SHARED NEWS: Big-Name Hotels Go Empty and Smaller Owners Are Hurt by The New York Times


“More than 90 percent of the hotels in the U.S. are franchised, and these owners say their business has been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.”

A 2 trillion stimulus package was just passed and now states nationwide are erecting temporary hospitals while the already built structures are empty. The cost of making a temporary structure and then tearing it down when you can use existing structures and stimulate the hospitality industry all in one shot is staring you right in the face. While maybe I don’t understand the logistics of retrofitting a hotel into temporary hospitals like they did in WWII, it may be more costly, it seems that these hotel owners and the economy would benefit from using them. Wartime powers should allow these hotels to be used as hospitals and pay the hotel owners money to cover their losses while the pandemic is still going on. It’s a win win situation. Maybe the hotel owners don’t want their hotels infected but I’m sure it won’t be a problem after disinfection procedures. Or you can use the hotels for non-infectious diseases and put all patients with the infectious diseases at hospitals.


DEMO DEBATE 02/19/2020

Elizabeth Warren

The debate was 2 hours but it felt like it was only 30 minutes. After the opening bell, I paused it, got my traditional boxing snacks, and went back to watching it. It was a battle royale. I heard some people on stage say that after this debate that the Demos wouldn’t be voting for any of them but I disagree. I think this is the opening salvo to what the general election is going to be like and to my surprise, the person that I thought would most likely wither in these types of harsh, in your face, toe to toe, mano a mano slug debates was the one that came out the clear victor. Sen. Warren was straight out of the ‘hood, you know the Senate ‘hood, but nevertheless, went straight gangster (more Ma Barker less Rick Ross) on her opponents and they seemed shell shocked. It was brutal. Don’t listen to anyone, while I expect this not be the norm, it’s good practice to what you will face with your opponent. So if you got rattled and couldn’t take the heat, as the old saying goes, it’s time to get out of the kitchen. The Demos actually showed something in this debate, more to the point, Elizabeth Warren showed something, her spine is made of that same stuff they build the Space shuttle with and the Demos needed to show that, they needed to show they have uumph or is it oomph, good debate. Good luck on Super Tuesday to all the candidates.

This type of debate only worked because it was unusual. If this becomes the norm, people would get tired of it quickly.


census letter

I received one of these fake census letters. I thought it was real and it didn’t mention any political messages that I recall. The problem with a fake census letter is that you don’t know who sent it and for it to state that it was from the Department of Commerce, it would be impossible for it to have a political message as it would violate the Hatch Act, a violation of federal law that would put someone in jail. My guess is that ICE mailed these letters in a scam to try and find illegal citizens. It wouldn’t be the first time that ICE would set up a sting to try and get information about citizens. I don’t know who got the letter but I’m Hispanic and it might be interesting to find out who else received the letter.


sodom and gomorrah
Sodom and Gomorrah

I find it funny how people interpret things. If there is one truth is that evil knows the bible as good as anyone and will twist its teaching for its own perverse intention. For ages people have depicted Sodom and Gomorrah as retribution for homosexuality. That is a twist on what the bible truly intended. Sodom and Gomorrah was actually depicting the dangers of being unfaithful and promiscuity as people, hetero and homo, were killed in that parable. I don’t care what your sexuality is, I just care that you are a good person and being faithful to your loved one is a sign of good moral character. God doesn’t teach you to hate because you don’t like the same things, he teaches you understanding and compassion. At the same time we understand that a person that cannot remain faithful to the person they love will not remain faithful to anyone and only cares about themselves. So as for any comments on Mr. Buttigieg’s personal life, the only question should be, are you faithful to your husband? The rest is none of our business. If there is a God, he will judge your choices and if there isn’t, then what the hell are you complaining about. Personally, I believe in God and I don’t think he gives a damn about whether you are Homosexual or Heterosexual, only that you are good person.



As Andrew Yang closes out his bid for the Presidency, he will be sorely missed. As one of the few voices that had true insight and didn’t just blame his opponent for everything, Andrew showed something that is completely rare in the days of high tech gadgetry, common sense. It’s funny that common sense is as rare these days as a solar eclipse. Mr. Yang should not put his head down. He outlasted several highly regarded contenders, all by seeing the problem for what it is and finding practical solutions. If I were the top three candidates, I would be seeking Mr. Yang’s endorsement because, even though he didn’t get the nod, he has shown that he has the right answers. And if I were Mr. Yang, I wouldn’t just give his endorsement to just anyone but the person he truly feels will make the best candidate. A lot of people will be watching to see who he chooses.

Iowa Dems release ‘100 percent’ of caucus vote totals showing Buttigieg ahead, amid calls for recanvass, FOX NEWS

iowa cuacus

Iowa caucus made simple.

Lol… Deja vu …. can anyone say repeat

Funny, Demos make ballots into linear accelerator relativity and wonder why they can’t get the votes in on time

Repubs show a pic and say push here.

Just give the State to Pete, he earned it. I already have a headache listening to this nonsense. You can’t run a ballot box and you want to run a country, is what people are thinking.




LOL…. You have to hand it to both sides. The President went sans handshake (with the coronavirus out there, I’m sure it was just precautionary) and the Speaker went paper shredder (the Speaker is all about recycling). It’s good to see that they were being both medically and environmentally conscientious or is it contentious. I get those two mixed up.