Slavery is an anchor on the legacy of this country. I understand that reparations in the form of money might be difficult to achieve. I opine that the worst part of slavery now is what it has done to the ability to create equality around the country. While money might not be available, there are other things that might be available. To the relatives of people that were slaves in this country there might be services that could make up for the horrendous treatment of their relatives. Free tuition to colleges that they qualify for would be my favorite. That’s just an idea. Another would be interest free Small Business Loans to legitimate business plans with the possibility of loan forgiveness if the business was an earnest attempt at opening a business that employs people. I know some people might mock my ideas but unless you throw some different solutions you may never get the answer the relatives of people that were in bondage deserve. These two ideas, which I’m sure smarter people will have better solutions, would bring empowerment and equality. I’m sure I’ll have critics.



When I was in the military, I used to work as an SP (Security Police), that’s what the Air Force calls Military Police. While at work, I heard of a story about a pizza hut delivery person that delivered pizza to one of our dorm buildings, wasn’t quite military housing but it was better than a college campus. That delivery person would be arrested several hours later for ejaculating onto a pizza while he was HIV positive. The call came into our unit which was quickly referred to the local police and prosecutor’s office. How did the ladies find out? They called to say what a great job and how hospitable the delivery person was. He felt so guilty that he told them what he did. Names won’t be used, mainly because I don’t remember them and to save anyone any embarrassment. That individual, I’m gathering, was tried and found guilty of his crime. All I could say at the time was WTF! Oddly enough, not the worst story I heard while in the military. Big thanks for the reminder.



So, I’m going over this situation in my head. At first I thought it wasn’t too bad and why are they making such a big deal about it. Then the outrage poured in and I felt like I was on the wrong side of this situation and I jumped on the band wagon on how horrible it is but quietly, not posting anything just yet. When they started saying that they took spots from people that deserved to be there, taking athletic scholarships away from athletes of poor or modest means that wouldn’t otherwise be there, then the outrage seemed fitting. But did they? Did they do that or did they pay for an extra scholarship? The report was very thorough by the media outlets but none said that a student was turned away due to this booster type admittance. I know that the parents, all rich, gave money to different outlets, some to the athletic division to where their child was faking their athletic prowess. What did they do with that money? Did they pocket it, buy equipment or did they use it for another scholarship? It makes a crap load of difference because if they used that money to hand out another scholarship to a person in need, then their should be no outrage. Maybe the thought of rich parents using their influence and wealth to get their kids into a school deserves some kind of finger wagging but that has been going on since John Adams put junior into Harvard. That’s nothing new and I would only feel outrage if someone was hurt in the process but if their contribution to put their “not as smart as needed to get into that school” kid actually helped another deserving student get into that school, then the only people that should be punished is the schemers, the people that created this devious plan to line their pockets with money, not the people that would ultimately contribute to the bettering of the school. Scholarships are not based on a certain number, they’re based on amount of money available to hand out for scholarships, I’m supposing? Did they even get scholarships or did they pay full tuition? Did they actually take away a slot? I don’t think they did. I mean, that athletic division is still going to fill the required amount of people needed, aren’t they? And let’s be honest, those kids aren’t going to do a damn thing with that education anyway. If they didn’t have the smarts to get in then I’m pretty sure none are becoming class president or are reaching cum laude status. The parents did, though, donate money to actually help poorer students if the pay offs went into the program. For right now, I’m going to reserve judgement. I’m off that shaming bandwagon. I’ll wait and see what happened to those contributions and see if those coaches are driving Bentley’s or did they buy new equipment or give out an extra scholarship? There is no harm, if no one was harmed, right? I could be wrong. I know it’s sexy to prosecute big names but is it deserving? If no one was hurt and, to boot, that athletic department got money to better their equipment for the kids that are there on scholarship, then I don’t think that the outrage is deserved. Not to say the parent’s weren’t wrong but the bad guy here is the schemers who got rich off of the love the parents had for their kids, of course I’m assuming they loved their kids and weren’t putting them in those schools so they could get out of the house.

And in breaking news, a shit load of people were shot in Chicago, no one cares, except the people from and in Chicago. We should be helping law enforcement efforts there.


wrong number

I got a call last night and the person started the conversationĀ “you belligerent little shit”… after a few minutes I found out that he was actually talking to someone else prior and had made the mistake of dialing the wrong number. I guess we all sound alike. LOL. I was not all to happy because I missed the conversation that made this person go off like that. It must have been a doozy. I was kinda hoping he would have told me what they said.


no choice

Listen to my words… I have no choice… I have to proceed the way I do…. Love doesn’t pay the bills, and kind words don’t feed the hungry. Whether we like it or not, money is the necessary evil needed to survive. Until things are the way they were, minus some things, I have no choice but to proceed the way I do. They can solve it with a flick of their pen, they’re choosing not to. Quoting Spike Lee, all they have to do is “Do the right thing”.