What is discovery?


/dəˈskəv(ə)rē/ <——-(future name of one of Elon Musk’s kids)


  1. the action or process of discovering or being discovered. “the discovery of the body” (not only in San Diego)
  2. LAW – the compulsory disclosure, by a party to an action, of relevant documents referred to by the other party.


  1. The process of finding out that inflation doesn’t always raise the price of gold (who knew) or Gilligan’s Island final episode.
  2. Revealing legal documents or material that would implicate or exonerate someone in court like in the Jon Bonet Ramsey case, if you can get the case to court.


20 Years of Law Enforcement (some in the Border Patrol) with zero complaints of excessive force and one accommodation for showing restraint among other accolades and my boss decides that I might be a danger to public safety upon my retirement due to my training. Funny thing, they’re the ones that trained me. Pissed off the wrong people.

A neck and a dote …. anecdote

I think new realities need new greeting cards, you have to be an entrepreneur ….

Well, there goes my Happy Abortion cards idea. Thanks a ton Supreme Court.

My other card idea didn’t quite pan out either, for agnostics, Happy Faithless Day. Thought I would have made a tithey amount on that one, it’s pretty much every day.

I’m thinking my new one might work, a condolence card… Sorry to hear about the mass shooting… I might make a killing on that one. That seems to be pretty much everyday as well….

If not, I have other ideas… climate change… I hear it’s hot where you’re at… that should be a scorcher

homeless… wanted to send this card but didn’t have an address for you

poverty…. Thought of you in this occasion.. (with a picture of an empty plate and an I.O.U. attached, postage due, of course)

inflation…. Wanted to wish you a happy birthay, happy graduation, happy wedding, happy anniversary, merry christmas, happy new year and sorry to hear that you passed… all in one card