The presumptive ability to self pardon oneself is an interesting debate. It has never been done before and it would be amazing to see how it would play out in courts. With one Capitol Police Officer dead, the riots in Capitol Hill have taken an ominous turn. It now has the label of a murder pending a Federal investigation. The Capitol Police Officer, may he rest in peace and my deepest sorrows goes out to his family, who died after having an altercation with rioters, and probably due to some prior health problems, most likely had a cardio infarction, a heart attack, after the stress of the situation. The culprits, mostly, I’m guessing all, political supporters of the current President who falsely believe that the election was stolen from them, it wasn’t, acted hastily and without care for human life. The problem though lies in what happened prior to the riots. Their was a speech given where several speech makers used rhetoric that specifically mentioned violence, a pre-cursor to the riots that might be seen as marching orders to create havoc. I listened to the speeches and while some people did make worrisome remarks, including a sitting congressman with ambitions that now will never be realized, I did not hear anything from the current President that called for violence, admittedly I did not hear the full speech but clips played by the media. I know that the left have interpreted some of his remarks that way but that is more hopeful wishing than reality. We have to keep things real and not make alternate realities just for your own purposes. I know that the current President is not very popular among the people, he is a hate or love him type of personality but when it comes to the rule of law (what a joke) that has no bearing on charges. I am one that feels that a President, current or former, should only be indicted if he commits treason or uses the power of his office, while he is in office, for monetary gain. I’m not saying that murder or rape should be excused but I’m just presuming that someone we elected into office wouldn’t commit those heinous crimes. Nevertheless, self pardoning has been mentioned. Personally I think, given everything I know about how the government works, it should be fine. People in the government have done much worse and they pardon themselves all the time but given the intense scrutiny of being President, the world will be watching and common sense should tell you that self pardoning is a ridiculous notion. My advice, if it were me, (it would never be me) I would resign three days prior to the President – elect takes his oath and have my second in command issue those pardons. Of course, this would mean that VP Pence could only serve one more term as President if he ever decided to run for the office but chances are that, since he is forever linked to President Trump and these rioters created such chaos, he would not make it past the primaries. While VP Pence is actually a likable person and stood his ground on these decertification fiascos by not going along with it, plays well for him, he is ultimately tied to one of the most disastrous Presidency’s in history. The pandemic, the insurrection riot, racial riots, the devaluation of the American Dollar, will always be fodder for his opponents. But once again, self-pardon, nope, resign and have your number two pardon you, yep.

I would like to add that thank God it wasn’t Hispanic People, there might have been a couple, in the Capitol Hill “insurrections” or you would have seen a wall built in less than thirty minutes. Hahaha…. it would have been labeled the Freedom Wall. You have to have a little sense of humor with it or you would just go nuts.

You know what’s funny, President Trump could come back as a Senator for the the Sunshine State. Crazier things have happened.

Another thing I would like to mention is that I hope that this never happens again. Politicians words make a difference in the feeble minded. They believe in what these people say like it’s religion. They will literally overtake the Capitol building and commit felonies if told to because they are too dumb to know better. I would never vote for a narcissistic demagogue who is hell bent on feeding his/her ego. Those people that objected to the certification of President – elect Biden’s verification were appealing to the mass’s confused message of despair and profiting off of it while sowing discord for their personal benefit. That is the exact definition of demagogue. Look it up. Your job is to tell the truth above all else and you are failing your constituents.


When I was a kid, while driving with my mom and dad, to go visit relatives or friends, I would imagine that I was controlling a remote control car behind us to pass the time. I would imagine that the the deflectors on the highway had microchips and that they would help guide my RC car from other traffic. I would imagine it taking turns and passing other cars and making it go at high speeds. Those microchips in the highway, that were powered by solar panels that were attached to the median, or maybe the medians were made of solar panels on the top, with wires that led to a battery pack underneath the concrete highway would make that technology self sufficient. It’s funny because we now have those autonomous cars with brain chips that could read microchips that if they were on the highway, could probably prevent accidents and guide those autonomous cars safely. I think it would be a great idea, if feasible, to probably do something like that. You could probably even team up with some high tech companies that are willing to come up with the tech to offset the costs and they would in turn lease there tech to the big car companies for a certain amount of time until the tech became public domain. This would save the government, more to the point, the tax payers money and boost the economy. I guess I’m saying that it’s time for infrastructure to catch up with the modern world.


The easiest way to fix social security is by combining it with CMS (Medicare) and then going to a medicare for all system. The money involved will make Social Security solvent permanently and it would reduce the costs of medical insurance as well as boost the economy because it will put money in the tax holders hands and they would spend it on consumer goods. It would mean getting rid of insurance companies that are constantly in the top ten of the fortune 500 companies but I’m sure other companies will take their spots.

Not only will this work, it will eventually increase what you receive in Soc. Sec. retirement when you hit 65. With the current system, you might not receive anything when you are 65 but the fortune 500 companies will still be getting 30 million payouts for their CEO’s with golden parachutes and retiring on their yachts and villas. This is only my opinion but I don’t think death should be profitable.

The President that fixes Soc. Sec. will be guaranteed to be listed as one of the top three President’s to ever serve. It’s one of the heftiest tasks ever to be undertaken and will guarantee his/her legacy as it will guarantee Americans the financial security they paid for. If you look at history, the top two Presidents, Lincoln and Washington, the only two Presidents to serve in a ground war on American soil are almost impossible to surpass but the person that brings this country to financial solvency is guaranteed spot three.

From the magazine Fortune that prints the fortune 500 list, coming at number 7, drum roll please….

The nation’s largest health insurer fired on all cylinders in 2019, with a 7% increase in revenues that brought the company to a total of $242 billion. Its UnitedHealthcare division grew by $10 billion last year, but the insurer’s real not-so-secret weapon continued to be its Optum unit, which provides an array of health care services including data analytics and pharmacy benefits management. Optum revenues climbed 12% year-over-year to $113 billion. UnitedHealth Group also has considerable ambitions for its Medicare Advantage business, which had its best-ever enrollment last year, adding 325,000 elderly Americans.


Even though it’s technically possible to track someone through a cell phone, it’s not always legal. Unless you are part of a law enforcement agency and have a warrant to do so, it is usually illegal to track the physical location of an adult person through his or her cell phone without his or her consent.

While law enforcement can use this technology to locate kidnapped kids, Kidnappers can use this technology to locate kids.


If there ever was a fight deserving of PPV status, it definitely is this fight. Spence is considered by some as the top welterweight while Danny Garcia is in the top 5. In a weight class that sports names like Crawford, Thurman, Pacquiao and Porter… many, if not all, in the top 25 pound for pound list, these fighters are going to square off on Saturday for Welter weight dominance. Crawford, who came off a drubbing of former welter champ Kell Brook days ago, has placed his name as the contender to be the best in a historic weight class that has seen names with monikers like Sugar (Robinson, Leonard, Mosely), all Hall of Famers with Robison, thought by many, to be the GOAT, and the self proclaimed GOAT, Mayweather, which he definitely has a claim to that distinction, but it must be placed on him by his peers and viewers, as it is not something you can just crown yourself with, as well as Hearns, Leonard, Duran, DLH, Trinidad and the list is too long to name everyone, Armstrong, Greb, Cotto, Bradley… let’s see Margarito (just kidding, ha ha)….. I mean the list is the best in the sport as talent goes. The only other division that rivals welter weight is middleweight. The reason these weight are so highly regarded is because the talent pool in these weights are so plentiful and to be at the top of these weight classes really means you are definitely the best of the best. That’s why it really hurts to say that I can no longer take the sport seriously. After I saw Jeison Rosario get knocked out with a jab to the elbow, it seems that hi- tech wins are made instead of earned. With the bright lights and all the electricity and the huge amount of pay-outs for bettors, the sport has been corrupted by the “electric company” as thumbs and feet are lit up before the fight even begins. Seemingly making a buck off a betting slip is way more important than keeping this legal and fair. Now, if fighters want to win, they must do what the electric company asks of them, which is a shitty place to be, in the pocket of the hi-tech mafia. The sport has definitely been corrupted and the atmosphere of big fights has lost its luster as the winner is pre-determined, not by the fighters but by people that would never in their life step in a ring and give it their best shot.

Now, this doesn’t mean that some championship fights aren’t legit, Crawford’s win over Brook was real in my opinion, but Rosario’s loss, not the fault of Charlo, with a jab to the elbow that translated to his diaphragm going into spasms is something that defies logic and cannot ever be explained in the realm of normal boxing physics, thus tainting hardworking efforts by legitimate fighters…. all for a buck. And of course, this translates to all sports but this sport, where it could result in permanent damage, is especially egregious because obviously they care more about money than a person’s life.


thought of the day

While all the lamestream media, hahaha, still one of my favorite sayings from the current and soon to to be former President, maybe, derides the action of the President, I say he is doing an excellent job. I liken his his bid to reverse the election to that of a test flight. We all know what a great ride on a plane feels like when the air is smooth and their is no storms but what happens when the weather is shitty and the turbulence is at its worst? Does the plane hold up or does it break apart? Or how about a newly built dam(n)? Does the Dam(n) stay strong in the face of harsh currents or does it leak and crack? Well, our current President is testing every democratic and constitutional basis he can, what’s going to happen? Is the constitution and democracy going to break or is it going to survive? I say he should try ever last bit of nuance to completely overt and reckless method to hang on (within the law), as long as in the end, the democratic process survives. Like this, we know where to strengthen our constitution and where to plug the holes so that in the future, the problem won’t be a problem anymore.

That being said, he should still start the transition process and allow the winner of the general election access to the appropriate funds. The dangers of being too stubborn, besides putting the country in danger by not letting the President – elect know exactly what he has to tackle on day 1 and come up with a good strategy to do so, is that he will end up freezing his family and anyone he supports out and anytime he appears, the opposition will be motivated to support his opponent. I don’t think he is thinking things out beyond the immediate.


The most important person in a democracy is the tax payer. Governments, federal and state and anything below, do not pay taxes, they are paid by taxes. In other words, they are more of a drain on the country, when it comes to economics, since they don’t generate any capital but use more of it than any other entity in the country. This is one of the many reasons why governments must do their job efficiently and as mandated.

You hear the term “trusted” people that work for the government but that label is not given to them by any court or legislator or President, it is given to them by the tax payer, the people that pay their salaries. We trust them to do their job in the tax payers best interest. That interest is to keep our country safe for our families and what makes the tax payer happiest, not the government employee. As a matter of fact, government employees, who are paid very well, and would include everyone that does not work in a private business, would have to sacrifice their happiness for the happiness of their employer, the tax payer. That’s why it is of the utmost importance that government employees always do their job to their highest capabilities. Even when they pay taxes, they are actually just returning your money back to you, which in turn goes right back to them. Any government that feels that the people are here to pay for their privilege is confused between a monarchy/authoritarian regime and a democracy.

We do ask these people to make decisions for us but when those decisions interfere with the taxpayers interest, they should have to answer for them. We should never fear our government, they should fear the taxpayer. This is why fair and free elections are so important. It voices the employers decision on how the employees are doing. This is also why it is so important not to undermine this process for your own benefit. It is important, no matter your political ideology, that you are truthful and honest about matters and not fabricate false allegations in order to either keep your employment or to get employed by the tax payer.

This doesn’t mean that a tax payer has any say over any other person or tax payer, this means when you see the government do something, you have to ask, would I be ok with them doing that to my family, and that’s the only question you can ask. It doesn’t mean your neighbor that blows his leaves on your yard or the person that keeps parking in front of your driveway can be treated badly and your family better. So don’t tackle your neighbor for being rude, even if he is an employee.


I’m Hispanic and I always hear about illegal immigration. Now, I can’t tell you who actually discovered America, Columbus was who they said as I was growing up, while sailing under the Spanish Flag. But I can tell you you who established the first city, actually the first two cities…..

St. Augustine, America’s Oldest City. St. Augustine, founded in September 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles of Spain, is the longest continually inhabited European-founded city in the United States – more commonly called the “Nation’s Oldest City.”

The second oldest city in the US is Santa Fe, New Mexico, which was founded in 1607. In the 1500s, the “Kingdom of New Mexico” was owned by the Spanish and its capital was San Juan Pueblo. But in 1609, conquistador Don Pedro de Peralta moved the capital 25 miles south and named the settlement Santa Fe.

So, Hispanics were the first settlers in America. Next time they tell you to go home, tell them “I am home” as it was our ancestors that discovered America. That’s if you go by the history books written for our schools because I’m pretty sure that native americans might see it differently.


Biden and Harris ran an excellent campaign of letting his opponent twitter himself into a one term Presidency. My suggestion is, if you’re going to tweet as a President, is have a PR team translate what you are trying to say to the masses. It made all the difference of riling up his opponents into a record breaking turnout.

The one take I got is that civility and the message of unity won out and you can see that in the states that went from red to blue in the presidency while still voting in those congresspeople on the red side. Manners and quiet confidence took the day.

Soooo…. crossing my fingers that the outgoing President doesn’t decide to launch a nuclear attack on Pennsylvania or any foreign entity. You think I’m kidding.