SHARED NEWS: Keith Raniere, founder of cult-like group NXIVM, sentenced to 120 years in prison By Jon Campbell of the USA TODAY

Keith Raniere

Lol… to the prosecution team (maybe not these particular people but some cohorts or people that work for, with or under them)…. Hola tetera, me gustaria presentarle la olla.

ahhh, the Keith’s of the world, you can’t live with them and you can live without them.

One of his many discrepancies, you might call them felonies, is that he scared a young Immigrant woman into having sex with him, even though most of his victims were white non-hispanic, or he would have her deported. Absolutely awful. I believe that the U.S. Attorney’s Office just made the case that … that particular act was illegal. Now go back to my first sentence and start all over.

You do have to wonder that if these people were just immigrants, would their have been the same resolution. My guess is no.

SHARED NEWS: ‘We do have two systems of justice in America’: Kamala Harris says Barr, Trump in ‘different reality’ on race Reported By William Cummings, USA TODAY

VP nominee states the obvious. The question is where do the nominees lie on this obvious statement. My opinion is a little different then how they see it though. Today, it’s not about black and white as much as it’s about socioeconomics, it’s about who can afford/get a lawyer and who can’t or is allowed to.

SHARED NEWS: Trump furiously denies report he disparaged military service By Politico

Deported Hispanic American Veterans

A news outlet reported that the President of the United States derided military veterans. There is no recording of this and I personally do not believe that it happened and will be labeled fake news. I understand the tactics used to persuade voters and both sides are guilty of being uncivil and contentious in a time when unity is really needed. I don’t think fake news is needed right now.

In response, the Demo Candidate VP Biden made a statement “If the revelations in today’s Atlantic article are true, then they are yet another marker of how deeply President Trump and I disagree about the role of the President of the United States,” Biden said. “I have long said that, as a nation, we have many obligations, but we only have one truly saved obligation — to prepare and equip those we send into harm’s way, and to care for them and their families.”

If both sides actually care what happens to military servicemen, then they can show their legitimacy by granting the deported American veterans, who put their lives on the line for this country and were then unceremoniously deported for infractions, a path back into this country. They gave all of themselves to protect our liberties and were good enough to serve in our military and after returning from war were deported for infractions that were most likely caused due to trauma during combat. Do the right thing and make these families whole. I’m sure that they are not asking for a free pass but a fair one.

IN SHARED NEWS: The Washington Post: Pence calls Chief Justice John Roberts a ‘disappointment to conservatives’ by John Wagner

scotus 1

In shared news, the Supreme Court Chief Justice is under attack for not towing a political ideology. While I have the greatest respect for VP Pence, this has been the norm throughout history for both parties. The Judicial branch is suppose to be an apolitical identity to balance out the other two branches of government. It keeps matters fair and it balances the good of the people with the good of the government. If the Judicial branch were to all of a sudden become politicized, it could make rulings that would find one party’s ideology illegal while preserving the other party’s ideology, no matter how flawed. I write these posts because it is my hope that one day a very smart and courageous woman or man will challenge the way Federal Judges are chosen and give complete autonomy to the third branch of government. I still believe that the Judicial Branch, a separate part of government, should appoint their own employees. Supreme Court Justices should be chosen by the current Supreme Court Justices and then selected by the Executive branch and then confirmed by the Legislative Branch. This would go a long way to fixing a lot of problems. And I believe the Judicial Branch should definitely have better protection, because once they fear for their safety, their rulings can now become influenced by the other branches. This is one of the reasons why I thought Mayor Buttigieg would have made a good President. He broached the idea of starting a conversation about that subject. I think it’s time we made it a reality. For the record, Chief Justice Roberts seems to be a man with honor and courage. It isn’t easy doing the right thing sometimes but it is what needs to be done and that’s how he will be remembered.

If you want to see it another way, here’s a shitty parable I just thought of. You can’t build anything without a solid foundation. A crappy foundation will guarantee that whatever you are building will crumble. This country was built on a Constitution. The Supreme Court are in charge with making sure that foundation remains sound. Why are people harassing the people that are trying to make sure the whole thing doesn’t come tumbling down. It’s like an architect asking me, a retired nobody with no experience on how to build anything, even my lego sets don’t survive, how to build a house. Makes no sense.


john lewis

There are few people that you admire in this world so much because of what they stand for that if you share a picture with them, you feel almost blessed to be in the same frame as them. MLK, Mother Teresa, Ghandi. John Lewis was one of these people. That’s saying something given that the person he is sharing the picture with  is the first African American President of these United States. Rest in Peace and may God bless your soul.

A Year After Prison, He Has a Job, a Fiancée—And a Week Left of Freedom By Eli Hager of the Marshall Project

This is an interesting story. It’s about a guy that committed a felony when he was 19 and obviously not mature enough or under the influence of some narcotic or maybe had used narcotics during that time. He and his buddy who was 17 at the time, robbed someone that they thought was a drug dealer and ended killing the guy. They were sentenced to 38 years in prison and the younger one was sentenced to 38 and half years, because he pulled the trigger. During his time in prison, he became a model prisoner and citizen, starting up  different programs for people and becoming literate in the law to help people and reunite them with their families. While in prison, the warden of the prison would come to him for help, sort of like a Shawshank Redempton thing without the corruption, on starting programs to alleviate problems inside the prison. He helped and stayed on the path of the straight and narrow and stayed a productive person. Due to a Supreme Court ruling, which stated that all minor offenders, his buddy was 17, should have their cases re-examined to see if they had matured and would be able to be set free from prison, his case was reheard. His buddy qualified and was set free. Under the original agreement, his buddy, who fired the fatal bullet, was supposed to have a longer sentence than him per the families wishes. This opened the door to allow him to go free, which the court agreed with and let him free. The Florida State Attorney generals office has just filed a motion to return him to prison, even though he has been free for a year, has gotten engaged, has been a model citizen and seems to be repentant of his actions as a young person that was not yet mature enough to understand his actions. Several questions arise, first, why would you want to put a person that has shown that he has reformed, a rare case, back in jail? I know that jail systems are profitable but the State would have to flip the bill. Secondly, the reason for the motion by the State is because he was 19, which they classify as an adult. If you are an adult at 19, why aren’t you allowed to buy alcohol until 21. The government has stated, in limiting who can and can’t buy alcohol, that maturity starts at 21, which is when you become an adult. I understand that 18 is the legal year of independence, but that doesn’t mean that you are an adult, in some states you can be emancipated at age 16, that still doesn’t mean you are an adult. If the law thought that everyone matured at 18, you should be able to buy alcohol at 18. What the law is stating is that most people mature at 18 while some need more time, hence the reason why people are not legally allowed to buy alcohol until they are 21. There are other things like legal age to buy cigarettes, people claiming their kids that are in college on their taxes and the most recent one implemented in Florida, legal age to buy Marijuana, or is that California?. Midkiff, pictured above, should be given the benefit of the doubt and the courts should change the law to represent what is  most beneficial for the defendants as per their own rules, regulation and guidance. This might not help Midkiff, but is an argument that I saw on Perry Mason or Law and Order or something like that. Thirdly, I feel that incarcerations are supposed to be for rehabilitation, to train a young mind to be a good person, our current prison system doesn’t really do that, or so I am told. So when you have a case that shows that it might work, why would you not flaunt it? Why try to make it disappear? I like Germany’s Prison system, they actually believe in trying to bring you back into society as a productive member. I think that 20 years should be the maximum sentencing except for sexual predators, they should just get the death penalty. It’s an interesting story and you should visit the Marshall Project to read the story, just click on the link.

SHARED NEWS: Josh Hawley warns Trump on Supreme Court disappointments. The GOP senator says the president needs to overhaul his process for picking nominees, in a swipe at top legal conservatives. POLITICO WRITTEN BY MARIANNE LEVINE

Supreme Court

When comments like that are made, it’s hard to justify or not believe that the third branch of government isn’t somewhat politicized or politically motivated. I really think we should look into how the Justices are selected and appointed and find a way to completely depoliticize how it’s done. They, and I am sure the justices would agree, are not there to push forward political agendas but to interpret laws and rules that are already in place and to determine if laws, that are passed, conflict with the original intent of the constitution. It’s my belief that the Justices should be apolitical and even  slightly robotic when it comes to their duties. This is not a knock on Sen. Hawley, he was just more open on what people on both sides of the aisle are thinking when this selection process is done.