With the latest controversy and the endless amount of criticism from the latest boxing SNAFU (situation normal all fucked up), I feel it like its my job as a blogger without any recognition to add to the confusion. I was always a critic of the way boxing scored the bouts. With every other sport using technology to better their sport, boxing is the only sport that still hasn’t found a way to score a fight where controversy can be avoided and where their judges can have narcolepsy and still judge a fight, will someone please wake up Dave Moretti.

I feel the simplest way to avoid controversy is to make every championship fight decision provisional, unless it’s a knockout. Then have three different judges (who would remain anonymous to the promoters), along with the same judges rewatch the fight and rescore the fight a day later under the supervision of a State Commissioner…. that isn’t on the take. What will happen then is that Dave “narcolepsy” Moretti would give the tenth Round to Loma, right… he would get the score right (I’m not saying Haney lost). It wouldn’t only affect the latest buffoonery, it would add a level of transparency and affirmation to the scoring, where it doesn’t seem like there is favoritism applied to the scoring. After a decision is made, then they can either overturn the scorecard or affirm it.

It really seems like a simple fix but greedy promoters don’t want to part with $ to do it, that’s why it might be up to State Commissions to get it done.


There must be something in the water giving people the courage to actually step up and fight people that are a danger to their undisputed claim as the “king” of their division, it might be that cucumber lemon thing I see at fancy hotels, it’s really refreshing, either way, whatever it is, they should drink more of it. In a boxing match, which is sure to be a classic, the undefeated Devin Haney will square up with a former pound for pound king and current real threat to win Vasyl Lomachenko. The lightweight bout for undisputed will take place this Saturday, May 20th, at the MGM Grand. This fight is going to be filled with intrigue, as these two technicians match their skills and IQ in a 20 foot by 20 foot ring. The word that comes to mind when I think of this fight is proceleusmatic (word of the day on my dictionary toilet paper). I’m trying to expand my vocabulary and hopefully one day someone can tell me how to pronounce it. It means inspiring. So, this fight is going to be inspiring. Two combatants, one in the beginning of his dominance, the other towards the end. It’s the optimistic, not really brash, but definitely confidant young gun against the wily older veteran who moves like a samba dancer and punches like he was an octopus, just punches from every angle and you swear he has more than two arms.

Let’s start with the betting favorite, Devin Haney who sports an undefeated record of 29-0 with 15 KO’s. Haney (pictured above asking for his two dollars and lets see who can guess where that reference is from) made his bones fighting in Tijuana before taking his talent back to the U.S., has quick hands and an educated jab. Haney (pictured above looking dissatisfied with his Happy Meal) has really good ring generalship and controls distance with sharp punches. While Haney isn’t the hardest puncher in the division, that distinguishment goes to Davis, he still has a hefty punch and has a good eye for the openings. If Haney has a weakness, which all fighters do, it would be his power. When I say power, I don’t mean force, which is the one punch knockout threat, it’s maintaining that force from round 1 to round 12. The definition of power is the amount of energy transferred or converted per unit time or power equals work (force) over elapsed time. In this case, the youngster, like all youngsters, comes out hard and fast and then fades, as most of his KO’s come before the 7th round. Haney (pictured above disgruntled with the seating arrangements) will eventually learn how to disperse his energy as he gets older and wiser.

The opponent, since he is fighting for the belts and not to retain them, Vasyl Lomachenko has an impressive resume with the limited amount of fights he has had at the pro level, with 17 wins against 2 losses and 11 wins by KO. Lomachenko (pictured above trying to recall how to say “let the best man win” in English) is a unique case in the fight world as he has fought more current and former world champions than Haney even though he has less pro fights. Lomachenko (pictured above trying to locate the buffet at the MGM Grand) has a vast amount of experience and some crazy movement. If a person didn’t know any better, you would think that he was doing the pee pee dance in the ring, by the way he moves quickly in and out and has excellent lateral movement. Loma isn’t and has never been an “opponent” and he isn’t, yet, a gatekeeper to the upper echelon. What he is… is a former pound for pound candidate and an excellent fighter. His game plan of playing ghost, as people seem to punch and miss a lot, and counter is a really good one but the one thing he does have is power. Loma’s knockouts come on the later half of the fight, after he has his opponent flustered and weary, he seems to have an extra gear and he turns it on to get his opponents out of there. Maybe he is a hybrid, half gas – half electric. His weakness is that he is a natural featherweight, but as all fighters do as they get older, they pig out on NY pizza and eventually have to move up in weight.

The fight is set and these two guys, two actual real nice guys, at least as far as I can tell. Not vociferous (toilet paper) or braggadocious (had to look that one up) but two guys that enjoy the sport and want to be at the pinnacle (that one I knew) of their division by challenging themselves with the best and not making excuses. One of my favorite fighters Willie Pep, reminds me a little of Loma by the way he moves, not the way he punches, lost to Sandy Saddler 3 times and won once. Even though Sandy had Willie’s number, Willie kept fighting him….not avoiding him, you know why… because he was a fighter. I don’t think you can be the best ever without having a loss and avenging that loss. That’s why I always considered Sugar Ray Robinson the best ever, you thought I was going to say Willie Pep, hahaha , are you crazy. That’s also why I admire these two fighters because either one can lose and one will most likely will but they want to be recognized as one of the best ever, so they do what fighters do, they fight, in their prime, where there is a real chance of losing.

My prediction for this fight is simple, the one with the most points and is still standing at the end will be the winner. Good luck to both combatants.

UPDATE: It was a great true boxing match. Both fighters gave their all with Haney coming out strong and then fading a bit and Loma, maintaining his power all through the fight. As for who won, what I think doesn’t matter, Haney won and what I think won’t buy you a taco on Tuesday, Haney could have won even though some people saw it differently. My opinion is that there is something wrong with the scoring process. The most clear rounds were the 10th, 11th, and the 1st…. and anyone that watches the fight again will see those were Loma’s rounds. I always said that, for some reason, the scoring ringside is more difficult due to the angles then scoring it on TV, where you can see all, well, most of the angles. The fighters were getting credited for missed shots, blocked shots….. no shots. That’s why I think their should be 6 judges, 3 ringside, 3 TV judges. Watch how the ringside judges differ and how the TV judges would be similar. Dave Moretti gave the 10th to Haney, which was a clear Loma round, but his angle of view made it seem like Haney squeaked it out or he couldn’t really see Loma’s clear punches. Congratulations to Haney…. If I was his matchmaker, I would stay away from Davis, at least for the next fight, you will eventually have to fight him because you’re a fighter, and fight Stevenson next and I would ask Loma to train me. Maybe you can have AI score the fight, it can’t do any worse.

One more thing, Haney looked like a monster next to Loma, in stature and yet, David always finds a way to defeat Goliath, in theory, anyway. I hope Loma doesn’t quit and goes to 130 and fights Navarette, That’s the fight to make for Loma.


It wasn’t a super entertaining fight as Rolly Romero, 24 years old and going on 72, fought Ismael Barrosso, 72 years old going on 24, due to a lack of activity on the younger man’s part. Rolando “Rolly” Romero was fighting cautiously, no doubt because of what happened in his last fight against Gervonta Davis. It was up to Ismael “Geritol” Barrosso to push the action and push he did. Barrosso, knowing that this could be his last fight before he dies of old age next week, was going for broke (and not a hip) when he landed a good shot in the second round and placed Rolly on the canvas. Rolly tried to comeback but he wasn’t very effective, maybe because of the laws against elder abuse. Either way, several rounds later, Referee Tony Weeks ended the fight just as the elder statesman in the ring landed two shots on Romero and saved Barrosso from any further abuse on his arthritic hands. I mean, that had to be why because Barrosso, even without his walker, was still standing and evading shots. Weeks stopped the fight, giving Romero the victory and this is why we should do a urinalysis test on the Referees also, at least a breathalyzer. At the time of the stoppage, Barrosso was up on all three score cards.

In all fairness, this is the first time I ever seen Tony Weeks make a bad call, but it was a doozy. And, I poke fun at Barrosso because he is not 40, probably, and sometimes, in poor countries with more lax laws, Venezuela, you have to work so you fudge your age to stay relevant and it may be the only way he can earn an income….. but he fought one hell of a fight and deserved the payday that came with winning that belt. They should order an immediate rematch and then pay him some good step aside money and make him mandatory for the next fight. That would be the fair thing to do, if he’s still living, lol, I’m kidding, crossing my fingers for him.

The one thing I noticed is that Barrosso didn’t complain. Everyone makes an issue about that, but everyone makes an issue when you do, and at that point, would it matter? His corner did but, again, at that point, after the injustice was done, what difference does it make? So, should you complain when an injustice is done? It’s a tricky question but my answer is simple….. hell yeah, nothing changes unless you fight. That’s why I love boxing.


They have this new thing where you call and an AI girlfriend answers. I thought this has to be a joke, so I try it.

The phone rings and an AI answers and sounds life like.

She says “Hi sweetie”

I say “what did you do with the remote”

She responds “you barely look at me anymore, all your interested in is your stupid fights” and she hangs up.

AI has really come a long way….. but it still can’t find the remote.


I think there is a disconnect between the previous generation and the new tik tok generation. I was watching an interaction between a 55 year old man and 28 year old man that turned violent, next thing I know the old man is punching the younger man and tells him that that he needs to get the hell out of Dodge. The younger man, trying to cover up, says he doesn’t have a Dodge, he drives a Toyota, the old man then looks at him and starts to punch harder and says it figures, a rice burner, the younger man looking even more confounded and curling up into a ball, says no, I don’t do rice, I’m on a Keto diet. The old man continues and tells the guy that he is barking up the wrong tree, the younger guy yells, I own a cat. The old man then yells, I’m going to put you in a pine overcoat, the younger guy, trying to run away, responds, I prefer hoodies.


A mass shooting of undocumented immigrants has left the people in Texas in an uproar, most of them anyway. Gov. Abbott addressed the situation and offered a $50,000 reward for the capture of an obviously dangerous individual. While most applaud the Governor’s actions, as I do, there were some that took umbrage to the Governor’s description of the victims. Having first hand and personal experience on undocumented people, I can tell you that this is the wrong time to introduce personal feelings or politics to the situation. If you are offended, then send the Governor a private note asking him if he could refer to the victims as to what you feel might be the appropriate term and thank him for his response and for warning other non citizen citizens, my preferred term, that they might be targeted. Not the greatest time to go cancel culture or woke. Not everything has to be an Us against Them situation. I think normal people would agree with me, so that would be about 20% of America….. Jesus, I hope I didn’t piss people off by saying normal….. Fuck, I just said Jesus….Shit, I just said fuck…. Damn, I just said shit….. this can go on forever….


I had a conversation with this smart lady and she gave some good advice

She said “When you have negative people in your life you need to excise them out of your life”…

She seemed baffled by my answer. I told her “yeah, but I don’t feel like going to the gym right now”


In 2013, under the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, hispanic veterans that served in war were made available for deportation if they found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Most deportations weren’t for serious crimes but mostly DUI’s. People that serve in combat usually come home and try and forget the traumas of war, some do it with the aid of alcohol. These deportations lasted until 2018 when the new DHS Secretary decided to put an end to it. The new Secretary for DHS was a former military veteran John Kelly. While I think that the law must be followed, their are degrees on how to approach problems. With the new DHS Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, these veterans are finding their way home.

I don’t think that anyone that puts their lives on the line for a country should ever be deported, but that is not my decision to make. A family is always better off together. Thanks to Sec. Mayorkas, at least they can try and enjoy that time.


Gervonta Davis v Ryan Garcia, what can any blogger write that hasn’t already been said. This fight sells itself as these budding superstars face each other on April 22nd, six days after tax day, which probably gives them more incentive to beat the hell out of each other after giving their money to Uncle Sam. That’s your Uncle Sam, not mine, I officially disowned him. He’s funny, he’s your uncle one day a year and then you don’t hear from him. No birthday gifts or hanukkah money. Anyway, getting off topic…. Davis v Garcia (pictured above in their best impersonation of the Walking Dead) is a much anticipated fight because of how these two combatants generally dispose of their opponents, with extreme prejudice… huh, some people may not understand that… let me put it another way, coup de grace, yeah… that probably confused you more, how about cold-cocking, ehhh, that one is a little old fashion, the tik tok generation might misinterpret that to mean something else, how about… they separate their opponents from the waking world?, they lay out the slumber lumber?, cure insomnia?, they put put their opponents to sleep in brutal fashion, most of the time.

Let’s start with the betting favorite, Gervonta Davis (pictured above wearing the floral skin shirt). Davis, with 26 wins and no losses, 24 wins by KO, is as close as to a perfect fighter as you are going to get in the sport today. Davis (pictured above wondering if tattoos come off with alcohol rubs) has the best balance in the sport. This is what lets him generate that big power. While most people lunge and throw shots off balance, Davis always seems to have his feet in the right spot to generate power. While the training helps him, for Davis, it’s natural. It’s as if he was born to do just what he is doing. If Garcia, who has lapses in defense, allows Davis to find his range and get into a groove, it’s possible that he will make a lot of money in a short period of time, I mean shorter than 12 rounds… it’s possible that Davis will knock out Garcia. Now a little birdy just told me that is just what’s going to happen, but who listens to talking birds, they freak me out, couldn’t even watch Sesame Street because of it, but they do wield that magic.

Now for Ryan Garcia, or KingRy, it’s actually King Ry, two words, but somehow it got pushed together and people pronounce as one word “kingry”, whose sports a record of 23 wins no losses 19 wins by KO, well, Garcia (pictured above hallucinating off a bad mushroom trip) has natural gifts. God gave him speed (not the kind you ingest, God isn’t a drug dealer) and he gave him force (think more two cars colliding, less Luke Skywalker). This makes him perfect for the science of pugilism and believe it or not, it is a science, physics to be exact, because Force equals mass times acceleration and (along with power) are the two most important equations in boxing. And Garcia is a star student in the science of pugilism. If Garcia can maintain the proper distance and force Davis to overcommit, and Davis gets hit, he usually allows it to happen against inferior opponents that can’t hurt him just to motivate himself but this won’t be the case here, than Garcia can set up a science lab class in the middle ring and show the world what happens in Newton’s lesser known Fourth Law, the law of gravity, which basically states, all items fall to earth, especially if you are asleep.

Good Luck and Buena Suerte to both fighters… This is a pick’em fight and I’ll pick’em after it’s all over, less chances of me being wrong that way. Also, I hope neither person bets their wallets (the prize money), what are they going to carry their driver’s licenses in if they do and lose. They’re entertaining millions of people and both fighters should reap the rewards of that, don’t get goaded into simplistic behavior, it’s unseemly.