We all get tired of being portrayed as someone we are not. I am not a saint, not for a lack of trying, no one is or¬† it would be easy for me to travel internationally, I would just walk there. I have always strived to do the right thing but I have done things wrong, but for what I felt were the right reasons. I lied to immigration officials to bring my family into the country (won’t go into excuses) and I did buy steroids from Mexico (won’t explain that one either), those are my burdens to bare and am eager to state my positions in the proper forum. Any time the appropriate agencies feel like filing those charges, federal or state, I will be right here. There is a¬† reason why they don’t. The clock is ticking and I have told them so. There is a statute of limitations on these charges and they are about to expire. Tick tock, tick tock.



going to the gym

For some it may be luxury, for some it’s a necessity. Since suffering two heart episodes and suffering from joint pain and suffering from a broken back, going to the gym is like oxygen, it doesn’t matter if I want to or not, I have to.



An example of a person that humbled me is a woman that came into the country illegally. Along the way she fought off a rapist, saved a person from getting murdered and when she got here, she bought her mother a house while she lived in attics and rented rooms. And then earned enough money to help put her sisters through college, one became a doctor, one became a computer engineer and the other got her Master’s in Social Work. She would later earn a college degree of her own in a country where she learned a third language to earn that degree. There are people in this country that have better opportunities in their first language that don’t accomplish as much.


angry manIrritability in men is often a result of high stress cortisol levels and low testosterone levels. Some men respond by acting out while others hold these feelings in and become depressed. Behaviors characteristic of men with Irritable Men Syndrome include: Angry.


no choice

Listen to my words… I have no choice… I have to proceed the way I do…. Love doesn’t pay the bills, and kind words don’t feed the hungry. Whether we like it or not, money is the necessary evil needed to survive. Until things are the way they were, minus some things, I have no choice but to proceed the way I do. They can solve it with a flick of their pen, they’re choosing not to. Quoting Spike Lee, all they have to do is “Do the right thing”.



When my son was 2, he got it in his head to put a hard candy in his mouth and started to choke. I did exactly what this video said but it was his mother, who did a finger sweep, which they say not to do, that saved his life.

I don’t think NY had anything to do with it. I couldn’t tell you who did.