Free Press
If things progress the way they are, this is what the United States might look like in the near future, they might all have to wear bullet proof vests. Lets have respectful dialogue not closed minded vitriol. The Press is not the enemy.

These people controlled their Media or had State Medias that controlled the news, we aren’t there……….yet or do I think we ever will. Let us make sure we do not become these countries, support a free and open press.

  • Genghis Khan: “the supreme warrior” …
  • Henry VIII: “the Bluebeard king” …
  • Ivan IV: “the Terrible” …
  • Maximilien Robespierre: “the incorruptible face of the Reign of Terror” …
  • Joseph Stalin: “the Father of Nations” …
  • Adolf Hitler: “the Fuhrer” …
  • Augusto Pinochet: “the Reformer-Dictator” …
  • Pol Pot: “Brother Number One”
  • Kim Jung Un: “the Supreme Leader”


We can disagree on issues, we can’t let those issues divide us. The Media cannot cause a war only the people that control the military can. When people label the media as combatants, what I predict is an investigation into the media, which might be seen as a way of trying to control the media.


Women Power

Of the 2010 Census population, 157.0 million were female (50.8 percent) while 151.8 million were male (49.2 percent). Between 2000 and 2010, the male population grew at a slightly faster rate (9.9 percent) than the female population (9.5 percent).

  • Women currently hold only 5.2% of CEO Positions
  • There has never been a woman President
  • There has never been a woman FBI Director
  • 2 of 84 Attorney Generals of the United States have been women
  • There are too few women in positions of power that would alleviate the circumstances of demanding sex for favors, employment and/or protection

With that being said, it’s not always men that demand sexual favors…….. even though it has never happened to me, by a woman…… Nor am I saying that any of the people that hold or held the positions listed above ever defiled or took advantage of a woman, they are just positions of power that can prevent those abuses.

Fact of The Day!


An unusual genetic disorder called Urbach-Wiethe disease. The disease destroys both sides of the amygdala, which is composed of two structures the shape and size of almonds, one on each side of the brain. Because of this brain damage, you know no fear, the researchers found



15 Cool Facts about Breastfeeding

breast feeding

We all know the saying “breast is best” but here are some of the colossal benefits, and a couple quirky facts, about breastfeeding. 1.  Human milk boosts a baby’s immune system big time—helping baby fight viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections, including:

  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Ear infections
  • Bacterial meningitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Infant diarrhea
  • Common colds and flus

2.  Breastfeeding can actually reduce baby’s risk of disease later in life, including:

  • Type I and II diabetes
  • Hodgkin’s disease
  • Leukemia
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Asthma
  • Eczema

3.  Breastfeeding reduces mama’s risk of ovarian and breast cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis.  The longer she breastfeeds, the higher the benefit.

Get this—breastfeeding a baby girl actually reduces her lifetime risk of breast cancer by 25%.

4.  Breastfeeding saves a family approximately $2 to 4 thousand dollars annually (compared to cost of formula).

5.  Breastfeeding helps mama heal faster in the postpartum, helping her uterus return to pre-pregnancy size faster and lowering overall postpartum blood loss.

6.  Breastfeeding can help mama return to her pre-baby weight.  It takes 1000 calories a day on average to produce breast milk.  Women are advised to consume an extra 500 calories a day, and the body dips into reserves it built up in pregnancy to make the rest (it’s important to consume those extra calories or the body actually goes into “starvation mode” and holds onto the reserves).

7.  Producing breast milk consumes 25% of the body’s energy; the brain only uses 20% by comparison.

8.  On average, babies remove 67% of the milk mama has available—they eat until fullness, not until the breast is emptied.

9.  Almost 75% of all moms produce more milk in their right breast, whether they are right- or left- handed.

10.  Mama’s body is constantly making the perfect milk for baby.  Milk changes its nutritional profile as baby grows (milk made for a 3 month old is different than for a 9 month old).  Milk can even change day to day—for example, water content may increase during times of hot weather and baby-sickness to provide extra hydration.

11.  Human milk contains substances that promote sleep and calmness in babies (who doesn’t love that?)  Breastfeeding also calms mama and helps her bond to baby.

12.  Breastfed infants are at lower risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

13.  Mama’s breasts can detect even a one degree fluctuation in baby’s body temperature and adjust accordingly to heat up or cool down baby as needed.  This is one reason skin-to-skin contact in the early days is so crucial.

14.  Breastfeeding reduces baby’s risk of cavities later on and may lower the chance they will need braces as kids.

15.  Breastfeeding mamas sleep on average 45 minutes more a night, compared to those who formula feed.

By Amy Johnson-Grass written for Healthy Foundations Birth Center