Video shows Oregon coach disarming student then embracing him before police arrive By ELLA TORRES and KARMA ALLEN Oct 20, 2019, 4:04 PM ET


This is one of the reasons why I teach my kid to box. I rather he defend himself or take the problem outside then be hurt or hurt anyone seriously. Whatever demons this kid had whispering stuff to him, he probably had no other outlet that he could see. If he had more tools in the toolbox, he could have handled the problem better. Obviously this coach is a brave and a selfless individual.

Boxing showed me restraint and taught me how to walk away from confrontations. It also showed not to hate the other person because at the end, you always shake hands, whether you got the better or if you got the worst of the match. It taught me to control my emotions and not to get overly worked up. If you ever watch a boxing match, you will see that the person that comes out to emotional and overly hyped will usually lose, there’s always an exception to the rule. More importantly, boxing taught me that getting punched in the face is no fun and that I would like to avoid that. This young man did not know how to box and this is what he tried to do. The bad thing about boxing is that any words that were misspelled or any grammatical errors might also be due to boxing but I didn’t really box enough to blame the sport for being a dumb dumb.  Link

UFO videos are footage of real ‘unidentified’ objects, US Navy acknowledges (FOX News)


Some news sites are reporting that the Pentagon has said that UFOs are real but that they are not necessarily from outer space. That the objects are going hypersonic speeds and aren’t leaving a contrail or any heat signatures, no combustible engine. You know what that means, it means that they are green. Aliens are green and use sources other than fossil fuels. They’re all about saving the environment. ET is a tree hugger. He is all in for greenpeace. It can’t be nuclear, no heat signature, the only thing that makes sense is some type of cold fusion that uses water and since we are 75% water, that may be why the aliens like our planet. If that’s true, (it really probably isn’t) they can be the ones melting our polar ice caps (that’s absolutely not true) to have more fuel because they are probably like us, they depleted their fuel source, water, and are looking at our planet (this is all bullshit, don’t want people thinking I’m crazy) before they invade, from Mexico, dressed like Hispanics. Thank God we have a wall to stop those super fast flying UFOs that defy the laws of physics or we may be in trouble.

I will say though, a space force, does  make a little more sense given this report, I just want Aquaman in charge of it (Again, I’m fucking with you, Wonder Woman makes way more sense, her jet is freaking invisible).

What it looks like is a bee stuck inside the plane’s tracking system  so when it goes two feet it looks like it’s traveling  hypersonic and two thousand feet. Stops and goes up. They think they have aliens and the bee is just thinking, how the fuck do I get out of here. Here’s another question, was the pilot flying a solo mission or did he/she have a wing man? Did their wing man also happen to capture a picture of this UFO?


potential habitable planet

The USA Today newspaper reported that scientists have discovered a blue planet that may be habitable. Is that good news, maybe for us, maybe not so much for that planet. I was talking to my son about his future. We always discuss different topics, mainly to see what his views are on different things. This particular day we discussed what he should major in and why. He was all into game designing, what adolescent isn’t. He likes game theory and coding. I told him that I would like to see him double major in mechanical engineering and astrophysics, what parent doesn’t. He asked me why and I explained that those are the jobs of the future, especially with climate change being such a crisis, mechanical engineers, along with civil and other engineering fields, are going to be in the forefront in finding a new way to adapt to growing oceans and diminishing resources. I told him that I expect that we are going to look for a new planet to inhabit and that scientists recently found a planet that may be habitable and that a mechanical engineer would be needed to design a vessel that may have to carry people that could travel for such a long time. That we would need to find a way to induce artificial gravity on a vessel on such a long trip and I would love it if he were one of the people working on a project like that. Then it occurred to me, what would we do if we could do that?

What would we do if we could inhabit another planet? Would we mine for coal and fossil fuels or would we use something akin to the green new deal? Wind, solar, and clean energy (I’m guessing nuclear). Would we let cows fart? Of course we would, that was a joke. If we could start anew, would we do the same things there that forced us to look for a new planet in the first place? I hope not. Would we have different countries and crazy border issues or would we be borderless? Would we make sure everyone was happy regardless of what origin they were from on the planet they left from or would we start separating people into different regions? Would we have borders and build walls or would we be free? Would we build weapons of mass destruction that could render that new planet useless or would we ban such actions? So what would we do?

Then it occurred to me, why do we have to wait to get to a new planet to do those things, why can’t we just do them on this planet, right now? At least work towards that goal.

You ever notice that you inhabit a planet that is habitable. If you inhabit something, wouldn’t it be inhabitable? That’s one of the things I would like to change on a new planet, confusing literacy. Maybe not a priority.

Lol, I tell a poignant story and end it with the most absurd shit ever.


amy k

LOL…. After Trump tweeted that Klobuchar “looked like a Snowman” during her announcement, the senator responded by asking how Trump’s hair “would fare in a blizzard?”

Two things… She handled herself well and she looks presidential. Have to wait and see her views on different items. I smell trouble for all the other candidates. I’m going to wait and see if Bernie jumps in the race but if he doesn’t, I think he shouldn’t, if he doesn’t, who he endorses will mean a lot. #BernieBump