Not one of the home movies mentioned below / This is stock image from google/ any resemblance to anyone is unintended.

This WTF is truly unbelievable if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s completely true. I’m at home with my son, who was 12 at the time, spending time over my house after school before I have to take him to his mother’s house. He is on my computer, on his child protected account, while I was cooking dinner for both of us and watching some TV. I then get this image on my phone of a porn site, just popped up on my phone and I then look at my son, who was doing his homework and a porn site pops up on his account. He just sat there viewing what looked like a lady with big boobs. He doesn’t see me but I walk up behind him and say “what are you doing?” He looks up at me and says, “It just popped up”. I start to laugh because he was staring at these boobs and I say “let me see”. I then notice something unusual, as I scrolled through the images, I notice that these pics were of home movies, still shots. I know this because me and my ex-wife once decided to make our own movie, where both parties were aware and consented, just in case it needs to be said, and it had gone missing and lord and behold, their we were, unmistakable. This freaks me out a little so I keep scrolling and see another home movie still shot, of a young boy, mid teens probably, about to perform fellatio on another male, seemingly over 18, couldn’t really tell you. They were all home movies. I start to look for URL’s, website addresses and where could this have probably originated from but their was nothing that indicated the origin. I then check my son’s account settings and his settings were set to child, no adult content allowed. The young boy, who was pictured, was actually someone from the neighborhood and the guy, seemingly someone that thinks that a mouth is a mouth. This was reported to the U.S. Attorney’s Office as well as the State’s prosecutor’s office. Never heard from them again but I will still see these people that were pictured in those videos from time to time. The question that I obviously have is who would have a compilation of home sex tapes, I have a good idea who took mine, and how could qualified immunity protect you from showing that to a child or having a compilation of those home movies, some explicitly and undeniably illegal! Still have the computer for forensic testing. Just saying……

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