Thought of The Day


It is my firm belief that xenophobia is rooted in that person’s lack of intellect, self-worth and envy.

That the only way you can feel better about yourself is to demean someone else because, secretly, you want to be them.

What sounds more probable;

  1. That someone would dislike another person because of the amount of melanin, lack of or abundance of, and/or because in their household they grew up speaking a latin based romance language (spanish) and/or have beliefs that God has a different name and/or the existence of a supreme being…… or,
  2. That someone lacks the rudimentary intelligence to understand those facts and they hate themselves but instead of directing their energy towards self-improvement they would rather hate someone that they see as different and better/happier then them and wished they could be them so they can stop hating themselves.

I personally think number 2 but that is a decision that you have to make for yourselves.

In layman’s terms or in other words, there’s a whole bunch of stupid.


Colombian Party

This morning I woke up to my girlfriend talking to her family on Skype. She hadn’t been home to Colombia in over three years and was sending money back home to take care of her family. That day was her birthday and her family was throwing a birthday party in her honor in absentia. They appreciated her effort and sacrifice to help her family. I woke up to her throwing kisses to her son and mom both of whom she hadn’t seen in person for over three years. She got a little emotional after she ended the call. I just stayed there staring for a second wondering if there was anything I could do. We were both laying down, heads on the pillow, looking at each other. I told her that she will be able to visit them soon. She just smiled and wiped her face. I then said maybe it will help if you get up and move around, maybe if you go get breakfast? She just started to laugh a little. No, I knew it was my turn. That’s the least I could do. Three years without being able to see your family, seeing your child, so they can eat and have the semblance of a normal life. She sacrificed a lot. I could at least get breakfast. I also treated her and her cousin to a full spa day, facial, massage, nails, feet, the works. A day of pampering and we gave her a birthday party here.

Every Congressional and Senatorial Elected Person Not Native To This Country Must GO!!



These would be the only members of the legislative body left. The only four Native Americans. LOL. Maybe this what the President meant. Dealing with four people would be a lot easier then dealing with 400+ people. I wonder what  these elected officials were thinking. These non-Native Americans are sure crazy as hell. Immigration started in 1492. Why stop a tradition when it has worked out so well for us. We’re great because of immigration, not despite of it.

We are the greatest country in the world, with that I agree with the President. We are also the most diverse country in the world. I think that there is a direct correlation to that equation.

What about this don’t you get!!

homeless woman and child

Story 3

The superhero from story 1, not the superheroes you see at the movies obviously, but the egomaniac that thinks of how they can take advantage of the situation, tells the lady from story 2 that she was going to jail unless she performed some favors, told me the exact same thing. 30 years and a deportation is a long time with a very bad ending. She would tell me, and they are in quotes “they have me so scared I was going to run back to Colombia” and “just do what they want, do what they say so they can leave us alone”. She did, I didn’t. We divorced (I asked for the divorce hoping it would prevent anything else bad from happening to her while the superheroes were trying to teach me a lesson, or what did they call it, giving me an education, lady in Starbucks in San Diego in 2015, because as they told me, if it doesn’t bother you what we do to you, maybe what we do to the ones you love will change you mind) our son lives with her but she no longer has to worry about those 30 years, now she has to worry about her professional license from the degree that I helped pay for by cashing in my retirement plan early to make sure that she would not be homeless and had food on the table and had money for books, this after we separated because they told her that I had to go, but I didn’t want her to be at their beck and call, so  when she called me in 2014 asking if there was anything I could do to help, I gave her the money only if she promised to graduate, not to come back to me (even though that was what I wanted) but to make sure that she was independent and had a way to provide for herself and our son without anyone’s help. If she wanted to come back, I would hope it was because she loved me not because she needed me or couldn’t afford to be by herself. I didn’t want her to be dependent on anyone, not me, not anyone for her survival. So in 2014, after not receiving a full retirement paycheck for almost a year, I gave her money and became homeless. I lived on the streets of San Diego, moving from Florida to NJ and then San Diego, for a year.

The problem is the superheroes that asked for the favors couldn’t help. Their excuse was that they had their own wives and kids to take care of. They can’t be going around supporting everyone they ask “favors” from. How would they afford their fancy cars and homes if they had to do that.


colombian woman eating breakfast

I used to date this woman. Every morning we would try and outsmart each other to get the other to get breakfast. This particular morning, I used the I’m sick and weak excuse. She rubbed my back and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said that she would get breakfast. She gets up and goes to the bathroom and when she comes back her phone rings. She starts talking to someone and starts laughing. She says of course I remember you. She then says, well I’m about to go get breakfast at the Colombian restaurant and that she would be there in about 30 minutes. I just sat up in bed and said nothing. She started laughing again, and then said ok, see you later. She hung up and started to look for her clothes. I just looked at her and said, you know what I’m feeling better. I started to get dressed and told her I’ll go get breakfast and her phone rings again and she says hi, pauses and says no, my boyfriend is going to get breakfast, you can just come over here. I just looked at her like wtf is going on. She then said, you are here already and then I hear a knock on the door. Her roommate, we’ll just say her name is Amelda for now, walks in talking on her phone. Amelda says so we’re not going to meet for breakfast and my girlfriend says no, my sweet boyfriend decided to go for us, even though he’s sick. Amelda just sits next to my girlfriend and tells me thank you. I ask, breakfast for three? My girlfriend knelt on the bed and gave me a kiss and reminded me, just two sugars in my coffee mi amor. I just looked at Amelda and she put up 4 fingers and smiled. I guess it was my turn to get breakfast.