a smiling man in a kitchen: Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Friday blasted President Trump's reported 2018 comments about veterans who died in WWI. Fox News

Pete Buttigieg says Trump disrespected US military since the day he let a ‘sucker’ serve in Vietnam in his place.

Lol… hahaha… that’s a good one, yep…. that’s a heck of a dig. Where I grew up, that’s called playing the dozens.

and not to date myself, but that’s one hell of a diss….

In the debates, Presidential nominee Biden is going to need something Pete who should have been the Presidential nominee has, the ability to hit back in a way that makes you say goddamn, I know that hurt.



Rittenhouse, the dumb shit that he is, will not get charged with murder, if the accounts that I have read online are true. In a nutshell, this idiot of a kid went to Wisconsin to play superhero and then ran when someone went towards him to try and take his weapon. The other person, who I will not deride because that awful mistake cost him his life, made a serious error in judgement by going after the teenage mutant idiot. What his defense will be is that he feared for his life because the other young man tried to take his weapon, which I gather is legal in Wisconsin to open carry. Why Super Dumb Dumb brought a weapon to a peaceful march, maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t, in the first place is anyone’s guess because protecting someone’s business that didn’t hire you to do it or you are not legally authorized to do is ridiculous. The threats of beat him up and get him afterwards when he was running away are going to support his claims of self defense, which, him being a super moron, should have made no difference with his super dumb dumb strength. All in all, look for reckless endangerment charges to be added and a plea deal to be reached by the prosecutors. The only twist is the authorization to open carry in a state he doesn’t reside in or if someone heard him say he was going there to kill someone prior to it happening. In the end, Rittenhouse is probably going to jail but probably not for murder. This will haunt him for the rest of his life and I hope he takes the path of making amends and not the path of I didn’t do anything wrong.¬† Some on the left are going to be outraged that he didn’t get murder charges and sentenced to life¬† without the possibility of dessert and parole and some on the right are going to be outraged that they aren’t making a statue of him in some park but the fact is that this kid is a cautionary tale of let the people that are suppose to handle these actions, handle them. Privilege is not in the Constitution, it is what the Constitution rails against.

When moron becomes a felony, this kid has no defense, neither would a lot of people, ’til then, we pray for the lives that were lost needlessly and hope that wisdom prevails in the face of ignorance.

I feel bad for Rittenhouse because he is going to mature super quickly, As a wise old man once said, If you’e not a man without a gun, you’re not a man, The movie Friday. I’m all for the Second Amendment but I’m completely against open carry or even carrying in public. If you fear going out in public, you either have unfounded fears or we have a social system that has completely failed and we need to focus on education, of the mind and of civil society. I teach my kid to box, not so he can go out there and start fights but because I never want him to have to pick up a weapon to defend himself but I want him confident enough to be able to resolve matters peacefully without fear of getting hurt. IMO (In My Opinion) only cowards need to make a statement about how cool they are by carrying a gun openly, unless you are an LEO of course, then it’s your job. I will say that since his murder charge will be thrown out and that since his offense is one of immaturity, being an absolute dumb dumb, that MAYBE¬† he should probably seen as a youth offender if his lawyer can show that he has no priors and that his intentions weren’t to create harm and the introduction of mitigating circumstances point towards that direction, i.e. my son volunteered at a food pantry, things like that.

It would be easy for me to say that this kid deserves hard time because, historically speaking, me being Hispanic, Hispanics and African Americas rarely get the same consideration during the mitigating circumstance portion of a trial, but just because we get treated unfairly doesn’t mean that treating this kid unfairly would be right or even resolve any of the past, it would just be vengeance, that being said, he is still a Super Dumb Dumb.



Enrique “Kiki” Camarena Salazar¬†(July 26, 1947¬†‚Äď February 9, 1985) was a¬†Mexican-American¬†special agent for the¬†United States¬†Drug Enforcement Administration¬†(DEA). In February 1985 Camarena was kidnapped by members of the¬†Guadalajara drug cartel¬†while on assignment at the DEA resident agency in Guadalajara, Mexico. He was interrogated under torture and murdered. Three major drug traffickers were indicted and eventually convicted in Mexico for Camarena’s murder. The U.S. investigation into Camarena’s murder eventually led to three more trials in Los Angeles for Mexican nationals involved in the crime. The case continues to trouble U.S.-Mexican relations, most recently when one of the three convicted traffickers,¬†Rafael Caro Quintero, was released from Mexican prison in 2013.

In 1984, acting on information from the DEA, 450 Mexican soldiers backed by helicopters destroyed a 1,000-hectare (2,500-acre)¬†marijuana¬†plantation in¬†Allende (Chihuahua)[8][9]¬†with an estimated annual production of $8 billion known as “Rancho B√ļfalo”.[10][11]¬†Camarena, who was suspected of being the source of the information, was abducted in broad daylight on February 7, 1985, by corrupt Mexican officials working for the major drug traffickers in Mexico.

Camarena was taken to a residence located at 881 Lope de Vega in the colonia of Jardines del Bosque, in the western section of the city of Guadalajara, owned by¬†Rafael Caro Quintero,[12]¬†where he was tortured over a 30-hour period and then murdered. His skull was punctured by a metal object, and his ribs were broken.[13]¬†Camarena’s body was found wrapped in plastic in a rural area outside the small town of¬†La Angostura, in the state of Michoac√°n, on March 5, 1985. Preseted by Wikipedia

In the end the death of Enrique “kiki” Camarena is still not resolved and his torture and subsequent death seems to have government ties to both Mexico and the U.S. Thanks to companies like Amazon and Netflix, Enrique’s story is being told, all we need now is transparency for Enrique’s family. Eventually it will come to be but it would be nice if it could come while his wife is still alive to know the truth.




QANON, who will probably hack my computer after I write this, but that’s alright, it won’t be the first time I had classified material stolen from my computer, is telling anyone that cares to listen that everyone is a pedophile unless you vote like them. The problem with saying everyone is a pedophile is that no one then is a pedophile. These allegations will become the same as crying wolf when it’s red riding hood, which I’m sure the boy scouts would love instead of the wolf. These allegations deaden the facts that there are some real life predators out there and they are going to be overlooked because of this crazy conspiracy campaign. People , like pedophiles and rapists, in my opinion, are the worst class of human being. People that use their power, influence and /or authority to force a minor or a woman to have sex with them with threats of harm or reprisal should get the death sentence because they are severely flawed individuals that need a restart and should start believing in the Hindu religion or become Buddhists (because of the reincarnation factor not because those religions promote any kind of sexual deviancy, I’m hoping you got that but I’m going to say it anyway). It’s going to be harder for parents of children (that were in the boy scouts in some instances) and women to be taken seriously if there is no accountability for stupid remarks and it belittles people that went through these traumatic experiences.

So please stop saying it unless your goal is to have people believe that no one is, then I have to wonder why you are doing that?


The last Narc

It’s an incredibly gripping true story of what happened to DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena. Amazon outdid itself in the four part docu-series that shows that while the rest of the world sees America as a beacon of truth and good that “only in America is America not America”. The wall isn’t stopping the boogeyman, it’s protecting him. The good part is that the only way to change is to be open and transparent and America is at least is trying to do that through these docu-series that reveal exactly what happens.

(I hope I don’t get labeled a dissident because I truly believe what America stands for, it just hasn’t been realized yet)

I would also like to add, being of Hispanic descent, I admire Enrique and Hector’s efforts on the war on drugs, it’s good to have people that are relatable to you as positive role models. That would go for all races and ethnicities. I know that they are not perfect people but unless you are Jesus reincarnate, who is.



In a 10 hour block, Hispanics get six minutes of key note speakers. What would happen if every eligible Hispanic voter decided to vote for Bernie Sanders as a write in? You know what would happen, Bernie Sanders would finish in second place with Joe Biden pulling up third place and President Trump  would get re-elected to a second term. I think the Hispanic vote is being undervalued and maybe that is what Hispanics should do to get some appreciation for our efforts.

Another thought on this matter – if I had to choose a person to be President in these harsh economic and divisive times, it would be Bill Clinton. Former President Clinton was the only President, in recent times, that actually turned a deficit into a surplus all while maintaining the respect of the allies around the world and kept the economy booming. No small feat. Whatever his blueprint was to do that, it should be looked at in the times of the pandemic. President Obama would be a close second choice but he faced immense backlash by a Repub led Senate. If he would to be the President now, I don’t think they would fight him tooth and nail like they did before.

In all seriousness, what you need right now is someone that is going to bring the country together, someone that can unite the country.

And don’t listen to me because:

I’m feeling dry, I’m feeling dry

My brain is turning to ash and that’s no lie

This arid brain of mine can’t think right

As I lose my ability to care and be alright


Suing the Federal Government

With all the hoopla about the next election, the outcome is still in the hands of a minority. Now, when I say minority, I don’t mean a Hispanic or African American , etc., I mean in the hands of the independent or non-affiliated. Some where between 42% – 45% of the nation is going to vote Repub and the same number are going to vote Demo. The remaining 10-16% percent are going to look at things differently. The people that have their minds made up would vote for their candidate even if their candidate set their house on fire and had the accelerant in their hands. They would hand their candidate more accelerant to make sure that they don’t run out. Well our house is on fire, currently, and one side is going to hand their candidate the accelerant. Luckily, the moderates, independents, non-affiliated, whatever you want to call them are pretty good fire safety specialists. They are going to vote for the candidate that they think will best suit the nation with it’s current dilemma. These people are what Malcolm Gladwell calls outliers. Non traditionalists that view things differently. The way I view things is by simply asking what is needed at the current time. My opinion is smart leadership that can get the country on the right fiscal track. The economy has tanked at my vote is going to go to the person who I think can make the tough decisions on the pandemic so they can then turn the country back on the economic rails. The person I vote for would have to have a sound plan, and a proven strategy. I look at both candidates and wonder if it isn’t too late to vote for another one, lol, it is. The way I see it is, President Trump would be the pick for the fastest recovery but the one with the most risk, as bubbles would appear because his method is high risk high reward less regulation. Candidate Biden is more the safer bet, moderate risk with moderate returns more regulation but probably a lengthier recovery time but also no bubble affect. In the end it’s what you think these times call for, high risk more reward more bubbles and patch them up later and hope those bubbles don’t burst creating and even worse problem or low risk, slower recovery no bubbles but more regulation (not necessarily bad) and longer wait but no worries of having to patch up something and no worries of the whole thing coming down. My opinion is…. my own. You make yours.



Being retired I spend most of my days watching TV, the most I have ever done in my life and what I discovered is that entertainment plays a crucial role in society. I am a big fan of this industry. They show us what compassion looks like, bravery, good morals and what it is to do the right thing. Their art shows the contemporary realities of today in a way that you just can’t help admire. Now I know that these are fictional characters but the message being sent to the youth is important. The good guys show why it’s still cool to be a good guy. While real world realities might sometimes be different, the entertainment business gives us a lifted spirit sense of ourselves, (my mind just went blank as I was writing this). My favorites are anything that Chuck Lorre does, almost anything on CBS… Bull, NCIS, FBI… etc to blockbuster movies. I really admire these shows and movies for their excellent content of guiding and inspiring people to be better. For some reason though, I go to sleep admiring them, wake up not liking them and ten I watch them again and I admire them all over again. It seems that sometime between watching them and admiring their content and waking up, there is somekind of transformation. Best guess is I go to sleep and the hypno movie ferry comes in and gives them bad reviews and then I watch them again and I admire them all over again… until the next morning. It’s crazy. So, long story longer and weirder, I don’t know what happens to me during the night but I’m not a fan in the morning but I am in the evening and then brainwash, rinse and repeat. Some people just like creating chaos and animosity, it suits their purpose.