There is so much to this story that it boggles the mind. A 21 year old, non college grad, that lived his life on social media, is entrusted with some high level classified material on his Air National Guard Base…… I’m not sure if I should end that with a question mark or a period. Classified material that is usually found in a SCIF. This kid is obviously not a spy, wasn’t looking to harm U.S. interests, and wasn’t doing it for money. So why did he do it, because he wanted to show his social media friends how cool he was. He was 21…. he wanted to show off, like every other 21 year old. He is also a product of the new computer age. The age where he can’t really see everyone he is talking to but somehow they’re friends anyway. I think this age needs a name like other ages. We had the “Stone Age”, “Bronze Age”, “Iron Age”, “Classical Era”, “Medieval Era”, and “Early Modern Era”…. this one can be called “Goofy Age” or maybe “The Dumb Fuck Era” maybe it could be called the “Don’t Trust Anyone Epoch”… where people just do stupid shit for no apparent reason…maybe.

Jack, the kids first name, should have been out at bars and drinking and spilling those secrets to drunk women to get laid but that’s not how society works nowadays…. Now, the king of a social media website is somehow the cool kid on the block. It’s that insta-fame that everyone seeks that’s trapping these young people. I have theories… lol… on my social media website blog thingamajig… on how this kid got himself caught up in this mess, none are good for him but they also don’t paint him as a mastermind villain or a right wing or left wing political nut job. My theories are simply that he was goaded by the praise that his social media buddies bestowed on him by calling him the leader of the group, the “OG”. Probably the first time he ever had that moniker bestowed on him. I think someone played this young man with some high end psychological mind game to have him reveal those secrets. The only question I have is, was it that Russians, the Chinese or the FBI? If I was the lawyer of this young man, the first thing I would want to know is if any of his so called buddies were in contact with any of these agencies or were any of these social media friends of his actually working for any of the entities and pretending to be some young kid and that just heaped praise on this unsuspecting dumb dumb, stroking his ego to the point where he felt that he needed to prove that he was indeed the leader of this social media clan by showing off his intelligence or, in this case, the U.S.’s intelligence. There is no doubt he was somewhat entrapped but by what and whom remains the question. His ego a little bit, by someone way smarter than him, definitely, by his need to feel needed by a group of peers, most likely. Either way, disseminating classified material is a crime, but intent has its place in the court and so does entrapment. Giving classified material or comfort and aide to the enemy is a crime, but we’re not at war so he doesn’t have to worry about the death penalty. At least Jack has that.

What is apparent is that he is going to be labeled…. first thing they are going to say is he is “white” which shouldn’t matter but nowadays it seems to be a curse for some. Next, they’re going to try and put Jack in a category like radical or racist or sympathizer, he most likely wasn’t any of those. Then they’re going to say privileged or arrogant or narcissist, I don’t think that either. Than maybe lonely, eh, wouldn’t make that an issue either. Than mental problems, or he ran over a squirrel or he didn’t leave a tip at a restaurant. All of it BS and not bachelor of science. The truth is most likely he was young and got played Why him and how did he get on one of those entities radar, that’s probably the better question.

I will say though, if it was one of these entities, and I believe it was, the most likely one could be an internal investigation. I mean, why would a foreign source want to burn his intel guy unless he felt like he got everything they were going to and did it to embarrass the U.S., which is a possibility.

Also, look to see if anyone else gets charged. Jack placed it in a closed chat, then someone else disseminated the info, from what they are saying. If there isn’t any other people charged, that should be a clue to something.

There is another theory, it’s a little less complicated, it goes like this….. he just did it, without provocation.

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