Anecdote – a short account of a particular incident or event, especially of an interesting or amusing nature. Some might find this one a little offensive and I completely apologize because that is not the intention.

The case of the worst cereal killer has been solved. After a few misteps we finally fingered the suspect and affected an arrest. Our first suspect proved to be false rumors as Count Chocula was blamed by Reese’s Puffs. But then BLM stepped in and accused the investigators of profiling, just to later find out that Reese’s just wanted to have bigger part of the market. Froot Loops came up but the LGBTQIAtoZ community, (I have no idea what half those initials mean but there is no S), was ready and quickly shut that down. We started to look at Lucky Charms and where did he exactly get that pot of gold but oddly enough strippers and sex workers rallied around the green man and his prodigious…… pot of gold. Frankenberry was sought after he disappeared but a lot like Republicans that refuse to vaccinate, he is no longer in production and has died off. Cap’n Crunch became of particular interest only to find out he was out to sea with Froot Loops, we didn’t inquire any further. Toops Dulce de Leche was probed but the timeline didn’t work because he was deported after serving 3 tours in Afghanistan for trying to get some free Lucky Charms and being charged for shoplifting and couldn’t have done it. Honeycomb and Honey Nut Cheerios were looked at but we found out that they were testifying in congress that day about the destruction of honey trees, to which Democrats dressed up in lumber jack suits and started to do a traditional buzz dance and gave 50 billion dollars to save those trees, just to later find out that there is no such thing as a honey tree. Honeycomb and Honey Nut spent all that money on the Lucky Charms workers who later complained about their little pricks… of their stingers. In the end it was Tony the Tiger who did it and when asked why he did it, he stated “I’m a fucking Tiger”.

Again I apologize if anyone was offended and if you leave a comment about why I will rectify the situation immediately by blocking you from my site. Sorry.


Does anyone else get the feeling that abolishing abortion rights, coupled with stricter voting rights and lowered unemployment benefits might be a way to create segregation unintentionally. It does mainly effect the disenfranchised and minority communities the most. People would eventually have to move to states that offer them a chance to succeed or that don’t have those obstacles.


Hearing some of the talk in this country I have come to the conclusion… This country sure does give you a lot of shit for trying to protect your wife and kid. Apply as necessary in your own life.


There have been calls by some prominent newspapers to abolish the FBI. Their reasoning is the same reasons you would abolish any and all law enforcement. Hitmen, sexual predators, on the take, politically motivated, etc. but what makes them any different, in these terms, than any other law enforcement agency? If you look at any law enforcement agency you will find all this and some I failed to mention, so why would you abolish them and not all others? Their not even the worst, but these news outlets do make a good point that they are climbing to the top, if their not careful and implement some hard lines.

One of the jobs that these women and men do is investigate fraud. Any kind of fraud, nationwide. From any kind of medical fraud i.e. charity care fraud, to ID fraud, i.e. fake U.S. passports, to immigration fraud,, i.e. the 9/11 hijackers, they missed that one but I’m sure they will get all the rest. Those three alone will put you away for 30 years. That’s a lot of time for people to think about their mistakes. 30 years for someone, lets say that is 25, won’t see the light of day until 55. And if they’re illegal, back to the country you left because you couldn’t make a living, seems harsh. I would probably do anything to avoid that. First thing I would do is not do it.

These trained professionals have solved some of the worst crimes that they haven’t committed (crimes perpetrated by them according to the news outlets and subsequent convictions) or convinced other people to do in this great country, so lets cut them a break. Add some accountability, maybe make examples out of some of them, I suggest adding a morality clause so they don’t open investigations on all the pretty ladies, and then let them work. If you think it was good before they were the top dogs, for some it was, just remember how some people would end up shot on the way to prison or the courthouse and the locals would say it was an attempted escape, even though they were still handcuffed, that was a while back but they put an end to some of it. They do.. do a good job on the civil rights front, at least give them that.

Howie Carr: Abolish the FBI? You heard it here first Boston Herald

Abolish the FBI

How much more do we need to learn about 2016 to realize the agency is a disaster? Wall Street Journal By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.


Federal and State prosecutors have two jobs. To prosecute wrong doers and to defend their respective employers when the wrong doers are their employees. In a case that is going to go before the supreme Court, Byrd v. Lamb docket # 21-184, where the question on hand is whether, under either step of the Abbasi test, line-level federal officers may be sued for violating the Fourth Amendment, the outcome of this case is either going to strengthen or weaken the protections of qualified immunity for federal agents.

The case revolves around how some federal agents can go rogue, read the synopsis below:

On the morning of February 2, 2019, Kevin Byrd was trying to drive out of a parking lot in Conroe,
Texas, when a Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) agent Ray Lamb stepped in front of Byrd’s
moving car, preventing Byrd from leaving and detaining him until local police arrived. Pet. App. 2a–3a, 53a. Though Lamb knew that Byrd had committed no crime, the agent pointed a gun at Byrd, tried to smash his driver’s side window with a gun, and threatened to “put a bullet through his f—king skull” and “blow his head off.” Id. at 2a. Lamb then pulled the trigger. Id. at 56a. The gun jammed. Ibid. When police arrived, Agent Lamb showed them his DHS badge, leading the police to detain Byrd for several hours. Pet. App. 2a–3a. The police did not release Byrd until they reviewed security footage of the parking lot,1 which confirmed Byrd’s innocence. Id. at 3a.

Agent Lamb was not on official business, he was acting on a personal issue. A family matter that involved his son where someone was driving drunk and another person was injured. In this case Agent Lamb’s son was the accused drunk driver and a friend of Mr. Byrd was the person injured. Mr. Lamb was sued by Mr. Byrd where Mr. Byrd won in District court but lost on appeal in the Court of Appeals.

Because Mr. Lamb was not acting on official business, he is not represented by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Had he been on official business, his defense attorney would have been the U.S. Attorney’s office. The same U.S. Attorney’s Office that would have to investigate Mr. Lamb for wrong doing and either find him in violation or having acted in good faith. The problem is that type of behavior couldn’t reasonably be defended unless Mr. Byrd had a weapon of his own and was in the process of committing a crime, which he wasn’t. Here is where it gets tricky, finding Mr. Lamb in flagrant violation of his sworn duties would open the federal government to a lawsuit, finding that Mr. Lamb did nothing wrong insulates the government from any monetary damages. The problem lies in that given the alternative, the government will almost always find their employees not in violation thus shielding them from prosecution and civil litigation. It’s cheaper that way.

That dual role as prosecutor and defense lawyer puts the people, the taxpayers that pay the salaries of the U.S. Attorney’s office, at risk. The U.S. Attorney’s office has a sworn duty and oath to protect the citizenry, but seemingly not at the peril of costing the government money. So how can you protect the citizens from rogue actors and at the same time keep your oath? You can’t. If your job as defense lawyer comes before your job as prosecutor, then you have a conflict of interest that can’t be overcome. The way to solve it is to remove some of the qualified immunities that come with being a federal agent and a police officer. If the behavior is so egregious that any reasonable person would find for the plaintiff, then the government should play the role of prosecutor and not defense lawyer.

In the case of Byrd v Lamb, as I play amateur judge and sleuth, it seems simple. The Supreme Court will most likely find in favor of Mr. Byrd because qualified immunity is only applicable when you are working a case and not on your own personal time. The case will overturned and sent back to the lower court, but I am wrong more times the the NY Mets lose, so, I hope Mr. Byrd gets his due and rogue agents like Mr. Lamb take heed, but chances are Mr. Lamb might walk, on the civil charges anyway.

The real problem is if the people that go rogue are in the U.S. Attorney’s office. Without the explicit consent of the U.S. Attorney, no one can prosecute them. That’s a whole new ball game. That scenario is likened to a doomsday scenario. In short, The King’s men should not be more powerful than the King himself. Their should be accountability.

This isn’t a great blarticle or great example on how this hypocrisy plays out, their are better ones but it will do for right now.


Jakelin is dead

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday expressed outrage at how Border Patrol agents on horseback confronted Haitian migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, saying the situation brought to mind how such tactics have been “used against the Indigenous people of our country, [have] been used against African Americans during times of slavery.”

“Human beings should not be treated that way,” Harris said, from Yahoo news.

Vice President Harris is absolutely right. Having the Border Patrol on horse back bearing down on you is as frightening as it can get for immigrants, all immigrants. So, being a former Border Patrol Agent myself, I ask why is it more evil now then when it was being done to Hispanics? Most people crossing the southern border are Hispanic and they have faced these same events and worse for many many years but the outrage is being let out now. Why now and not before? I don’t disagree with the Vice President but the TBS method is an unofficial guideline to how the border patrol does its work. TBS are initials for “turn back south” and the methodology is employed by the Border Patrol to limit arrests and save money on confinement, transportation, and court costs.

The reason for me is simple, I spoke about it before, in my previous blarticle. The Vice President can empathize and sympathize because the Haitians could be her daughter, her son, her mother or her father. It’s easier to empathize/sympathize when you can identify with the people being mistreated and the VP is in a position of power and authority where she can fix how these procedures should occur. It isn’t that she doesn’t care about Hispanics, it’s that she can’t identify with them as much as she can identify with the Haitians. It’s instinctual. I agree that these people should not have been rode at or towards but should have been confronted calmly and told that they have to return back south, unless they are making a run for it, then, well, then those horses are pretty damn fast and you will see them come right at you. The point being, until we can see each other as one race, the human race, instead of identifying each other by the amount of melanin we have or by the origin of our language, then this going to be the norm.

In BP detention centers, Hispanic children have been separated from their families, sexually assaulted, have died in custody, Hispanic women have been sexually assaulted, had their uteruses removed and had their children taken from them but there was no ?LM movement or outrage that somehow spurred change that would have prevented this from happening to Haitians. So now you’re shocked, I’m not, inaction leads to greater more horrendous acts, as does the lack of accountability. I hope the VP can spur (I hope you get the pun here) change and rewrite policy to where people are treated humanely and that accountability somehow makes its way into the system. To the BP, Just remember, the illegal immigrants are your customers, without them you wouldn’t have a job, so treat them like you would any other business, like you want their repeat business because they keep you employed and living that good government paycheck life. They’re not your plague, they’re the reason you can afford those giant shitty looking belt buckles.

I’m not very smart but how does that old saying go, they came for the Hispanics and no one said anything, now they came for the Haitians and there is only the VP left to say anything? Something like that. Point being, if you address wrong when it happens, then you don’t have to worry about it happening to you. And if you don’t have that address, its the southern border.

There is one sure way to pull everyone together, an alien invasion, I mean from outer space, not Belize. We find alien life, we’ll find a way to hate them, then we can all come together in that hate. In the end though, we’ll be listening to their martian music and wearing their jupiter clothes. Too bad it takes hate to bring people together, it would be much easier if it was cheese puffs.


There are only two types of people that occupy this world and it isn’t Black and White or Woman and Man, it’s Good people or Bad people. If you don’t know the difference then you just might be the latter. They guy that puts a double dose of Ambien in your wine while you are in the bathroom on a work trip to Germany, definitely Bad.


The U.S female gymnastics team made news this week by testifying in front of congress about the delayed response by the FBI in a sexual assault case that would eventually put the team’s doctor, Larry Nassar, in prison for the rest of his life. The gymnasts, and rightfully so, were aghast and dismayed on why it took a year for the FBI, who have garnered the nickname Female Body Inspectors due to their reputation and the t-shirts that are sold at the Washington National Airport, to respond to their complaints and, according to testimony, how callous some of these agents were to their assertions on the matter. Ooof, that nickname is coming back to haunt them. In 2017, one of the female gymnasts, filed a complaint with the USOC and in 2019 with the FBI. The gymnasts would get relief, that’s how the courts put it, I call it AFT justice, or about fucking time justice, on their matter in 2021 and would get a paid settlement of half a billion dollars in a civil suit that took all of two days to agree on. I fully believe they deserve the payout and much more. I’m extremely congratulatory and supportive of their efforts to hold everyone accountable. BUT, this blarticle ( blog+article = blarticle or blah + article = blarticle, depending how you view my piece of work or shit, again depending on your point of view) is not about them, it’s about the little known people that don’t have their resources.

In an immigration detention center run by DHS, Hispanic women would go in for routine gynecological examinations and walk out without a uterus. Hysterectomies were the cure for everything, from heavy periods to the common cold for these ladies. I wonder what did they do with those uteruses? Were they used as skin grafts for U.S. Citizens? Did the doctor tell them to put lotion on prior to the operation? It puts on the lotion or you will not get medical treatment? These hysterectomies have been happening since the early 2000’s and if it wasn’t for the bravery and courage, which I understand mean the same thing but I think it’s necessary to double on it, of an RN who decided to blow the whistle, these women would have never gotten any relief. That detention center no longer houses women but that doctor, I believe, still practices OB/GYN. You see, while the gymnasts, and I appreciate their effort and it makes it easier for these immigrant women to seek relief in court because it puts a case on the docket that they can point to, were outraged and rightfully so, their are other people that have been seeking relief for a long time. The gymnasts case, of a doctor using his position of power to do horrendous acts, and their effort to bring this situation to light, will help these immigrant women who have filed complaints for quite some time about a doctor using his position of power to do horrendous acts. No offense, but it takes an Aly Raisman to get things done because a Catalina Maria Gonzalez-Rivera would just not have the same resources available to her and will eventually get laughed out of court.

So, what did the DHS do with these uteruses? Did they go full blown Cruella and now are wearing pubic hair fur coats? It puts the lotion on…. Was it a decision to give an abortion prior to pregnancy? It puts on the lotion…. Was it that they didn’t want to sexually assault women so they removed the uterus and now are going to town on it, sick fucking bastards….. Whatever the sick and depraved reason, these immigrant women’s fight for justice began a long time ago with no resolution in sight and they are deemed victims but the U.S. Attorney’s office has yet to put a perpetrator in prison. A victim without a perpetrator, I guess is like a woman without a uterus….. I don’t know how to finish that so let me end it their.

For all those sick motherfuckers that take advantage of the weakest most vulnerable people in our society, rest assured… you’re safe….. because no one seems to give a fuck or they give it, when they detach the uterus from the body and then they discard the evidence, uuuugggghhhhh… just vomited in my mouth.

This blarticle is not a referendum on racism. It’s more an insight how justice is delved out. Aly looks like she could be the daughter of 90% of the people in positions of power or authority so there’s innate instinctual feeling to protect her while Catalina Maria doesn’t, so there’s this separation of emotional attachment or even trust in what she says. It’s not racism, it’s human behavior. The people in those positions can’t help it. There has been very few U.S. Attorney’s that were not… white non hispanic and there has never been a Director of the FBI that wasn’t white non hispanic. I am NOT saying in any way that there is any racial animosity components, I am saying that they are acting instinctually and sometimes that doesn’t bode very well for people of different ethnicities. Even the few African American U.S. Attorney Generals had those same instincts, that perceived attacks were sometimes due to a racial component, and if you are listening, it wasn’t true, it’s just your instincts kicking in.