What can be said about the Mets that that everyone already doesn’t know? They’re the best team in baseball to finish in 4th place and under .500 for the year. They’re also the most injury plagued team in baseball. The infamous injury curse has them bewildered. Is their field built over high powered magnetic power lines or is their water contaminated or are they up late playing xbox? Who knows why this team gets hurt so much. Conforto swings a bat and dislocates a shoulder, Thor throws a ball and rips a lat, Wright dives on the field and gets up with all kids of stenosis and back problems, d’Arnaud sneezes and almost loses a finger, Cespedes drives into Queens and pulls a hamstring, TJ Rivera blows out his elbow catching a ball. While some of those are meant to be funny, there isn’t anything funny about a team that could easily contend but because some voodoo doctor put a hex on them they’re home watching the post season. I’m looking at you Yankees. If the Mets could stay healthy, they have all the components to win right now. With the addition of Nimmo, McNeil, Rosario, Guillorme (struck out only 3 times and walked 7 times in 67 at bats, that’s 21 SO’s and 49 BB’s in 469 at bats, some are bound to find the holes, he can hit and has a really good eye) and if Rivera can get healthy, this team is easily a winning team and look a lot like the Cubs, minus the power but plus the amazing pitching, of 2016 or the Mets of 2015, not the Mets of 1986 unless they put bourbon in their gatorade. To trade any major component of this team right now for someone that is in his twilight part of his career would be an amazing blunder. Thor is a Cy Young winner uncrowned but will soon be. Degrom is the best pitcher in baseball. Wheeler could easily be at the level of his cohorts if he pitches like he did the last ten games of the season going 9-1 with a 1.68 ERA, maybe we can sweep the Cy Young the next three years in a row. We have hitters, we definitely have pitchers, all we need is a closer and a better witch doctor then the Yankees. Rehydrate, take a tylenol before each game, and buy bottled water, add sauna to the locker room and a cryo machine and we win it all, oh yeah, send me season tickets, almost forgot the most important part, you may want to ban cell phones, that may help.