Blaise Pascal

I believe in God but I don’t think it’s a requirement to do so to get into heaven. My belief is that God judges you on your actions not on your doubts. If you lived a good life and did the right thing all your life, then you obviously believe in something, i.e. morals, integrity, decency, virtue, honor, righteousness. God by any other name is still God, I think God will have a place for you in his giant toga party. I believe you could have gone to church all your life and if you were an asshole and did bad things that you knew were only meant to harm and for vengeance, then God will ask you the tough questions. And don’t say it was my job, I don’t think it will work for the Nazi’s and I’m pretty sure it won’t work for you.

In The End…… you should probably know where the end is…….



Biden North Korea


Joe Biden campaign fires back after North Korean media calls him a ‘rabid dog’

North Korea says that the former Vice-President is like a rabid dog and needs to be beaten to death with a stick. LOL. When did North Korea join the Biden Campaign. It seems like they don’t want him to get elected. The former Vice-President must have been ecstatic by this endorsement. Being hated by a dictator is not exactly the worst thing that can happen.

Nationals’ Trea Turner out on controversial interference call; manager Dave Martinez ejected in Game 6

astros vs nats

Not that it mattered that much, this call, but it might have, so for the sake of argument lets just see who was right. Trea Turner hits a slow roller towards third base, Peacock,  the pitcher, then scoops it up and tries to throw out the speedy Turner. Turner books up the first base line, a foot or so outside the lane, towards the infield, and gets there as the ball gets there. They called interference on the play and they called Turner out. My opinion, it was a bad call. That Turner ran outside the first base lane had nothing to do with the throw, since the throw was coming from third base side. The throw, which got their after Turner and hit him in the back of his right leg, which at that time was inside the first base lane, should have hinted that there was no way that Gurriel would have been able to get to it without impeding the runner. The truth is that it was a bad throw by the pitcher and Turner should have been safe. When the ball got there, Turner was right on the line, with his right leg inside the first base path. To me it seems simple, but in a big game atmosphere, maybe the umps over analyzed the situation. I’m a Mets fan, so the Nats winning while the Mets are at home scratching their bellies isn’t my favorite outcome but fair is fair. To quote Teddy KGB from the movie Rounders (sort of) “He beat’em fair and square, give that man his base”.

Lets hope that there is no shenanigans going on here. I just read how they made a movie about an NBA ref who intentionally made bad calls to cover the spread on bets he made, lets hope that these umps aren’t vying for a movie deal.


mayer v zamora

Last nights ESPN+ bouts were pretty good. One of my favorite fights of the night was Mayer vs. Zamora. These two ladies were good fighters, with pretty impressive skills. Mikaela Mayer, the taller fighter and former Olympian, used her size and range to knock down Alejandra Zamora in the first round. Zamora got up and continued and traded punches with Mayer. The two fighters showed an impressive grit and endurance and were fun to watch. In the end, Zamora’s cornerman stopped the fight prior to the sixth round. The corner, Zamora’s dad, reasoned that they had lost every round and that taking further punishment was unnecessary. I will say that Zamora was impressive but you can tell that she is two weight classes to high. Mayer, for her part, did exactly what she was supposed to do. She used a long rangy jab and let her hands go when in close. Mayer used that strong right hand to punch down on her opponent, giving her extra added power to her shot. Mayer, with her height and long jab, is going to be someone to be dealt with in that division. Zamora, if she drops down to 118 or 122, could actually make waves in those divisions. Zamora is too small for the 130 pound division. She had some really good skills and moved well and her timing was impressive but she will not be able to overcome the natural disadvantages at the higher weight. If she cuts down to 118, Zamora looks like she could reign at that weight.

Video shows Oregon coach disarming student then embracing him before police arrive By ELLA TORRES and KARMA ALLEN Oct 20, 2019, 4:04 PM ET


This is one of the reasons why I teach my kid to box. I rather he defend himself or take the problem outside then be hurt or hurt anyone seriously. Whatever demons this kid had whispering stuff to him, he probably had no other outlet that he could see. If he had more tools in the toolbox, he could have handled the problem better. Obviously this coach is a brave and a selfless individual.

Boxing showed me restraint and taught me how to walk away from confrontations. It also showed not to hate the other person because at the end, you always shake hands, whether you got the better or if you got the worst of the match. It taught me to control my emotions and not to get overly worked up. If you ever watch a boxing match, you will see that the person that comes out to emotional and overly hyped will usually lose, there’s always an exception to the rule. More importantly, boxing taught me that getting punched in the face is no fun and that I would like to avoid that. This young man did not know how to box and this is what he tried to do. The bad thing about boxing is that any words that were misspelled or any grammatical errors might also be due to boxing but I didn’t really box enough to blame the sport for being a dumb dumb.  Link