What do people do when they marry a person that legally changed their full name to a single name? Do they they just drop their last name? Do they hyphenate with a blank in the middle? Do they get to choose a number for a last name like 7? Do they use the other person’s first name as their last name?


There was a comment made that sexual assaults on adults and children was the affliction of a mental disorder. I completely disagree. I feel that any sexual assault is a criminal matter, especially on children, and all sexual assaults of a vile nature is the only reason why the death penalty should remain in place. It seems that some people feel that a sexual assault can be cured by an aspirin and some head shrinking… I think that sexual assaults derive from a person’s lack of caring about anyone else but themselves, like most crimes. Lack of empathy coupled with a ton of narcissism and a craving for power and the mindset that they want complete control and that they like to humiliate other people, which lets them get the release they want.

The question is if, the ones that do the vile assaults, like on any minor or on any person that is facing harsh legal trouble, that if these people know right from wrong, which they do, and if so, they should be tried, sentenced, then put to sleep, the deep sleep, the sayonara slumber, the permanent perpetuity. No cop outs, no bullshit.

And it’s my opinion that anyone that calls sexual assaults a mental disease is looking for an easy out.

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I’m a product of an inner city school system but tried my best to reach average intelligence, most say you almost did it, so it should be of no surprise when I was an art gallery and I didn’t understand the motif of the art and it looked like a person with a blindfold threw up on the canvas that someone called me a Philistine…… I looked around and said “No, I’m Hispanic, maybe that guy, he looks middle eastern”.

Didn’t find out later that it was an insult. I stand by my criticism, it was called the vomit artist or Jackson Pollock, one of the two. I didn’t understand it, but I’ve seen it before, when my son decided that coloring inside the lines was for losers.