Growing up poor is a starting point, the finish line doesn’t come for years. The only difference, the way I saw it, was the swimming pools. Some of them had them in the backyard and some of us had them in the form of a fire hydrant. It did teach me resilience, work ethic and not to take life for granted. It also taught me to lock the back door.


wilder v fury

The Tuscaloosan Thrasher versus The Gypsy King, this is going to be a very interesting fight. The biggest factor in this fight is going to be the confidence of Wilder, maybe better put, the over confidence of the Tuscaloosan Tormentor. When Fury fought Klitschko, Vlad thought it was going to be an easy fight and went in there with confidence, too much confidence, and the Gypsy King taught a lesson in over estimation, Vlad’s, and why you should prepare like you are the underdog. In this fight, the more nervous one might come out triumphant. This is not an easy fight for the Tuscaloosan Tornado, you get it because of the way he swings when he gets you hurt, by any means and if he thinks he is guaranteed a victory because he is the one with the power, he could be looking at relinquishing that title. The Gypsy King’s biggest attribute is his doughy body, reminds me of Tony Tubbs, unassuming and doesn’t scream out top tier, but he is. Fury has skills that are underestimated until you get into the ring with him and you find out that he is not that easy to hit. The biggest advantage for Wilder is that he does carry that power but unless he sets up the the Furious One he isn’t going to land it unless he gets lucky. If the Tuscaloosan Terminator walks in without a game plan on how to lead the Fab Fury into that right hand, he’s going to be eating jabs all night long and lose on a decision or a late KO. Wilder has to pump that jab like it gives him $1,000 every time he throws it and watch for Fury’s reaction so he can time that Tuscaloosan Torpedo and land. For Fury, be your awkward self and never move the same way twice in a row. Keep Wilder guessing and by all that’s good and living, move to your right as much as possible or you might not be…….. good and living.

My prediction for this fight, it’s going to be electric. I say Wilder by KO in the middle rounds, just because he has been more active and fought the better opposition lately. Good luck to both combatants.



What can be said about the Mets that that everyone already doesn’t know? They’re the best team in baseball to finish in 4th place and under .500 for the year. They’re also the most injury plagued team in baseball. The infamous injury curse has them bewildered. Is their field built over high powered magnetic power lines or is their water contaminated or are they up late playing xbox? Who knows why this team gets hurt so much. Conforto swings a bat and dislocates a shoulder, Thor throws a ball and rips a lat, Wright dives on the field and gets up with all kids of stenosis and back problems, d’Arnaud sneezes and almost loses a finger, Cespedes drives into Queens and pulls a hamstring, TJ Rivera blows out his elbow catching a ball. While some of those are meant to be funny, there isn’t anything funny about a team that could easily contend but because some voodoo doctor put a hex on them they’re home watching the post season. I’m looking at you Yankees. If the Mets could stay healthy, they have all the components to win right now. With the addition of Nimmo, McNeil, Rosario, Guillorme (struck out only 3 times and walked 7 times in 67 at bats, that’s 21 SO’s and 49 BB’s in 469 at bats, some are bound to find the holes, he can hit and has a really good eye) and if Rivera can get healthy, this team is easily a winning team and look a lot like the Cubs, minus the power but plus the amazing pitching, of 2016 or the Mets of 2015, not the Mets of 1986 unless they put bourbon in their gatorade. To trade any major component of this team right now for someone that is in his twilight part of his career would be an amazing blunder. Thor is a Cy Young winner uncrowned but will soon be. Degrom is the best pitcher in baseball. Wheeler could easily be at the level of his cohorts if he pitches like he did the last ten games of the season going 9-1 with a 1.68 ERA, maybe we can sweep the Cy Young the next three years in a row. We have hitters, we definitely have pitchers, all we need is a closer and a better witch doctor then the Yankees. Rehydrate, take a tylenol before each game, and buy bottled water, add sauna to the locker room and a cryo machine and we win it all, oh yeah, send me season tickets, almost forgot the most important part, you may want to ban cell phones, that may help.



Airline peanuts

I was on a flight and boarded early. The flight attendant, a man in his thirties, decided to serve me and another guy some snacks early, before everyone else boarded. He gave the other guy a pack of peanuts and then walked over to me and just through the whole bag of peanuts on the seat next to me. There were about 50 peanuts in the bag. I looked over to the other guy confused and he said “I guess he wants you to have his nuts”. I laughed and grabbed a handful of peanuts for me and gave the the other guy, a work partner, a handful and brought the rest to the flight attendant. I told him thanks and gave him the bag back and then he asked me on a date. I told him “Sorry man, I’m straight. But thanks” he asked “for what?”, I said “it’s still a compliment”. He just shrugged and said “ok, your welcome, I guess.” This would not be the only time this happened, I got free drinks, free upgrade, entry into an exclusive neutral nightclub, not because they found me attractive, maybe they did, but because I don’t find it an insult that someone of the same sex found me attractive so I thanked them all and explained that I was straight. I think they appreciated the way I handled it, which got me the free stuff.


first boxing match

On 6 January 1681, the first recorded boxing match took place in Britain when Christopher Monck, 2nd Duke of Albemarle (and later Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica) engineered a bout between his butler and his butcher with the latter winning the prize.

DACA. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or Delayed Approach Causing Animosity?

DACA dreamer

I think this conversation needs to be settled. This is why politics has so many people turned off and against each other. In one corner you have politicians that want to exploit an issue that puts people’s life at risk and in the other you have people, to no fault of their own, in a perilous position of being deported to a country that they don’t know, haven’t seen, maybe ever, and wouldn’t have the first clue what to do if they have to leave. It almost seems like a reality show. Survivor. I’m confident that the right thing will happen. After all the stance taking and chest puffing, I am confident, admittedly not as much as I used to be, that the right thing will be done and these individuals that are upstanding young soon to be citizens will get their day and be allowed a path to citizenship. These are hard times for them and I have seen this first hand, heard stories straight out of their mouths and witnessed some atrocities. I’m going to try and walk you through some events these people faced.

Prior to my job as an unrenowned blog splatterer, I used to work for the federal government. One of my jobs was as a Border Patrol Agent. The Border Patrol’s (BP), now known as U.S. Customs and Border Protection, duties were simply to affect arrests on anyone trying to circumvent customs and/or gaining entry into the United States illegally. Border Patrol agentI worked the southern border where California meets with Tijuana, Mexico and I did my job well, I like to think. I caught people from all nationalities like Mexican, Brazilian, Chinese, Cuban, El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela, and a host of other countries. I didn’t particularly love my job but I didn’t hate it either. Regardless of all the hoopla, the position is necessary and the people that work for the BP are dedicated good people that put their lives on the line for the security of our country. They work some of the most perilous terrains and remote areas and try to deter the influx of illegal drugs as well as illegal entry. In my four years their I have run into some very good people, not my fellow ex- Agents but people crossing into the U.S..

A story I would like to share happened on the Tijuana Canal where the U.S. border meets the Mexican border. On this particular night I was working Whiskey 3 (W3), a hard X. This means that I was positioned at this location and was not to move, to act as a deterrence from people crossing. I hear a banging on the gate that leads into the canal and people yelling in Spanish. I go over to the gate and their were several people talking to me in Spanish saying that they were being robbed. I told them to back up and head over to the south side and I’ll go check it out. As I opened the gate and stepped into the canal, I asked W4 to keep an eye out on me as I entered the canal, you never know. As I stepped closer to the border, a yellow line that runs north to south, to peak around the fence, I kept telling this group of 5 to keep backing up to the south side, pointing my flashlight at their faces and hands to make sure they weren’t armed. They had a terrified look on their faces, they didn’t want to go. They wanted to stay on the north side. As I approached I kept telling them to back up, “Muevance para atras”, (use google translate), Still terrified, they were begging me to help. I get to where the yellow line separates the two countries and look around the corner and see a big man grabbing another man by the shirt, as he laid on the ground pointing a gun, an old .38 revolver, at him. The man on the ground InkedInkedTJ Canal W 3_LIhad one hand on the ground and the other shielding his face. The big man yelling at him to give him all his money. The actions I took right after that lasted about ten seconds. I pull my Beretta from my holster, tell the people to cross over to the north side and stay out of the way, and to get against the fence, radioed W4 and told him to make sure they didn’t make a break to the north side and radioed dispatch to inform of the situation. They said they would contact the PD on the south side, I told them don’t bother, he’s a Federale, Mexican police officer. I shine my light on him and yelled “Que Haces”. My weapon is now behind my right quad and my flashlight is trained on the Federales face. He looks at me and uses  couple of choice words. My dispatch informs that I am not, for any reason, to cross the border, that I must remain on the north side. I don’t respond, just kept my focus on the Federale and his gun. If he had pointed that weapon at me, I would have been able to defend myself, I was hoping that it wouldn’t come to that. By the Federales slurred speech and wobbling stance, I was guessing he had a little too many Tequilas. The confrontation, that seemed like a lifetime, lasted all of 30 seconds. He kept telling me that it wasn’t any of my business, mixed with some language that his mother would wash his mouth out with soap with. I yelled something, don’t even remember what language it was, could have been Spanish, could have been English, could have been Swahili by the confused look on his face. He finally looks down at the man on the ground, back at me, then pushes the man down with some force and turns, holsters his weapon and leaves. I relayed to my dispatch that incident ws over and that the assailant had left. I was at the right place at the right time, could have easily been the wrong place at the wrong time if Senor Tequila felt like becoming the Mexican Wyatt Earp. The now illegal entrants, 20 feet into the north side, thanked me. I stayed there talking to them for a while. They told me that they had been there for about two weeks and that they have been robbed prior, it wasn’t the first time. They told me about their families in their country and how they left their loved ones because there was no work where they lived. A mixed gang of men and 1 woman. They were risking their lives because they needed to feed their children. I asked him how much did the guy take and he just got the one persons cash. The other ones left as soon as he made his presence known with the .38. I gave them my left over food, half a club sandwich from Denny’s and  fries and told them if he returns to come back to the gate and that I would bring them north until he left. You want to hear another. This one will make you scratch your head.

I was on the swing shift, working overtime on Rover patrol, when scope, an agent working heat sensing cameras, calls out a group of 4 crossing. I get to the location where they were spotted and quickly see them low crawling. When they spot me they get up and run. They run through a group of bushes. Two feet on the other side of these pushes was a Cholla Cactus, I’m guessing. It was the type of cactus that grows in small pieces and when you run into them, parts of them come off. The reason I know that, is because I ran right deadsmack into them. I can’t express how much that hurt and how dumb I felt. It hurt because I was running at full speed, try it, run full speed into a cactus. I felt dumb because, while I looked like a linebacker arresting this cactus for illegal growing, the small group of 4 managed to bank right and avoid the cactus. At this point I yelled out, like a man that ran into a cactus full speed. The group stopped, looked back and came to help me. They told me to stand still. They grabbed my pants and pulled it off my leg, removing the cactus from my leg. They were clear. They had open space and a direct route down the mountain into Imperial Beach. They didn’t do it. They helped me instead. They pulled that cactus off of me like people that had done this on prior occasions. What did I do to thank them. I deported them. Actually, I thanked them for their kindness, shook their hand and them told them that I couldn’t let them go. to their credit, they completely understood. I didn’t take them in and fingerprint them, take their picture and get their details for the system, no, but I told them that right now, straight down the path they were taking, there were already two other agents waiting for them. Redundancy. They looked down and just smiled. I pulled my Bronco up to the fence and told them, hop back over and that where they tried to cross was full of security cameras and sensors. That I wished I could help but……I said, I can’t tell you that about 500 feet west there was a sensor that wasn’t working correctly and that crossing at night was giving us problems. I can’t tell you that. I can’t tell you that it will be fixed by tomorrow morning, nope, I would get in trouble. They climbed on the hood of my truck and hopped over. That was the last time I ever seen them. Don’t know if they are part of DACA, I hope so.

This portrayal of illegal people, (not aliens, martians are aliens, they are people), as some kind of monsters that are here to harm us are completely false, for the most part. Don’tDACA rules mix them up as all being drug runners or mules. They’re not, while admittedly some are, but very few. Most are looking to support their families, exactly what all of us would do if we were in their position. I’m not lobbying for open borders, I don’t think it’s wise to have open borders but I am urging common sense. The DACA program is meant for people that have been here for a while and we didn’t even know they were among us. We didn’t know because they have caused no trouble, have not been arrested, work (they can’t be on any social program) and are productive. These people basically assimilated in the best possible way. The criteria they face forces them to do that.

My blame for the stall of this program is going to be tough to hear. I could be mixed up but it seems that the Democratic criticisms on President Trump has left him unwilling to approach the subject at this time. I’m going to try and be as diplomatic as possible about this situation and refuse to take sides. On one hand you have the President who knows that this is a tool to mend bridges with the left but isn’t quite “feeling the love” so he is deciding to hold off and the other you have the Democratic Caucus who feels that this shouldn’t be a political issue but a humanitarian one and should be passed immediately, without “giving the love”. In the middle you have innocent people, innocent in that they were forced to migrate as children, that are hoping the differences can be resolved. For the President, having people, that already here and assimilated, working and paying taxes is the easiest solution to counting them as basically visas delivered through the lottery. He can count them to the quota that the government gives out each year and, bonus, they are proven good people that are already paying taxes. From a business point of view, and the President is a businessman, not so much a politician but that’s the platform he ran on, that is a huge win. For the left, if they can find a way to reconcile their differences somehow, they get their legislative win and more importantly they helped those people that they were trying to help. It really is a DACA Trumpwin-win situation if both sides can find something positive to say about each other. Everyone in government feels like this the right thing to do. Please don’t let petty differences get in the way of what can be a monumental moment of solidarity. We are the world’s leaders in front of the cameras, meaning everyone watches our every step. Let us show them what we are capable of.

You want to hear something ironic, I ended leaving the BP into another position within the government, met a wonderful woman who happened to be illegal, married her, had a child and had to leave my job because I lied about where I met her. True story. The whole thing, not just the ending.

This story, while written with good intentions, is poorly written and reads a little rough. Doesn’t really captivate the reader the way I wanted to, I got bored trying to edit it. To my credit though, I did manage to introduce the word hoopla into the story. There’s that, I guess.


1st Amendment

first amendment

The freedom to say any inane thought that comes to your head as long as it does not impose on anyone’s rights. Can’t scoff at those freedoms. So when someone tells you that you can’t complain, tell them that you are infringing on my right to be an a**hole, of course, the clap back is always better.