Guilty Pleasure

long distance running

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Mine was running. I used to love to run. Between the ages of 19 and 37, I used to run quite often. There were times where I would take months off, even close to six months, but I would go back and run a quick 5K. Anybody that used to run, that experienced that runner’s high, would know what I’m talking about. You would start and get your pace down, then after hitting that mark, the one where your side would start to bother you and push through it, you would start to feel the euphoria of the run. Your body would feel like it could go forever and your pace would even quicken. You had to be careful not to let it overtake you or that feeling would go away too quickly. You had to try and keep that pace, keep your breathing, keep your focus and look straight ahead. the music would get livelier and your heart would start to beat to the rhythm of the run. The longest run I have ever done was a little more than 13 miles. I would go 10 miles on occasions but mostly stick between to 5 or 6¬† miles every other day. Never ran a marathon or any organized run outside my work except for a run for cancer with an ex-girlfriend. I have since suffered some severe problems that doesn’t allow me to run at all. I tried to tell myself that I could do it anyway but reality has set in. The pain is too great and those days are now behind me. I miss them. I miss them a lot.

My fastest times, while not anything record setting were decent

I have done a mile and half in under 9 minutes

I have ran a 5 K in 19 minutes

I have run 5 miles in under 40 minutes

Political Running Mates

Sarah Palin

I have wrote about who I think has the best shot for the Democrats. If one of those people get selected, they’re going to need the right running mate. We all know how important good running mates can be, they can make or break your candidacy. For some candidates, the right running mate is vital, Sen. Harris, and for some they have some leeway, Sen. Sanders. I have my opinions,

Rep. Gabbard – Since she is a frog’s hair from being a Repub, which I like, her choice should be a person with experience, a little older and someone with whom the voters can relate. Tom Steyer comes to mind. Billionaire Dem who had political ambitions but never really put himself in. This might be the perfect opportunity for a grand entrance.

Sen. Harris – Since she comes from the most liberal State in the union, her challenges are going to be to win over some red states or even purple states. She would need someone to the right of her that can appeal to those states that are teetering at the fulcrum of red and blue. The person I have in mind would likely not be her choice but she needs a Repub turned independent. A person that shares most of her views especially on immigration, Former Senator Jeff Flake or Beto O’Rourke, a Dem from a red state. It’s an out of the box choice but one that will work out well.

Sen Gillibrand – Since she comes from NY, the toughest state in the country (by reputation), then she might want to keep that trend. If Sen Booker does not get the nod in the primaries, he would be a perfect fit for Sen. Gillibrand. Smart, born in D.C, went to college in California, represents NJ.

Sen. Sanders – If Bernie gets the nod, his running mate is easy. He has to pick a woman that’s tough, can pull in Repubs, and can handle a debate. Two women come to mind, Rep. Gabbard if she doesn’t get the nod or Rep Abigail Spanberger that just won in a red district. Both of these women have some amazing background stories that can¬† and will guarantee his victory.

At 17…….

man and woman

When I was 17 (or 18)…. sounds like a song. The one thing I recollect at that age was that I was making out with a woman who was drunk while I was sober. I asked her if she was drunk, and she said yeah, and I told her that we couldn’t do anything more than kiss because she was drunk.¬† She got a little upset and we headed back to the living room. She fed me drinks, which I took gladly, and had some herself. The thing about having two people in the same state of mind is that it becomes consentual but when you have a person under the influence, of anything; alcohol, marijuana, any surreptitious device that they are not aware of that has mood enhancing capabilities; and you are completely sober, than you have to be the adult in the room because you have all the control. If you get off on controlling people, then your problems are much deeper than you know. That night we were both in the same frame of mind, which is important to me before I do anything. There was no force, just mutual attraction. She grabbed my hand and I followed. I wanted to when I was sober but I couldn’t. It didn’t feel right because she was drunk.

This situation would happen to me several times in my life, each ended with a no, not while your drunk.

Cell Phones at the Gym

cellphones at the gym

I have never seen so many cellphones at the gym in my life. You see them playing on the phone and then they start chatting with their friend, saying “I don’t this workout is helping”. I don’t know how much a cellphone weighs exactly but holding one for hours at a time might help. They just sit there and tick away. I never seen stronger thumbs. I heard that cellphones can emit waves that can affect your mood, maybe they’re hitting the wrong button. Instead of hitting the motivated button, they’re hitting the get angry button, because they don’t seem happy at all.

You can’t win that way. It’s cheating. #humanATM #cupfullofcoocoopuffs


cookie monster

When you ask the cookie monster to guard the cookies, don’t be surprised by the outcome. Not only is he going to cookie jail but also the guy that put him in charge. How could you not know, he’s a freaking cookie monster.



These are who I believe have a shot at taking the White House if The President’s momentum on the economy takes a downturn.

Tulsi Gabbard – Congresswoman from Hawaii and combat veteran who is as close to the middle as you will get for the Democrats. The one knock would be her age. At 39, her age at time of election, she would be the youngest person ever elected and experience will play a factor but maybe not against President Trump who is brand new to politics but not the presidency. The plus, she will be 39 and have a forward thinking mindset. She would also have almost 20 years of government work by that time and did I mention she is a combat veteran, a Major in the armed forces, that’s awesome. Her salutes come with more experience than most men have.

Kamala Harris – Senator from California, Ms. Harris is a skilled and seasoned former State Attorney General. Don’t let her effervescent smile fool you (not pictured) , she is extremely smart, tough, and a no nonsense of a person you will ever find. She is quick witted and insightful. The knock, she is from California. The only person to be elected to President from California was Ronald Reagan and he was a Repub, which might be the only way that can happen. Oh, and Herbert Hoover, he was a President right? If she was from… lets say…. anywhere else, she would have been guaranteed a victory. If Ms. Harris can pull off a victory, then she would have done what no man (I know she is a woman, every person with an eyeball knows she is a woman, I’m bringing attention to her ground breaking style) has ever done, be a Dem from Cali and win the Oval Office. Ms. Harris will smile and ask a question and by the time you answer she will have you admitting that there is no back door to politics and that she is the best candidate. Ms. Harris will have to pick a running mate from a State that can offset that problem. She should be careful who she aligns herself with because she will need the right people or it could kill her campaign.

Kirsten Gillibrand – A tough lawyer turned politician, Ms. Gillibrand is a natural leader. She comes from a state that has long history of taking the Oval Office. And who wouldn’t love to see two New Yorkers, Sec. Clinton was more midwest in temperament, go at it. Being from the same state as the current President, she would pose some very real challenges to President Trump.¬† The knock, she really isn’t that known, which I think is a plus, but her name recognition isn’t quite up there as Biden, Harris, or Sanders. The plus, well, you ever argued with an intelligent woman from NY? You have a better chance of winning the lottery twice on the same day then winning that argument.

Bernie Sanders – If it wasn’t for the debacle, lucky for President Trump, with the DNC, Sanders would have been President. The knock, the opposite of Gabbard, his age in the opposite direction. Sanders is a tough Senator that stands for what he believes and that’s to do the right thing. A motto that he carries on his sleeve. I voted form him in the primaries but was overruled by a bunch of dumbasses. If he shows some liveliness in a campaign, I think he can get it done. The plus, well, he is freaking Bernie Sanders, a man that got carried away by the police protesting injustices and the only person on the Dems that could have beat all the Repubs in 2016. There’s a bunch of Bernie’s, but only one Bernie Sanders. Feel the Bern, and let’s not forget his followers, the Bernie babies. This is the closest you get to Political stardom, and the whole time, Bernie remained humble and true to himself.

By the way, I’m a moderate, I believe in choice, from abortion to gun rights (oddly not marijuana). These candidates, most of them are centered and believe the same thing. I like middle of the ground politicians because I feel they can win over both parties and actually get stuff done.


right to counsel

The sixth amendment gives you the right to retain counsel, so if you have the monies to pay for counsel, then no one can interfere with that right.  The right to counsel is generally regarded as a constituent of the right to a fair trial.

“Nevertheless, where the right to be assisted by counsel of one‚Äôs choice is wrongly denied, a¬†Sixth Amendment¬†violation occurs regardless of whether the alternate counsel retained was effective”.

Kaley v. United States

134 S. Ct. 1090 (2014)   Cited 248 times   13 Legal Analyses

Describing the “vital interest at stake” in “the constitutional right to retain counsel of their own choosing,” as described in Gonzalez-Lopez, 548 U.S. at 146-48,150, and explaining that, “having the ability to retain the counsel [they] believe to be best – and who might in fact be superior to any existing alternatives – matters profoundly”


Rivera v. Marcus

696 F.2d 1016 (2d Cir. 1982)   Cited 65 times   
    • personState, Provincial or Regional Government
    • personGovernment
Holding that¬†Plaintiff, who provided foster care for her half brother and sister, had liberty interest in preserving familial relationship and that termination of foster care agreement with state‚ÄĒwithout any notice of reasons for termination or any opportunity to¬†retain¬†counsel¬†or be heard in subsequent proceedings‚ÄĒviolated her¬†rights¬†to procedural due process



Not overruled or negatively treated on appeal info Coverage
U.S. Supreme Court Jun 26, 2006
548 U.S. 140 (2006)

In sum, the right at stake here is the right to counsel of choice, not the right to a fair trial; and that right was violated because the deprivation of counsel was erroneous. No additional showing of prejudice is required to make the violation “complete.”



I’m not big fan of compustats. The reason being is a person could land more punches but still lose if he/she is hurt every round, thus negating any compustat. The fights is generally won effective aggressiveness, general ringmanship, punches landed and the effect that punch had on his opponent. Let me first congratulate Tony Harrison, he got the nod and worked very hard for the victory. Let me also say that to be recognized as the best ever, you will always have to have at least one loss on your record. Apologies to Mayweather and Marciano. When Ray Robinson lost to LaMotta, Basilio, Fulmer, he came back to defeat these fighters, Fulmer with the perfect left hook, as it known today. What makes you great is not winning but coming back and beating the good fighter that got the best you previously. Resilience. If greatness was just based on being undefeated, then why would anyone fight anyone that has a chance of beating them. The reason Ray Robinson is the GOAT is because he fought people that had a chance of beating them while they were in their prime and he beat them, arguably when he was past has his.

The fight between Charlo and Harrison was a close match. Charlo did seem to go for the KO, mainly because he was looking for the Hurd fight and wanted to duplicate Hurd’s feat of KOing Harrison, probably in more devastating fashion and earlier then the current king of the 154 pound class did. If that’s true, we now see the dangers of looking past your opponent and thinking of the next opponent. Something trainers always say not to do. The fight was a closely contested match, which in my opinion saw Charlo eke out a win but Harrison was no slouch and concentrated on the man in front of him. That might have been the difference. Compustats actually back up my claim of Charlo winning but for pundits to say that the percentage of punches landed gives credence to Harrison winning would be misleading. Percentage is based on a mathematical equation of determining how close the number of punches thrown is to punches landed. If percentage mattered then the guy that just threw one punch and landed should beat the guy that threw 100 and landed anything short of 100 but more than 1. Unless that one punch knocked out his opponent, that one punch wouldn’t mean much nor would the accompanying percentage of 100% punches landed. I think we all realize that. This is not to take away from Harrison’s win, who aptly stated that the reason he won was because Charlo was going for the KO. Something he realized and used his opponents aggressiveness against him. Give Harrison the credit for being a smart boxer and adapting to Charlo’s style in the ring to secure his first title. I think a rematch is deserved and Harrison was gracious enough to offer it. Good for Harrison, a classy fighter.