Growing up poor is a starting point, the finish line doesn’t come for years. The only difference, the way I saw it, was the swimming pools. Some of them had them in the backyard and some of us had them in the form of a fire hydrant. It did teach me resilience, work ethic and not to take life for granted. It also taught me to lock the back door.


wilder v fury

The Tuscaloosan Thrasher versus The Gypsy King, this is going to be a very interesting fight. The biggest factor in this fight is going to be the confidence of Wilder, maybe better put, the over confidence of the Tuscaloosan Tormentor. When Fury fought Klitschko, Vlad thought it was going to be an easy fight and went in there with confidence, too much confidence, and the Gypsy King taught a lesson in over estimation, Vlad’s, and why you should prepare like you are the underdog. In this fight, the more nervous one might come out triumphant. This is not an easy fight for the Tuscaloosan Tornado, you get it because of the way he swings when he gets you hurt, by any means and if he thinks he is guaranteed a victory because he is the one with the power, he could be looking at relinquishing that title. The Gypsy King’s biggest attribute is his doughy body, reminds me of Tony Tubbs, unassuming and doesn’t scream out top tier, but he is. Fury has skills that are underestimated until you get into the ring with him and you find out that he is not that easy to hit. The biggest advantage for Wilder is that he does carry that power but unless he sets up the the Furious One he isn’t going to land it unless he gets lucky. If the Tuscaloosan Terminator walks in without a game plan on how to lead the Fab Fury into that right hand, he’s going to be eating jabs all night long and lose on a decision or a late KO. Wilder has to pump that jab like it gives him $1,000 every time he throws it and watch for Fury’s reaction so he can time that Tuscaloosan Torpedo and land. For Fury, be your awkward self and never move the same way twice in a row. Keep Wilder guessing and by all that’s good and living, move to your right as much as possible or you might not be…….. good and living.

My prediction for this fight, it’s going to be electric. I say Wilder by KO in the middle rounds, just because he has been more active and fought the better opposition lately. Good luck to both combatants.



What can be said about the Mets that that everyone already doesn’t know? They’re the best team in baseball to finish in 4th place and under .500 for the year. They’re also the most injury plagued team in baseball. The infamous injury curse has them bewildered. Is their field built over high powered magnetic power lines or is their water contaminated or are they up late playing xbox? Who knows why this team gets hurt so much. Conforto swings a bat and dislocates a shoulder, Thor throws a ball and rips a lat, Wright dives on the field and gets up with all kids of stenosis and back problems, d’Arnaud sneezes and almost loses a finger, Cespedes drives into Queens and pulls a hamstring, TJ Rivera blows out his elbow catching a ball. While some of those are meant to be funny, there isn’t anything funny about a team that could easily contend but because some voodoo doctor put a hex on them they’re home watching the post season. I’m looking at you Yankees. If the Mets could stay healthy, they have all the components to win right now. With the addition of Nimmo, McNeil, Rosario, Guillorme (struck out only 3 times and walked 7 times in 67 at bats, that’s 21 SO’s and 49 BB’s in 469 at bats, some are bound to find the holes, he can hit and has a really good eye) and if Rivera can get healthy, this team is easily a winning team and look a lot like the Cubs, minus the power but plus the amazing pitching, of 2016 or the Mets of 2015, not the Mets of 1986 unless they put bourbon in their gatorade. To trade any major component of this team right now for someone that is in his twilight part of his career would be an amazing blunder. Thor is a Cy Young winner uncrowned but will soon be. Degrom is the best pitcher in baseball. Wheeler could easily be at the level of his cohorts if he pitches like he did the last ten games of the season going 9-1 with a 1.68 ERA, maybe we can sweep the Cy Young the next three years in a row. We have hitters, we definitely have pitchers, all we need is a closer and a better witch doctor then the Yankees. Rehydrate, take a tylenol before each game, and buy bottled water, add sauna to the locker room and a cryo machine and we win it all, oh yeah, send me season tickets, almost forgot the most important part, you may want to ban cell phones, that may help.



Airline peanuts

I was on a flight and boarded early. The flight attendant, a man in his thirties, decided to serve me and another guy some snacks early, before everyone else boarded. He gave the other guy a pack of peanuts and then walked over to me and just through the whole bag of peanuts on the seat next to me. There were about 50 peanuts in the bag. I looked over to the other guy confused and he said “I guess he wants you to have his nuts”. I laughed and grabbed a handful of peanuts for me and gave the the other guy, a work partner, a handful and brought the rest to the flight attendant. I told him thanks and gave him the bag back and then he asked me on a date. I told him “Sorry man, I’m straight. But thanks” he asked “for what?”, I said “it’s still a compliment”. He just shrugged and said “ok, your welcome, I guess.” This would not be the only time this happened, I got free drinks, free upgrade, entry into an exclusive neutral nightclub, not because they found me attractive, maybe they did, but because I don’t find it an insult that someone of the same sex found me attractive so I thanked them all and explained that I was straight. I think they appreciated the way I handled it, which got me the free stuff.


Guy chasing girl

I once liked a woman so much that when I ran out of conversation I told her “did you know that two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen makes water?”, she said “I have to go”. I just thought to myself, yep, that seems right.