angry manIrritability in men is often a result of high stress cortisol levels and low testosterone levels. Some men respond by acting out while others hold these feelings in and become depressed. Behaviors characteristic of men with Irritable Men Syndrome include: Angry.


bill of rights

In the age where the norm of mass shootings is routine (your tax money hard at work), what has also become routine is to attack any organization that upholds those rights that have a cursory connection with those situations. The attacks on the NRA come after each mass shooting even though most of the people that have committed those attacks have nothing to do with the NRA. If you really wanted to be honest about those mass shootings then the NRA wouldn’t even be in the conversation. Maybe we want to blame optometrists, podiatrists, orthopaedics (those are the closest to thumb doctors), EENT doctors or maybe the oceans that are full of waves. You can even blame Copperfield, now is he an illusionist or hypnotist or both? They have more of a cursory connection then these organizations. Once you start focusing on the real perpetrators then you will find a solution but until you do, attacking organizations like planned parenthood and news organizations (first amendment), NRA (second amendment), ACLU (all the amendments)… is just a waste of time and a deflection of the real problem. You can bury your head in the sand if you want but I choose to see the real problem and find a real solution, which may actually save someone’s life.

I warn against any entity that tries to limit our right to choose. You start with one amendment and the next guy will go after the other and before you know it, The King has returned.


Ruiz v Joshua
Joshua’s FEET were on shaky ground

Let me start off by saying…. what a fight! This fight had every soap opera plot consolidated into 7 rounds. Drama, expectation, let down (for some) and a cinderella ending (for others). This was Baer v Braddock, Tyson v Douglas, Rahman v Lewis conceptualized in the modern day. If this was the outcome you expected, outside the Ruiz family, then you are the smartest boxing analyst there is. This isn’t a knock on Ruiz but he was a 25/1 underdog. That’s $250,000, a quarter of a million dollars, if you bet $10,000. I had that, I wish I had known. Ruiz is a good fighter, budding on great now, and the first time I saw him fight, my first thought was that this dude has some fast hands, but boxing reasoning prevented me from giving this guy the chance he obviously deserved. AJ is taller, has a crazy amount of reach and is punching down, adding more power to his shots. Ruiz, on the other hand had to wade in, punch up, and had to be the aggressor. This usually doesn’t make for a great chance of success but Iron Mike made a pretty good living at doing just that. The Wreckin’ Mexican got off the canvas to deliver what might be his virtuoso performance. I don’t know what the future holds but this guy will always go down in the annals of boxing history as a world champion. Something that few have experienced but many have craved. Ruiz is a hero to many. Good for him. For those selfish people that bet money on him and refused to let everyone else know whatever insight they had, next time just respond to one of my blogs, I’ll listen… and the beers are on you for the next year.

I congratulate the new WBA, IBF, WBO champion….And New! Andy Ruiz but I also congratulate Joshua for stepping in the ring and going out on his shield. It’s no easy matter, stepping into the square, and he has nothing to be embarrassed about. Not many people can you know. Step into a square ring, knowing that the guy across from you is going to try render you unconscious. I have trouble asking my ex-wife if I can be a week  late on child support, they’re asking the other guy to give me your future paydays that is meant for your family. To be fair, she’s Colombian and speaks faster spanish then Ruiz’s combos so we’ll just call it even.




lucky in love

I have gotten some ridicule lately about the women I dated. People seem to judge on blips. The truth is that all the women that I dated for an extended period were all intelligent, all graduated from college, some with great adversity staring at them and trying to hold them back, they were all beautiful, to me and seemingly everyone else  judging by the way they were hit on constantly, even when I was right there asking the person if they could see me, and they were kind. While I admit that their looks, their external appearance, was the first thing I saw, the relationship wouldn’t have lasted more than a week if they couldn’t carry on an intelligent conversation. They were all hard working and caring. When people disparage a woman, it generally means that they didn’t cut the grade to be with someone as special as them so they like to call them names and belittle them. While I’m not with them any longer, I was very lucky to have known them. For those people that disparaged these amazing women, be yourselves, that should be punishment enough, because obviously you’re a miserable prick with nothing better to do.


venereal disease

I have been very lucky in my life to never have contracted a venereal disease, or VD, mainly because the women I dated were beautiful decent women that cared about themselves. That being said, I have had some, let’s just call them mutual short relationships, and we should all be wary and stay safe. I think that if a person has a venereal disease, it should be listed on their license. Right along with height, weight and eye color, there should be a VD category that should state a type or state at least if they have something that is incurable.


room service

I would take my girlfriend to hotels on days off. I used to travel for work and only be home maybe two or three days of the week and then had my two days and I loved to get away with her. So we would stay at hotels in NY or Florida or wherever we wanted to travel. We would relax and get massages, mess around and just enjoy not having to worry about be neat or waking up anyone. She loved ordering room service for breakfast and watching an on demand movie while sitting in front of me and laying back on my chest. When we got home and I stayed over her house she would send me to get breakfast, I would tell her I just paid for our weekend. She said but I got breakfast, I told her you ordered room service. She would reply, that’s right, “I” ordered it for both of us, now it’s your turn. Can’t argue with that logic, wouldn’t win even if I tried.