Reports of former Heavyweight champion getting into an altercation on a flight have gone viral. With the video attached to the disruption, it didn’t look pretty. After watching the video, I did notice a couple of things. The person filming the video seems to be egging his drunk friend on. The intoxicated guy was being a little belligerent according to on lookers. There was mention of money on the recording. And the video cuts out and comes back, being careful not to show too much of the drunk person’s behavior. Finally, the person filming ends with a quote saying all he wanted was an autograph, most likely meaning that the intoxicated individual was not leaving Tyson alone when asked. It looks like an attempt to entice a person of wealth into a confrontation for an eventual payout. Lucky for that guy that Tyson was a boxer and not some crazy guy. Most people make a big deal about people that are trained in boxing and MMA. The fact is that the more dangerous people are the drunk guys that don’t know how to fight because they start throwing objects and start using more deadlier items. Tyson punched the guy and by all accounts it seems like it might have been self defense, but he only used his hands and not in a lethal way. It’s people that use weapons like knives and guns because they won’t use their fists when necessary that create the bigger problem.


LOL… this is hilarious. Legally, anyone in the country in 1992, as long as they were a citizen, can be President. Being born here would not matter.

Let us look at what the article says….

 Article II, Section 1 clause 5 declares:

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

The last time that the constitution was amended and adopted by all the states was in 1992. With no time limit on ratification, the Twenty-seventh Amendment was ratified in May 7, 1992, when Michigan approved it. This, effectively, it could be affectively… who knows… places the time for article 2 section 1 as 5/07/1992. While that is the literal translation of the law and, let us be honest, it really wouldn’t affect many people that are willing to run for President, it does create that loophole. So, if you were a resident of this country in 1992, you did have to be a citizen but not a natural born citizen, and you wanted to run for President, you could, that is until the Supreme Court tells you that you can’t.

So funny… Legally, Arnold could have run for President… that’s Schwarzenegger not Palmer.

Of course this is my opinion and I still eat cereal with a fork, it’s funner that way. But, if you add amendments to a document than that document wasn’t finalized, or you wouldn’t have to add those amendments. And every time you add one, you have to then say…ok, this is the final version and we adopt it as our constitution. LOL… monkey wrenches all over the place.

The founding fathers didn’t put a date as to the adoption of the constitution and maybe they did that on purpose, had they said the adoption of this constitution on so and so date, then that would be different, but they didn’t and I think they didn’t on purpose.


I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter… I might think you are sick bastards but I’m pretty sure the lord…. also thinks so, but he is a lot more understanding and forgiving…. So Happy Easter and I hope not to see some of you in the afterlife, I’m not equipped for that much heat… you know who you are.


There was a comment made that sexual assaults on adults and children was the affliction of a mental disorder. I completely disagree. I feel that any sexual assault is a criminal matter, especially on children, and all sexual assaults of a vile nature is the only reason why the death penalty should remain in place. It seems that some people feel that a sexual assault can be cured by an aspirin and some head shrinking… I think that sexual assaults derive from a person’s lack of caring about anyone else but themselves, like most crimes. Lack of empathy coupled with a ton of narcissism and a craving for power and the mindset that they want complete control and that they like to humiliate other people, which lets them get the release they want.

The question is if, the ones that do the vile assaults, like on any minor or on any person that is facing harsh legal trouble, that if these people know right from wrong, which they do, and if so, they should be tried, sentenced, then put to sleep, the deep sleep, the sayonara slumber, the permanent perpetuity. No cop outs, no bullshit.

And it’s my opinion that anyone that calls sexual assaults a mental disease is looking for an easy out.


So proud of how this administration has handled the Ukraine situation. They have stepped up and, short of going knuckles up themselves, have supported and dared a bully to take them on while levying some strong sanctions and supporting Ukraine with military aid. All the while working with the European Union and not trying to overshadow them. I think it was handled really well to date and hopefully it has the intended results it is trying to achieve. At least I can be in awe of how this country can step up when it needs to.

I always said that a common foe was needed to bring (almost) everyone together, I always thought it was going to be an attack from Mars, well, who knows, maybe Putin is a martian. Still have those detractors though. LOL, I have a feeling they would be on the martians’ side if Mars did attack.

This whole thing is crazy, it should be a perfect time to come together as a nation and find common ground, so imagine my dismay when the one party that is staunchly anti-communism, staunchly anti-socialism, since the days of “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall” Ronald Reagan, starts to take the side of the “President” of Russia and tries to make him some kind of folklore hero that is carrying out some kind of justice, to be fair though, it’s only a select few and not the majority. This is how far the division in our politics has sunk. I have said it before, that these political opponents, with their cancel culture of each other and their ever expanding hatred of each other, will ruin this country over petty shit that can be resolved over a few beers. No one should take the side of a bully over attacking a smaller country that is attacked because they are simply weaker or smaller. This a bad omen. Hopefully we can snap out of it. I am glad to see that some people like Romney and Cheney are trying to help the party keep focus. The old adage of the enemy of my enemy comes to mind, who knew that some people would pick Russia over their own citizens as the lesser enemy. BTW, the guy that said that was taken out by the enemy he supported. A little history reminder.


It’s funny…right… laugh with me. hahhaahahaa hardy har har. What’s so funny, how some words can all of a sudden become a culture or a movement. The best example of today is “woke”. A slang term that someone invented that simply means be aware… be aware of the truth… don’t get hustled or taken. Now, that word spurned a movement. That word started something… but it wasn’t the word that did it, it was someone that used the popularity of that word for their own measures. For better or worse, the word woke isn’t bad… another way of saying it is “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” That’s right… I know… shit is that greek or latin… well I know google… it roughly translates to “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”, and it is a Latin phrase from Aeneid, a Latin epic poem written by Virgil. … In modern English, it is used as a proverb to warn against trusting an enemy or adversary, even when they appear to be making an enticing offer. Woke. When it wasn’t a movement to cancel people or attached to bullshit… it was a an epic poem by modern day slangsters, a one word poem, snap your fingers with me. Now that is used to influence people in what might be dubious ways or attached to silly, not meaning blessed with worthiness, situations, it has lost its luster and its panache. People always screw shit up. In my opinion, the hijacking of these words is due to greed, not really caring about the altruistic definitions of influential words, and just using it to line your pockets. That’s why my blog is free, that and because no normal person would pay to read it, but mainly that altruism thing. Lol… I am serious.


I told myself that I wouldn’t write about this mess. I was like Manny, don’t even blarticle this nonsense, it will just get in you trouble. Then other Manny was like, no one reads your lousy blog anyway, who cares if you comment.. Then first Manny was like yeah, but this is so controversial, and everything on the internet stays living forever. Then other Manny was like … Dude, nobody gives a shit what you have to say so say what you want. Alright other Manny… here I go. (just so you know, this is literary freedom, fiction, framework, there is only one Manny and I don’t have a split personality disorder, this is my way of saying that I wrestled over the decision of writing this blarticle and that was my way of expressing it. I thank the creators of the show Archer for the inspiration).

You know what the problem of cancel culture is, it’s that you have to be perfect. You can’t make any mistakes or you are sent to the abyss. And let me tell you something, that abyss is getting quite full. So many perfect people in this world not willing to hear an explanation, not willing to forgive a mistake, so elite…. We should just let them tell us what we should do for every step of our lives. You know why socially dumb people stay socially dumb, because at the first dumb mistake they make, they are outcast, then they find themselves with the really shitty people who befriend them and eat their minds away and become really socially stupid. I’m hoping you get what I was meaning their. Everyone will, in their lifetime, say something socially wrong and everyone will offend someone else’s culture, most of the time without thinking or not meaning it the way that it came out. Its incumbent on them to then atone for their mistakes and it is your decision to forgive or hold on to that grudge. If that insensitivity is a prolonged pattern, especially after being told that what they were saying was wrong, then I can see not wanting to be associated with that person, but in the case of Mr. Joe Rogan, it doesn’t seem like it was something that was meant to be intentionally hurtful, I will admit though, I do not listen to his show but I don’t listen to any podcast.

The you vs. them (I’m not in your bullshit) situation in this country, and there definitely is one, don’t listen to these politicians that tell you otherwise, is very real and only getting worse. And that is on both sides. They want to keep that hate because they have hate in their heart. If you are not willing to have a conversation about it, to educate people so they can see why what they say or said was hurtful, so they can alter their decisions in the future, then you might as well go ahead and buy that popcorn and lawn chair and watch this country tear itself apart. No one is perfect, everyone is human… some people just want to keep those fires of racial hatred going because it benefits them and most likely their pocketbook. It benefits this country to have the conversation and to just get along, is it get along or is it get alone.. no that’s not it.. get a loan… I’m pretty sure it’s get along. I bet you that none of these boycotters bothered to call Joe and seek an explanation or hear his side of the story. That being said…. Joe Rogan could be a complete asshole, wtf do I know. But if it was me, I would have reached out to him before making a decision due to him, the courtesy of a conversation and maybe an explanation and possibly an apology and most likely a definite understanding of the situation.

People are not born with hate they are taught it. They can be taught to love too. Jesus, that was really wussy, but I’ll stick to that ideology.

Like I said before, the only ones that benefit from racial or any kind of hatred are people that make money off of it and…. lol… believe it or not, the government. Too busy hating each other to see some of the crazy shit that they are pulling off. I mean, c’mon, MKUltra, Tuskegee experiments, forced unnecessary hysterectomies of Hispanic women in detention and the list goes on for a while. And that’s just federal, the things the States have done would make make your head into a mushroom cloud. Probably f’ed up this whole conversation with this last paragraph. Keeping it real.


I haven’t been following the trial of Kim Potter, the Minneapolis Police Officer who was recently convicted of the manslaughter of Daunte Wright, a Black motorist. I try not to pay attention to these court cases because a lot of the times the results of the trials are not want you really want. It erodes the idea of democracy and that everyone gets treated the same under the law. This case is no different. Potter, a veteran officer without any other disciplinary actions to speak of or that was reported, was convicted of first degree manslaughter. This is not to say that the family of Daunte Wright doesn’t deserve justice, but the charges against Potter doesn’t fit how the law reads. To be guilty of first degree manslaughter, it requires intent to harm but not necessarily an intent to kill, or that the action that preceded it was unlawful, i.e. a guy approaches someone at a bar and punches him because of an off color remark where the intent was to create harm but not to kill. Potter was doing her lawful duty when the incident occurred therefore negating any possibility of it ever being first degree manslaughter. She was there, doing her job. The second degree charge required prosecutors to prove Potter caused his death “by her culpable negligence,” meaning that Potter “caused an unreasonable risk and consciously took a chance of causing death or great bodily harm” to Wright, but Wright was refusing to follow the officer’s orders creating the necessity to use an intermediate weapon. Here’s the tricky part, the prosecution admitted that Potter actually thought she had her taser and not her service weapon when she shot. That statement by the prosecution negates the officer creating great bodily harm or consciously trying to cause anyone’s death because Taser’s are seen as non lethal intermediate weapons, by the same people that prosecuted Potter. I’m not saying Potter isn’t guilty of something, just not what they charged her with.

Potter was railroaded, not by the prosecutors or Daunte Wright’s family, but by every officer that should have been charged for manslaughter and got away with it. She is a victim (don’t know if that’s the right word) of circumstances that are out of her control. In Florida, back in the 1950’s, a Sheriff took three black inmates from the jail to the court. He stopped in a secluded area and put three bullets in each one before they reached the court room for trial. That was the treatment. No one questioned him about it and he merely stated that the still handcuffed dead black youths tried to escape. You don’t even have to go back that far. Recently, the Supreme Court just found that a black inmate that died in a jail after a tussle with the police, inside the cell, was justifiable because somehow the definitions, literally just the words from a previous case, didn’t line up to find a conviction of the officers.

With all the protests, bad publicity, screams for justice because of what I believe to be bad decisions or rulings, in my opinion (which doesn’t mean much), all, by the way, seemed right to me and I agree with (the protests and bad publicity not the rulings, wanted to make that clear), except for the looting ( I don’t agree with looting), Potter was fighting a battle she had no way of winning even though she should have, easily. This a rebound effect, where you pull on something and then you let go, it snaps to the other side with ferocity, until you can come to a center or mutual understanding of how things should work. I see a lot of reporting on what newspapers call bad policing but when I read the circumstances, it seems like that the officer was right in his decision. The fight is on against qualified immunity, but you have to be careful that when presenting your opposition, that the case does, in fact, show that qualified immunity is the reason for the non conviction and not the circumstances.

I don’t blame Wright for his fear of the police, given the previous example about how you could die in a jail cell, where you are ultimately in someone else’s care, or for him running, but it was still wrong according to the law. The courts are ultimately responsible. They have to see the facts for what they are and not impose a requirement for accountability that is so absurd that it creates fear in the public of predators with badges that run wild doing what they want when they want. Accountability is a cornerstone of a civil society. For this experiment, democracy, to work, you have to make sure that everyone follows the rules, not just a certain segment of the population.

My blarticle states that both sides are right and that both sides are wrong. Until someone with good common sense comes and resolves this, and it has to come from the Supreme Court, this will be what happens in this country, bad people staying out of prison running everything and good people locked up. This case should have been resolved by a payout to the Wright family and the retirement of Officer Potter.

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Do you ever just wake up and you had a dream where someone is asking you questions and you’re answering them but it’s actually another person that is answering them for you? You ever feel like a dummy that is caught in the middle of an investigation where the people investigating get away with the most atrocious shit because they are the ones that answer their own questions about the crimes that they committed? I guess if you put the people that commit the crimes in charge of investigating the crimes you can bet that there will never find out who did it. That brings me to Dulce Alavez, still can’t find who did it huh. I wonder why. And it wasn’t the Police. Lets be honest here, the only reason that such a tool would exist is so that the people that wield it can get away with stuff. It’s made to silence whistle blowers and people that have information against the people that have such capabilities.