I was in court and this guy is seated next to me in handcuffs. The guy asks me what I did and I said that I accidentally ran over a pet that ran out into the street. He said man, that’s awful, then asked me if I was ashamed, I asked him what he was here for and he said that he was convicted of rape, child molesting and murder. I then said, am I ashamed in front of you, No.

You can’t feel the heat from a match next to a towering inferno.

MPO: My Personal Opinion


Senate races with two female candidates


Let’s be real, evolution moves slow but it moves the nonetheless, the time of man dominating anything but the TV remote might becoming to end and maybe it isn’t a bad thing. I’m not saying that women will dominate, unless you’re into that type of thing, don your leather mask and chain, but equality might be right around the corner. I’m not saying that these women are going to do a better job, be more compassionate, less crazy or less corruptible then their male counterparts but I say equal opportunity for everything.


Repeating the past

There are certain truths in life;

  1. Those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it
  2. You don’t move on from your past, you learn from it
  3. The problems you choose to ignore because of fear are the problems your children will inherit
  4. If you let them do it once, they’ll do it always

My Personal Opinion: Chivalry Should Never Die


When the First Lady when on her trip to see the accommodations of children facilities, she was immediately criticized for wearing a jacket. To the President’s credit, he immediately defended the First Lady in what was a fact finding trip that she was under no obligation to do. The First Lady realized that the criticisms that her husband was facing might have been over stated, as some media outlets will do. I applaud her actions. Some quickly derided her actions and the President defense of his wife was nothing less than chivalrous. That is what a husband should do for his wife when people that just want to criticize and start lambasting a person without getting all the factual information. With that being said, I disagree with this administration’s stance on immigration. I hope that a better solution to the immigration and DACA situations can be reached.

FLOTUS, in my opinion, is handling herself with a tremendous amount of grace and dignity under the circumstances. It is to her credit that she takes time out to make sure that the rights of immigrants aren’t being trampled on, something that goes beyond what FLOTUS duties regularly are and somewhat contradicts what POTUS is trying to establish.




michael fine

An Ohio lawyer hypnotized six female clients and then molested them. Now he’s going to prison.

The use of hypnotism, or any other outside method, to influence another person to have sex with you is wrong, and criminal. If you didn’t know that, then there is something wrong with your moral compass. The unsuspecting women this individual preyed on will never be the same and this selfish, obviously desperate and psychopathic person could not tell the difference between right and wrong. Does anyone feel that using any method, other than your personality and what the lord or evolution bestowed on you, to start a romantic relationship, is right, especially on an unsuspecting person? These individuals did not know what was happening to them or why it was happening, but he did. Michael Fine was well aware of what he was doing, even if his victims did not. Now this individual is going to jail for 12 years, I don’t think that is enough, but one of his victims said that they were serving a life sentence, so why shouldn’t he.

When a person is that pathetic that they must resort to extreme methods to control their unwitting victims just for sex, then that person is capable of doing anything to anyone at anytime. Michael is an extremely flawed human being, given the opportunity to hypnotize someone and say or do anything, he chose to have or make the person have sex with him instead of putting the person at ease or imbeding  some kind of wisdom or kind thought.

The problem is that Michael Fine, and people like him, don’t think they are doing anything wrong. They think it is, well, ironically and apropos, perfectly fine. It makes me think of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution. There is a reason why people like Michael can’t procreate and no woman would sleep with him, I’m sure the same reason why he had to resort to such methods in the first place, it’s because either evolution or God wants him gone and his demonic (if you believe in God) or defective genes (if you are an evolutionist) were meant to disappear from the planet so it won’t infect another human being.

The problem with Michael and every person like him is that they reason that the woman wants it or that they are promiscuous or that something in their past warrants this happening to them or that they liked it because they feel themselves some kind of blessing that must share it with every woman. This is the common tale of every person that rapes another. They are the same tired excuses that are given repeatedly in their defense prior to be sentenced to jail. They say it like it excuses their actions.

The true test of a person is when you have the ability to do anything to a person and you seemingly won’t face any consequences, what will you do?

So, what will you do?