I’m not big fan of compustats. The reason being is a person could land more punches but still lose if he/she is hurt every round, thus negating any compustat. The fights is generally won effective aggressiveness, general ringmanship, punches landed and the effect that punch had on his opponent. Let me first congratulate Tony Harrison, he got the nod and worked very hard for the victory. Let me also say that to be recognized as the best ever, you will always have to have at least one loss on your record. Apologies to Mayweather and Marciano. When Ray Robinson lost to LaMotta, Basilio, Fulmer, he came back to defeat these fighters, Fulmer with the perfect left hook, as it known today. What makes you great is not winning but coming back and beating the good fighter that got the best you previously. Resilience. If greatness was just based on being undefeated, then why would anyone fight anyone that has a chance of beating them. The reason Ray Robinson is the GOAT is because he fought people that had a chance of beating them while they were in their prime and he beat them, arguably when he was past has his.

The fight between Charlo and Harrison was a close match. Charlo did seem to go for the KO, mainly because he was looking for the Hurd fight and wanted to duplicate Hurd’s feat of KOing Harrison, probably in more devastating fashion and earlier then the current king of the 154 pound class did. If that’s true, we now see the dangers of looking past your opponent and thinking of the next opponent. Something trainers always say not to do. The fight was a closely contested match, which in my opinion saw Charlo eke out a win but Harrison was no slouch and concentrated on the man in front of him. That might have been the difference. Compustats actually back up my claim of Charlo winning but for pundits to say that the percentage of punches landed gives credence to Harrison winning would be misleading. Percentage is based on a mathematical equation of determining how close the number of punches thrown is to punches landed. If percentage mattered then the guy that just threw one punch and landed should beat the guy that threw 100 and landed anything short of 100 but more than 1. Unless that one punch knocked out his opponent, that one punch wouldn’t mean much nor would the accompanying percentage of 100% punches landed. I think we all realize that. This is not to take away from Harrison’s win, who aptly stated that the reason he won was because Charlo was going for the KO. Something he realized and used his opponents aggressiveness against him. Give Harrison the credit for being a smart boxer and adapting to Charlo’s style in the ring to secure his first title. I think a rematch is deserved and Harrison was gracious enough to offer it. Good for Harrison, a classy fighter.