Alright, maybe aliens do exist and they are super tiny and have ships shaped like a bee. Don’t know what kind of wall is going to keep these tiny bee shaped people out. Do the current visa restrictions apply to them and are they the cause of the corona virus? We need to start building tiny detention centers and beehive impounds before it’s too late. Maybe they got passed our satellite detection systems because they are so tiny. We need to start looking for super tiny high tech cities, they may have already invaded and are planning to take over. And have we already accidentally stepped on them. These are questions that deserve answers. In all seriousness, freaking spooky and awesome at the same time. It could be where evolution is taking us, to super tiny. Or, if they are 40 feet long and they were not picked up by our satellites, then someone has some really cool spy planes and someone is definitely loosing the arms race. I mean, c’mon, not even Santa can escape NORAD and he has multiple diesel reindeer powered sled that takes him around the world in one night and these things escaped all tracking, radar, satellite systems? It’s one hell of a spy plane…… or bullshit…..



Just by the laws of probability, other forms of life should exist on another planet. There are an infinite number of planets, stars and galaxies. If you believe in evolution, then you should be a firm believer of extraterrestial life forms. If they don’t exist, that is a good confirmation or indicator of a higher power. If they do, than the argument is again, who created these beings, was it evolution or a higher power? The non-existence of ET only tends to lean towards that there is probably a GOD. But if they do exist and If they look exactly like us, then they are probably body snatchers and you should run like hell.



This might be very controversial but my view on racism is that some people don’t like other people because of the amount of sunburn they can or can’t get. That’s what it boils down to. That is the only difference. I guess if we all could receive the same amount of sunburn, we would get along………… or find something else to hate each other for. This is meant to be humorous and to show how silly the concept of racism is. So oddly enough. it’s the Sun’s fault, racism. When that mother fucker blows up, racism will end.

Again, this is meant to be humorous and make you think. You know what comedians are, more effective philosophy teachers. Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, The best Philosophy teachers of all time.




DACA is back in the news and for a good reason. The dreamers got a reprieve from the Supreme court and if their case goes back to court, it won’t be until 2021 before it would reach the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decided to not allow to rescind the DACA program due to administrative reasons, filed incorrectly, which I think Elaine Duke might or might not have done somewhat intentionally. I know she received a lot of angst by the people that support the dreamers and now by the people that oppose it but I don’t think she deserves it. I always thought there was an easy fix for these dreamers, a sort of go around that would allow them to stay in the country. The U.S. gives away a certain number of visas every year to foreign residents for legal entry into the U.S.. Nothing states that those people, the ones that receive these visas for legal entry and residence, have to be outside the U.S. when they receive it. These dreamers are proven good citizens, hard working and intelligent, and to no fault of their own, already inside the country. There is nothing that says they can’t be the recipients of these legal entry passes that gives them the right to live in the country. I believe this would solve the problem on both sides of the political aisle and allow everyone to be happy. There are very few opportunities to grant entry to people that show that they could not only live in this country without being on public assistance but also speak the language fluently, are professionals and have a good work ethic that would only improve the country. I don’t know if this a legal or workable solution but I do know that uprooting people that only know one country and sending them to a foreign country where they have never lived and forcing them to sell all their belongings and leave their jobs is absolutely not nice.


infinite space

I always thought that, with the bettering of technology, we should send satellites into space, every 5 years, in a straight line, that could communicate with each other and send images to each other and finally relaying images back to us, on Earth, just to see how infinite space really is. I would enlist several other countries and split the price tag evenly with them and share the information with them. You never know what will be found. You would probably have to have some kind of solar rechargeable battery and some kind of imminent collision device that would allow it to avoid Captain Marvel or the Guardians of the Galaxy (I know that they’re not real) but just in case an asteroid or other debris….. and Captain Marvel or the Guardians of the Galaxy are to busy to prevent the collision, then we should have something there to do evasive maneuvers.


get what you pay for

People still complain about being treated like second class citizens while paying first class citizen taxes. Your complaints are you are being killed and  abused and you are paying for it to boot. If you feel like a second class citizen, pay second class taxes. That by the way is nothing, until they bump you up to a first class citizen.


scotus 1

The Supreme Court made a ruling in the Title VII case and it made, in my opinion, the right call. It ruled that discriminating against a person on who they love unlawful and covered under federal law. It makes me think of nature vs nurture. If you believe that nature is the predominant influence, then you are most likely a believer of God, as he/she…. God controls nature, and if you feel that way, being born gay is what God made you than it can’t be wrong, because God doesn’t make mistakes and if you think God did, you can tell God that when you meet him, let’s see how that goes. If you believe in nurture, than you most likely believe in evolution, which also means that this is the way you evoluted, is that a word, which again can’t be wrong. Either way, your preference on who you choose to love can’t be wrong (unless, you know, the other person doesn’t feel the same and you decide to try and make them feel that way, but that’s a totally different Supreme Court case for the future) and any person who thinks it is can’t believe in God and/or evolution. Which makes them wrong.

And good for them, the LGBQT community, it is a much deserved win in a society that seems to be losing it’s mind. It goes to show what part of government must remain constant in common sense while the other parts seem to fluctuate.

I once again urge lawmakers to change the way that federal judges are chosen. I would think that the best way to choose federal judges would  be by letting an independent panel within the third part of government, the judicial part, choose and have a unanimous decision by the the  current Supreme Court judges affirm. If this is a separate part of government, then let them be separate.

Don’t elect me President, that would be one of the first things that would happen. I also wouldn’t want to be because I make silly decisions like the second thing that would happen, which would be a water fountain that has Corona Light, what… I said Light, less calories, with lime wedges all around the fountain. Mmmmmm…..