less than a mile, carrying all my equipment , the day after I was cleared to return to work. Boxing is an amazing sport that fine tunes your body. What it does mostly, it refines your reflexes. It makes them quicker and steady.

This was never more apparent when my son, at the age of 8, for some reason decided to cross the street running while an SUV had just accelerated at full speed to beat a light. I had just turned my head to the right to look for oncoming traffic when I caught my son, who was to my left, through the corner of my eye, racing into the middle of the street. Out of nowhere, my left hand, my best hand, I used to throw a mean and quick left hook, even though I’m righty, reached out and grabbed him and pulled him back. The SUV was literally, not figuratively, right upon him. I pulled him back and out of the way. All I can think is that if my son gotten hit that day, I would have never been able to live with myself. It would have devastated me. My son apologized and he knew better. I have been teaching him to the cross the street since he was 5. I don’t know what got into his head, ear or eye.

I thank boxing, it literally saved my son’s life.


murder god
Murder Gods are hungry

Two deadly shootings that leave a total of 31 people dead.

One crazy manifesto that decries harmonization of people of different races as the problem. I think if people of different races and ethnicities want to be together and have children, that it would provide more of a solution than create a problem. I wonder what made him feel that way?

It was reported that he was having hallucinations and hearing voices. That he was inexplicably angry. They all say that. What we do know is that many people won’t be seeing their loved ones.