Some people that follow my blog might have read that I was homeless for some time between 2015 and 2016.. I wasn’t homeless because I couldn’t get a job but because I had been evicted twice because my former employer refused to pay me my full pension for a year creating a situation where I couldn’t rent or buy. Having no other place to stay, I roamed the streets of San Diego for a little over a year, mostly staying in my car but some times venturing out and staying in what I thought was a secluded place out in the open. During one of these occasions, I woke up with my pants undone. They were adidas sweat pants, but they were tied tight. I woke up face down, I usually sleep on my side, and with some of my stuff strewn around, I couldn’t tell you why I was face down, with my drawstrings loose. Something didn’t feel right, but I couldn’t quite place it. The next night I decided to stay at a hotel, in a bed, with locked doors. While I was their, I used the bathroom and noticed blood, not in my stool but around my stool after I defecated. I ended going to the hospital the next day because of heart pain. While there, in San Diego, at the hospital, the doctor told me that a rectal exam was going to be needed. I asked why, she said for precautionary measures, I didn’t want to at first but she told me that it was necessary for other reasons or they couldn’t treat me. I got the exam and it was painful as hell but she said everything seems normal. I walk out, after getting dressed and there is this old guy in scrubs with glasses that I had seen before in San Diego, saying that he wanted to do it. As some people in the staff were like it was already done. Then he looks at me and says that he wanted to give me a rectal examination, I just look at the doctor that had already done it and asked “Do I have to?” because I didn’t need to find out if I was having a heart attack that badly. She said no. She said that I was extremely dehydrated and needed to get fluids. That guy, it turns out, wasn’t a doctor. I still don’t know what he was.

Now I read that 3 federal agents and/or people that fix stuff in the last year are being charged for sodomy. I was under federal investigation at the time. I still don’t know why I was shitting blood or how I ended up face down while I was asleep or how my pants got untied. I do know that I put in for an 8 million dollar refund on my taxes and they still haven’t paid me or charged me. Everything you just read is true except I still don’t know for 100% sure if he was a doctor or not but he didn’t have an ID and everyone else did and he seemed to like bung holes more than the ordinary person should.

Shortly after that (and another WTF incident) I spent all of my IRA on buying a house. I couldn’t be homeless anymore. The IRS now says I owe over $70,000 for early withdrawal of my retirement fund…. crazy shit that you can’t just make up.

There is one more thing… who the hell is pink dick?????? and where was he when this whole thing went down…. his comments are pretty insightful now.

Some things just have to be told, so people can say, that has to be bullshit…. right??


Random guy says:

If I can’t have the dad “let me have their (minor) kid”

LOL… hahhahahaha… holy jesus…

The US going all Alabama/Olive Garden … 😉

To put this remark into perspective

“According to the FBI, in 2020 there were 365,348 NCIC entries for missing children

In more related news….

“JonBenet Ramsey killing: 25 years after her killing, investigators have tested almost 1,000 DNA samples” as reported by CNN

I think if you hold a position of trust, that’s all law enforcement both Federal and State and any paid informant, that your DNA should be on file. Joseph DeAngelo, the “Night Stalker”, a police officer, was one of the most notorious rapists in the history of this country and if he had is DNA on file he would have been caught. I think it’s something that should be done right away for former /retired and present LEO’s.


I have been receiving many suggestions as to what I should do next, most of them concern my untimely demise by self actualization. I decided to chronicle these suggestions in what I am going to call my kick the bucket list:

  1. Hang yourself (an oldy but a goody)
  2. Shoot yourself (really messy for my beneficiaries to then clean up)
  3. Eat rat poison (lol, painful)
  4. Drink a bleach cocktail (Didn’t know how much vermouth to add so I decided against it)
  5. Jump off of my roof (I live in a ranch style home with 9 foot ceilings, probably only sprain an ankle)
  6. Shove my head up my ass and die (if it were possible, that would be a shitty way to die, the smell alone would make me vomit)
  7. slit my wrists (again the clean up afterwards)
  8. Head on collision with a dump truck (traffic would be a mess)
  9. One kind hearted person suggested that I just die of old age, then added or you can drown yourself, whichever I prefer.

People are great….


I haven’t been following the trial of Kim Potter, the Minneapolis Police Officer who was recently convicted of the manslaughter of Daunte Wright, a Black motorist. I try not to pay attention to these court cases because a lot of the times the results of the trials are not want you really want. It erodes the idea of democracy and that everyone gets treated the same under the law. This case is no different. Potter, a veteran officer without any other disciplinary actions to speak of or that was reported, was convicted of first degree manslaughter. This is not to say that the family of Daunte Wright doesn’t deserve justice, but the charges against Potter doesn’t fit how the law reads. To be guilty of first degree manslaughter, it requires intent to harm but not necessarily an intent to kill, or that the action that preceded it was unlawful, i.e. a guy approaches someone at a bar and punches him because of an off color remark where the intent was to create harm but not to kill. Potter was doing her lawful duty when the incident occurred therefore negating any possibility of it ever being first degree manslaughter. She was there, doing her job. The second degree charge required prosecutors to prove Potter caused his death “by her culpable negligence,” meaning that Potter “caused an unreasonable risk and consciously took a chance of causing death or great bodily harm” to Wright, but Wright was refusing to follow the officer’s orders creating the necessity to use an intermediate weapon. Here’s the tricky part, the prosecution admitted that Potter actually thought she had her taser and not her service weapon when she shot. That statement by the prosecution negates the officer creating great bodily harm or consciously trying to cause anyone’s death because Taser’s are seen as non lethal intermediate weapons, by the same people that prosecuted Potter. I’m not saying Potter isn’t guilty of something, just not what they charged her with.

Potter was railroaded, not by the prosecutors or Daunte Wright’s family, but by every officer that should have been charged for manslaughter and got away with it. Her sentencing is a causation (don’t know if that’s the right word) of circumstances that are out of her control. In Florida, back in the 1950’s, a Sheriff took three black inmates from the jail to the court. He stopped in a secluded area and put three bullets in each one before they reached the court room for trial. That was the treatment. No one questioned him about it and he merely stated that the still handcuffed dead black youths tried to escape. You don’t even have to go back that far. Recently, the Supreme Court just found that a black inmate that died in a jail after a tussle with the police, inside the cell, was justifiable because somehow the definitions, literally just the words from a previous case, didn’t line up to find a conviction of the officers.

With all the protests, bad publicity, screams for justice because of what I believe to be bad decisions or rulings, in my opinion (which doesn’t mean much), all, by the way, seemed right to me and I agree with (the protests and bad publicity not the rulings, wanted to make that clear), except for the looting ( I don’t agree with looting), Potter was fighting a battle she had no way of winning even though she should have, easily. This a rebound effect, where you pull on something and then you let go, it snaps to the other side with ferocity, until you can come to a center or mutual understanding of how things should work. I see a lot of reporting on what newspapers call bad policing but when I read the circumstances, it seems like that the officer was right in his decision. The fight is on against qualified immunity, but you have to be careful that when presenting your opposition, that the case does, in fact, show that qualified immunity is the reason for the non conviction and not the circumstances.

I don’t blame Wright for his fear of the police, given the previous given example about how you could die in a jail cell, where you are ultimately in someone else’s care, or for him running, but it was still wrong according to the law. The courts are ultimately responsible. They have to see the facts for what they are and not impose a requirement for accountability that is so absurd that it creates fear in the public of predators with badges that run wild doing what they want when they want. Accountability is a cornerstone of a civil society. For this experiment, democracy, to work, you have to make sure that everyone follows the rules, not just a certain segment of the population.

My blarticle states that both sides are right and that both sides are wrong. Until someone with good common sense comes and resolves this, and it has to come from the Supreme Court, this will be what happens in this country, bad people staying out of prison running everything and good people locked up. This case should have been resolved by a payout to the Wright family and the retirement of Officer Potter.

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That young man, at the age of 15, had no chance to lead a normal life.

As reported by NBC ” On Tuesday, prior to the shooting, another teacher alerted school officials to a drawing the teacher found on Ethan Crumbley’s desk. It contained a drawing of a gun pointing at the words “the thoughts won’t stop, help me,” the prosecutor said.”

This young man was bullied by means unknown to him and now there are 5 families that will spend many Christmas without their sons and daughters and he was born just to live in a cage. The people really responsible will go home and open their presents with their kids and this is the country we live in.

Now, why wouldn’t anyone that feels that this could happen to their kids not want to get an abortion in a country that doesn’t give a crap about anyone but themselves. This is ridiculous.

So many stories about external devices that create inhumane thoughts through extraordinary means and that the government has deemed fantastical even though so many people know. This is crazy as hell, which by the way, for those that believe, a lot of people will be headed towards. Good luck. At least he has a good chance for an insanity plea.

Please stop harming our children!!!!!


In one of my blarticles, I wrote that I didn’t think that Rittenhouse should have been charged with murder. The jury came back and found him not guilty. I think that is the right decision. I understand the feelings of half the population that felt otherwise, I mean two people are dead and one was injured. How is it that no one is responsible. Sometimes, the people responsible are the people that were injured. I know that might seem callous but it is the unfortunate truth. I try and put myself in Rittenhouse’s shoes and thought what would I have done if people started to chase me and wanted to take my gun, what would I do? Especially if I couldn’t outrun them. Defend myself seems the most likely scenario. The truth is I would never be in that situation because I would never go to a riot with a gun but that isn’t illegal in Kenosha. The outrage should be at the circumstances. How is it that a person that can not legally buy cigarettes, can’t legally buy alcohol, and in some states can’t legally drive by himself, can open carry a weapon? The government has deemed that people of his age at the time of the incident aren’t mature enough to make those decisions but they think they are mature enough to carry a weapon that can end someone’s life. Rittenhouse was and maybe still is, undoubtedly, immature and little bit of a dumb dumb but the law that allowed him to carry a weapon wasn’t his fault. It’s the fault of older people who should have known better. Right now is the perfect time to have perspective and attack silly laws like that one. It isn’t the time to pile on an immature dumb kid that saw to many war movies. Use what your given not what you don’t have. Use the circumstances of how this could have happened in the first place, not a verdict that was fair, even though sad. I know some might disagree, but piling on this kid is just going to turn off what leverage you might have. Be smart so this doesn’t happen again. Pass laws that would stop this from happening again and use this case as the reason or example why.

So funny, not the incident, but the fact that he can’t even vote or join the military without his parent’s permission, but somehow the laws in Wisconsin allow him to open carry. Crazy.


Do you ever just wake up and you had a dream where someone is asking you questions and you’re answering them but it’s actually another person that is answering them for you? You ever feel like a dummy that is caught in the middle of an investigation where the people investigating get away with the most atrocious shit because they are the ones that answer their own questions about the crimes that they committed? I guess if you put the people that commit the crimes in charge of investigating the crimes you can bet that there will never find out who did it. That brings me to Dulce Alavez, still can’t find who did it huh. I wonder why. And it wasn’t the Police. Lets be honest here, the only reason that such a tool would exist is so that the people that wield it can get away with stuff. It’s made to silence whistle blowers and people that have information against the people that have such capabilities.


The frenzy behind all these analysts over thinking why the Demos did so poorly is cracking me up. They’re coming up with crazy answers and off the wall remedies and blaming everything and every one while scratching their heads as to why the Repubs did so well. I think if you look at history, the Repubs always do well on off election years and there is a simple answer, Demos don’t care about politics like Repubs do. Repubs live and breathe politics…. and guns, Demos live and breathe parties and marijuana. The sentiment in off years, that would be any year that there isn’t a presidential election, is simply I don’t give a crap, last year was a pain in the ass. That Murphy won is more of a testament to Murphy, as no Demo has won NJ twice in a row in a long time, or maybe the obscure name of his opponent, than it is any Demo failures. Demos have won the popular vote since Mary Poppins was jumping off of roofs with umbrellas. The problem is that these news pundits don’t get how normal people just don’t care about politics, almost not at all, at least in the Demo side. Repubs are different, they live and breathe politics…. and probably gunpowder, explains why some they are so crazy and combustible. Demos are more in the realm of, I have to vote again, I just did that shit last year. I get how people whose whole lives are politics wouldn’t understand and they think that’s what Demos think about, they don’t, that’s why your shows aren’t the top rated shows but the Repub political shows are. Stop overthinking and find a way to make all elections in the same year. That will be the only way Demos win.


Innovation is like a mathematic equation, as time goes by, innovation replaces items quicker. As science starts rolling, like the debt clock, it starts to exponentially grow faster, where what was invented last year has now been replaced by something new and faster. I think that might be the motto for Apple’s IPhones. As electric vehicles start replacing gas powered cars, Hydrogen is already being talked as about the next revolution 5 years down the line. As electric charging stations become more readily available, someone is going to come up with the idea of integrating photovoltaic materials into the construction of the body of the car so the car recharges itself while parked and driving, at least during the day, making charging stations obsolete in about 10 years. Crazy ideas spurn ingenuity that makes things cheaper and good for the environment and economy. If you don’t pay for recharging or gas, then you have money to spend on unnecessary shit, btw, the name of the new chain store I plan to open up.

UPDATE: So… I guess there is an automaker that does that. Did not know that until after I wrote the article. The Sono Group.