After Shootings, FBI Agents Association Calls on Congress to Criminalize Domestic Terrorism (NEWSWEEK)


“Domestic terrorism is a threat to the American people and our democracy. Acts of violence intended to intimidate civilian populations or to influence or affect government policy should be prosecuted as domestic terrorism regardless of the ideology behind them,” the FBI Agents Association (FBIAA)….

That’s a fair statement and an unfair statement at the same time. I think, to make it completely fair, that ideologies, if those ideologies promote violence, and who and how they came to be, should be part of the criminal trial, regardless who was behind the shootings. A full investigation would and should include exactly how these people became mass shooters and should include anyone, i.e. people on 8chan, that had anything to do with this hysteria. You locked up the blind sheikh because of hate speech that incited violence, something we all agree with, why would you not do it for domestic terrorism? That would mean that anyone, regardless of how they influenced these young and impressionable people to commit these horrific acts, should face the justice system. I don’t care if they whispered it, did it through an internet site, had a group meeting, hypnotized them or through magic by wave of hands, they should all be held responsible if just one person is injured. I don’t think half measures are going to get the job done.

In New Jersey, they stopped a domestic terrorism case with no one getting injured, why does anyone have to get injured?

We all know the story of Frankenstein and how he was brought to life with electricity by the doctor who instilled in him, through that method, a desire to kill. Shouldn’t the doctor also be held responsible?

Every Congressional and Senatorial Elected Person Not Native To This Country Must GO!!



These would be the only members of the legislative body left. The only four Native Americans. LOL. Maybe this what the President meant. Dealing with four people would be a lot easier then dealing with 400+ people. I wonder what  these elected officials were thinking. These non-Native Americans are sure crazy as hell. Immigration started in 1492. Why stop a tradition when it has worked out so well for us. We’re great because of immigration, not despite of it.

We are the greatest country in the world, with that I agree with the President. We are also the most diverse country in the world. I think that there is a direct correlation to that equation.


michael fine

An Ohio lawyer hypnotized six female clients and then molested them. Now he’s going to prison.

The use of hypnotism, or any other outside method, to influence another person to have sex with you is wrong, and criminal. If you didn’t know that, then there is something wrong with your moral compass. The unsuspecting women this individual preyed on will never be the same and this selfish, obviously desperate and psychopathic person could not tell the difference between right and wrong. Does anyone feel that using any method, other than your personality and what the lord or evolution bestowed on you, to start a romantic relationship, is right, especially on an unsuspecting person? These individuals did not know what was happening to them or why it was happening, but he did. Michael Fine was well aware of what he was doing, even if his victims did not. Now this individual is going to jail for 12 years, I don’t think that is enough, but one of his victims said that they were serving a life sentence, so why shouldn’t he.

When a person is that pathetic that they must resort to extreme methods to control their unwitting victims just for sex, then that person is capable of doing anything to anyone at anytime. Michael is an extremely flawed human being, given the opportunity to hypnotize someone and say or do anything, he chose to have or make the person have sex with him instead of putting the person at ease or imbeding  some kind of wisdom or kind thought.

The problem is that Michael Fine, and people like him, don’t think they are doing anything wrong. They think it is, well, ironically and apropos, perfectly fine. It makes me think of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution. There is a reason why people like Michael can’t procreate and no woman would sleep with him, I’m sure the same reason why he had to resort to such methods in the first place, it’s because either evolution or God wants him gone and his demonic (if you believe in God) or defective genes (if you are an evolutionist) were meant to disappear from the planet so it won’t infect another human being.

The problem with Michael and every person like him is that they reason that the woman wants it or that they are promiscuous or that something in their past warrants this happening to them or that they liked it because they feel themselves some kind of blessing that must share it with every woman. This is the common tale of every person that rapes another. They are the same tired excuses that are given repeatedly in their defense prior to be sentenced to jail. They say it like it excuses their actions.

The true test of a person is when you have the ability to do anything to a person and you seemingly won’t face any consequences, what will you do?

So, what will you do?



Slavery is an anchor on the legacy of this country. I understand that reparations in the form of money might be difficult to achieve. I opine that the worst part of slavery now is what it has done to the ability to create equality around the country. While money might not be available, there are other things that might be available. To the relatives of people that were slaves in this country there might be services that could make up for the horrendous treatment of their relatives. Free tuition to colleges that they qualify for would be my favorite. That’s just an idea. Another would be interest free Small Business Loans to legitimate business plans with the possibility of loan forgiveness if the business was an earnest attempt at opening a business that employs people. I know some people might mock my ideas but unless you throw some different solutions you may never get the answer the relatives of people that were in bondage deserve. These two ideas, which I’m sure smarter people will have better solutions, would bring empowerment and equality. I’m sure I’ll have critics.



With the Justice Department embarking on a Religious freedom initiative, you kind of wonder what they mean by that. Does it mean that they stand with the baker from Colorado that refused service to a gay couple, that wanted a wedding cake, on religious grounds or do they mean that they stand with the gay couple’s right to be treated equally under the law? What we have to realize is that some of these religions don’t allow you to recognize any other God but the God of that religion. Does that mean that the baker can now refuse service to non-believers or people that believe in other religions? The slippery slope of exclusion based on religion is one thing that we should avoid.

First, there is no religion that says that people should be discriminated for any reason. All religions say that you must be tolerant and show compassion. To refuse to treat a person like a person and claim it on religious grounds is contradictory to what the religion is all about. All people sin and in if you choose to discriminate on only one particular sin, which I don’t really know if it is or is not, then your being biased. When you start adopting rules on religion and how you can treat each other because of it then you might as well head back to the days of the crusades. Another reason to truly eliminate your wrong beliefs of religion as an excuse of proper or legal behavior is because you will then excuse people that commit horrendous crimes because of their misinterpretations of religion, 9/11, and since this country has a freedom of religion, their argument is going to be as crazy as the bakers. There is a very good reason to separate state and religion, it’s so people don’t act out and then point to obscure, misunderstood and misinterpreted verses in a religious book and use it as an excuse to be crazy.

By the way, the baker was wrong.

And, I believe that’s there only one God and that he came down six different times or however many true religions there are, in the form that the people that he was preaching to could accept and acknowledge. It’s crazy to think that an all powerful and omnipotent God couldn’t foresee the dangers of making one true messiah that only looks like one portion of the population. All religions basically teach the same things, in the core of that religion, so why would you think that Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha and whoever else would be different people but not the same person as an image that is acceptable to pass his message on to the people he /she is preaching to? Well, I’m not a religion major and I’m sure that there are arguments to debunk my belief but I’ll wait to hear them, again my Religion Degree comes from Crayola, who by the way all share the same box peacefully.


scotus 1

I never understood why a Supreme Court Justice is selected the way they are. They are the head of a separate part of government but are effectively kept out of the selection process. I always thought that the nine Supreme Court Justices should be the ones to select a suitable member, those that they unanimously agree on, nominate those three to five names and then have the other parts of government confirm one. This would promote continuity, non-partisanship, and legitimacy within the highest court of the land. Plus, it’s nice to work where everyone agreed on you. It would also end partisan bickering as now it wouldn’t matter who heads the Executive branch, a Dem or a Repub. Plus the way it is done right now is unconstitutional. How can you have a separate branch of government when the Judicial branch is dependent on the other branches for employment? The way it should work is 1) Have the Judicial Branch select qualified people, 2) Have the Executive branch nominate one 3) Have the Legislative branch confirm them. This ensures a separate and fair government. That scenario would be acceptable as it still meets the Appointments Clause of the Constitution and maintains the separation of government. But what do I know, I still haven’t figured out my VCR, which my son says is a cable box. Damn things are tricky.

This is just an opinion piece. I could be wrong about the whole premise. This is just my opinion. Everyone should form their own.