What do you do when someone is causing your child distress and the authorities have refused to look into matters? The U.S. Attorney’s Office, who years ago failed to file any charges on immigration issues on people, while the people had good intentions for those immigration violations in my opinion, but nevertheless committed those violations. The woman was in the country illegally and the man was a Federal employee and they were dating. The woman gets pregnant so the man decides to marry her and to try and find a way to bring her back legally. Unfortunately, the woman committed other violation while in the country illegally, nothing of a vile nature, she used a fake ID to get money for a medical procedure to save her own life. The violations were made known as early as 2007 but they refused to file charges but they have since placed the whole family in a situation where they can’t really do anything, except for the man, because he might just be a moron, because he was facing ten years for his part and she was facing 30 years if they complained. But now the authorities seem like they can do whatever they want. They place people in the child’s kindergarten class, ask favors of her so she could obtain her Naturalization papers, really the only way to get a good job, and ask the man to have sex, same favors, or they would charge her and the man, {another guy asked, we’ll just call him pink dick for now}. They pick up the kid from a school trip and whereabouts are unknown for hours, just drop him off, show the child gay child porn and still the authorities fail to make any investigation. The States pretty much tell me they can’t help these people. So how do I now protect them from waking up with their pants undone, or demanding more favors from her or entering his school. What are the remedies? The one thing the U.S. Attorney’s Office did state was that they feel that the man is a threat to the public, a public safety issue, which they use Public Safety health services, which the U.S. Attorney is the chief of in every State, which now limits what gets put into the record and they just say the man is crazy. When the man asks them why they didn’t just file the appropriate charges when they had them, they just said, we do what we want. This is frustrating. No one investigates them. They are trusted to do the right thing. So now there’s the catch 22. Well, I wrote it, let’s see what happens now.


How to begin without sounding like a hypocrite. I’m against the legalization of marijuana, for that matter I also think that cigarettes should be illegal as well, and I’m a smoker, brand new, only smoking for the last 5 or 6 years. But that is not the case, both cigarettes and marijuana are legal. And they are both deleterious, that means super bad according to my synonym toilet paper, for your lungs and any athlete that does both, or either one, on a consistent basis is crazy because they’re both performance depressing drugs. So why are they suspending Ms. Richardson for using a completely legal substance that in no way could have helped her performance. Maybe they’re upset because they think that she could have done better and ran a better time than Usain Bolt if she hadn’t smoked the joint. If the U.S. recognizes the legality of marijuana in a State, meaning that the DOJ has refused to challenge that law, then that particular item should be discarded from the banned list, especially since it isn’t performance enhancing and most likely we’re lucky she didn’t run in the opposite direction or straight to McDonalds for a Big Mac from the starting blocks. Am I right, I’m right. I think that her case should be appealed and reversed. If it’s legal to do and it isn’t performance enhancing then they should use a little common sense approach and do what they will eventually do 4 years from now and just say that this particular item will be removed from the banned list as long as you do it legally. But what do I know, I once smoked lawn grass. My thinking at the time was, grass is grass.

I’ll pose a question, how about if an athlete had cancer, but it didn’t affect their performance in that particular sport, like curling or pie eating, is that a sport, now that I think about it, smoking weed might be a performance enhancer for pie eating, but the doctor prescribed good ‘ol bud for the symptoms of the treatment, would you ban them from the games? She was obviously depressed from the death of her mom, mary jane is prescribed for depression. I think it should have been overlooked like it was overlooked for other athletes. But that’s just my opinion.


After reading the explanation by the USTA about why Ms. Richardson was suspended, I only can say that it makes complete sense and we owe them an apology. The World anti-Doping Committee has marijuana on their banned list so anyone in the world would be affected by the same outcome if they had done the same thing. To her credit, Ms. Richardson was less upset than we were about the suspension and took responsibility. I think that 4 years from now that particular item might not be on the banned list, but it is now, so we have to accept the rulings and wait for next years world championships to see the match up about who the fastest woman in the world is.