Rittenhouse, the dumb shit that he is, will not get charged with murder, if the accounts that I have read online are true. In a nutshell, this idiot of a kid went to Wisconsin to play superhero and then ran when someone went towards him to try and take his weapon. The other person, who I will not deride because that awful mistake cost him his life, made a serious error in judgement by going after the teenage mutant idiot. What his defense will be is that he feared for his life because the other young man tried to take his weapon, which I gather is legal in Wisconsin to open carry. Why Super Dumb Dumb brought a weapon to a peaceful march, maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t, in the first place is anyone’s guess because protecting someone’s business that didn’t hire you to do it or you are not legally authorized to do is ridiculous. The threats of beat him up and get him afterwards when he was running away are going to support his claims of self defense, which, him being a super moron, should have made no difference with his super dumb dumb strength. All in all, look for reckless endangerment charges to be added and a plea deal to be reached by the prosecutors. The only twist is the authorization to open carry in a state he doesn’t reside in or if someone heard him say he was going there to kill someone prior to it happening. In the end, Rittenhouse is probably going to jail but probably not for murder. This will haunt him for the rest of his life and I hope he takes the path of making amends and not the path of I didn’t do anything wrong.  Some on the left are going to be outraged that he didn’t get murder charges and sentenced to life  without the possibility of dessert and parole and some on the right are going to be outraged that they aren’t making a statue of him in some park but the fact is that this kid is a cautionary tale of let the people that are suppose to handle these actions, handle them. Privilege is not in the Constitution, it is what the Constitution rails against.

When moron becomes a felony, this kid has no defense, neither would a lot of people, ’til then, we pray for the lives that were lost needlessly and hope that wisdom prevails in the face of ignorance.

I feel bad for Rittenhouse because he is going to mature super quickly, As a wise old man once said, If you’e not a man without a gun, you’re not a man, The movie Friday. I’m all for the Second Amendment but I’m completely against open carry or even carrying in public. If you fear going out in public, you either have unfounded fears or we have a social system that has completely failed and we need to focus on education, of the mind and of civil society. I teach my kid to box, not so he can go out there and start fights but because I never want him to have to pick up a weapon to defend himself but I want him confident enough to be able to resolve matters peacefully without fear of getting hurt. IMO (In My Opinion) only cowards need to make a statement about how cool they are by carrying a gun openly, unless you are an LEO of course, then it’s your job. I will say that since his murder charge will be thrown out and that since his offense is one of immaturity, being an absolute dumb dumb, that MAYBE  he should probably seen as a youth offender if his lawyer can show that he has no priors and that his intentions weren’t to create harm and the introduction of mitigating circumstances point towards that direction, i.e. my son volunteered at a food pantry, things like that.

It would be easy for me to say that this kid deserves hard time because, historically speaking, me being Hispanic, Hispanics and African Americas rarely get the same consideration during the mitigating circumstance portion of a trial, but just because we get treated unfairly doesn’t mean that treating this kid unfairly would be right or even resolve any of the past, it would just be vengeance, that being said, he is still a Super Dumb Dumb.

IN SHARED NEWS: The Washington Post: Pence calls Chief Justice John Roberts a ‘disappointment to conservatives’ by John Wagner

scotus 1

In shared news, the Supreme Court Chief Justice is under attack for not towing a political ideology. While I have the greatest respect for VP Pence, this has been the norm throughout history for both parties. The Judicial branch is suppose to be an apolitical identity to balance out the other two branches of government. It keeps matters fair and it balances the good of the people with the good of the government. If the Judicial branch were to all of a sudden become politicized, it could make rulings that would find one party’s ideology illegal while preserving the other party’s ideology, no matter how flawed. I write these posts because it is my hope that one day a very smart and courageous woman or man will challenge the way Federal Judges are chosen and give complete autonomy to the third branch of government. I still believe that the Judicial Branch, a separate part of government, should appoint their own employees. Supreme Court Justices should be chosen by the current Supreme Court Justices and then selected by the Executive branch and then confirmed by the Legislative Branch. This would go a long way to fixing a lot of problems. And I believe the Judicial Branch should definitely have better protection, because once they fear for their safety, their rulings can now become influenced by the other branches. This is one of the reasons why I thought Mayor Buttigieg would have made a good President. He broached the idea of starting a conversation about that subject. I think it’s time we made it a reality. For the record, Chief Justice Roberts seems to be a man with honor and courage. It isn’t easy doing the right thing sometimes but it is what needs to be done and that’s how he will be remembered.

If you want to see it another way, here’s a shitty parable I just thought of. You can’t build anything without a solid foundation. A crappy foundation will guarantee that whatever you are building will crumble. This country was built on a Constitution. The Supreme Court are in charge with making sure that foundation remains sound. Why are people harassing the people that are trying to make sure the whole thing doesn’t come tumbling down. It’s like an architect asking me, a retired nobody with no experience on how to build anything, even my lego sets don’t survive, how to build a house. Makes no sense.


special relationship theory

With all this talk about reopening schools, you should know who is responsible if anything happens to your child while (s)he is in your school.

Special relationship doctrine is a legal principle that makes the state liable for the harm inflicted on the individual by a third party provided that the state has assumed control over the individual which is sufficient to trigger an affirmative duty to provide protection to that individual.

This law/ruling provides determination who is responsible for your child when you drop him off at school. This law was actually handed down by the Federal Courts when a child was abused at a school and the State was held responsible for allowing just anyone in but it also applies to the pandemic.


college scandal

Whatever happened to the college scandal? People using their wealth to assure their kids a good college, while not bad as in evil, still not right, because maybe someone of lesser means might have missed out on a free ride, maybe, but that was never proven. The U.S. Attorney’s Office chose to punish these individuals by giving them short stints in the pokey, what a waste of a good opportunity. I’m not saying that the masterminds, the ones looking to profit off of this don’t deserve jail time, they do, but the people that were taken for their money, do they really deserve prison for loving their kids. My solution would have been different. They are obviously wealthy and I would have offered them an alternative to jail. With so many underprivileged kids, who have the smarts but not the money to afford that kind of an education, I would have focused on them. I would gave these wealthy people an opportunity to make up for their crimes by paying for ten students colleges tuition’s at prestigious universities. Full rides to include room and board and a stipend for books and transportation. Of those ten, they would have had to pay for five, the ones with the best grades, to get their Master’s, of those five, they would have to pay for 2 to get their PhD’s. That’s ten kids for each individual in lieu of going to the hoosegow. That would have equaled something like a hundred kids. I’m sure they would have gladly taken it. What a waste of an opportunity.


scotus 1

Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of the Supreme Court but we don’t always have to agree, but, just like having a wife, agree don’t agree, I’m still going to do what she says in the end because not doing it leads to way worse problems. The Supreme Court, in an earlier ruling, declared that government vouchers can be used for parochial schools, why not, they’re an accredited educational program, just like any other educational program, so if you’re going to give vouchers for education, I don’t think leaving parochial schools out would be fair, it would be discrimination. The Supreme Court just made another ruling, stating that the State or the government can not enforce discrimination based claims against parochial schools, this one I don’t understand, but I did not read the ruling or justification behind it, but the ruling was a 7-2 verdict.  I will have to read the justices’ rationale to see where they were coming from, the one thing that pops up to mind is if a parochial school can accept government funding, don’t they than have to then abide by the laws that come with that funding or otherwise wouldn’t that be a donation? Which would be against the separation of church and state mandate. Given the separation of church and state, any part of the parochial program that deals with religion is off limits but wouldn’t everything else be scrutinized? Again, I’m obviously wrong, like when I was wrong for telling my wife that all purses are the same, just get the cheap one.  Didn’t go over well.


Hispanic Vote

While both candidates court the Black and White vote, the deciding votes will be made by Hispanic voters. The second largest voting bloc in the U.S. (would be first if  our illegal citizens could vote, lol, just kidding, hearts are skipping beats all over the country right now). We will eventually decide who will become the next President of the U.S. in 2020 and we generally decide by how our pocket books are doing. Hispanics are notorious for not seeing that D and R in front of people’s name. The joke is that the D and R stand for,….              . Yet we go unseen, partially because of that illegal uncle living in the basement. Mostly because our votes are taken for granted. Hispanics mostly feel the economy is the biggest issue, then terrorism, then immigration, sorry tio and finally lack of opportunity and pinatas (don’t believe me, take your own poll). We believe in legal immigration, just not in the insurmountable obstacles that are needed to get achieve LAPR status, I mean why do I have to do 50 push ups and 100 sit ups and 10 pull ups on top of everything else, wasn’t scaling that 30 foot wall in under a minute good enough. So, while the emphasis is not on the Hispanic vote with the candidates, it will be felt in the voting booths as more Hispanics are flocking to the voting stations then ever before. At least we have two candidates to choose from, in Venezuela, they don’t even have voting stations. So, while the concerns if empanadas and burritos are going to become the new country past time food, they’re not, we prefer burgers, hmmmm.. empanadas and burgers, Hispanics, who can go either way with their vote, will be looking for the jalapeno’s to put on our burgers, while we choose our next President. Seriously, jalapenos on a burger are delicious and it reduces LDL’s in the blood stream as well as fight cancer causing elements, take that pickles.



With the Supreme Court ruling that a Louisiana law is too burdensome to people seeking abortions, the question of abortion and the death of fetuses has come to the forefront. I have a couple of scenarios and/or questions that I just don’t understand. Do fathers have a say in an abortion and if they don’t why do male judges have a say? If a person hurts a woman that  is pregnant, less than 8 weeks, and creates a miscarriage, is that murder? If a woman that is driving to get an abortion and gets into an accident by a drunk driver and creates a miscarriage, did (s)he commit murder? If it is murder, if my girlfriend or wife drinks or smokes during her pregnancy, which could create harm to the fetus can I get a restraining order or an injunction so she would have to stop? And if she causes that fetus to abort because she accidentally eats something that created a miscarriage is that manslaughter? babyslaughter? fetusslaughter? If you believe in the death penalty, are you allowed not to believe in abortions? And if you believe abortions are legal, are you allowed to believe that the death penalty is illegal? I am sure there are so many more questions but those just a few off the top of my head. I’m pro-choice but would never get an abortion, mainly because I’m not a seahorse, if you get that joke, you’re pretty damn smart.

SHARED NEWS: Josh Hawley warns Trump on Supreme Court disappointments. The GOP senator says the president needs to overhaul his process for picking nominees, in a swipe at top legal conservatives. POLITICO WRITTEN BY MARIANNE LEVINE

Supreme Court

When comments like that are made, it’s hard to justify or not believe that the third branch of government isn’t somewhat politicized or politically motivated. I really think we should look into how the Justices are selected and appointed and find a way to completely depoliticize how it’s done. They, and I am sure the justices would agree, are not there to push forward political agendas but to interpret laws and rules that are already in place and to determine if laws, that are passed, conflict with the original intent of the constitution. It’s my belief that the Justices should be apolitical and even  slightly robotic when it comes to their duties. This is not a knock on Sen. Hawley, he was just more open on what people on both sides of the aisle are thinking when this selection process is done.


get what you pay for

People still complain about being treated like second class citizens while paying first class citizen taxes. Your complaints are you are being killed and  abused and you are paying for it to boot. If you feel like a second class citizen, pay second class taxes. That by the way is nothing, until they bump you up to a first class citizen.


scotus 1

The Supreme Court made a ruling in the Title VII case and it made, in my opinion, the right call. It ruled that discriminating against a person on who they love unlawful and covered under federal law. It makes me think of nature vs nurture. If you believe that nature is the predominant influence, then you are most likely a believer of God, as he/she…. God controls nature, and if you feel that way, being born gay is what God made you than it can’t be wrong, because God doesn’t make mistakes and if you think God did, you can tell God that when you meet him, let’s see how that goes. If you believe in nurture, than you most likely believe in evolution, which also means that this is the way you evoluted, is that a word, which again can’t be wrong. Either way, your preference on who you choose to love can’t be wrong (unless, you know, the other person doesn’t feel the same and you decide to try and make them feel that way, but that’s a totally different Supreme Court case for the future) and any person who thinks it is can’t believe in God and/or evolution. Which makes them wrong.

And good for them, the LGBQT community, it is a much deserved win in a society that seems to be losing it’s mind. It goes to show what part of government must remain constant in common sense while the other parts seem to fluctuate.

I once again urge lawmakers to change the way that federal judges are chosen. I would think that the best way to choose federal judges would  be by letting an independent panel within the third part of government, the judicial part, choose and have a unanimous decision by the the  current Supreme Court judges affirm. If this is a separate part of government, then let them be separate.

Don’t elect me President, that would be one of the first things that would happen. I also wouldn’t want to be because I make silly decisions like the second thing that would happen, which would be a water fountain that has Corona Light, what… I said Light, less calories, with lime wedges all around the fountain. Mmmmmm…..