Surprising character traits that indicate a high IQ

BY Stars Insider 

Reading a lot

  1. We’re starting out obvious, but many smart people love to get lost in a good book. Plus, reading itself has been proven to increase intelligence.

My take: This is misleading because I eat a lot of different kind of cereal and sometimes those puzzles in the back don’t contain many words

2. Modesty

The Dunning-Kruger effect began with the discovery that the most competent students under-estimated their competence because they found the tasks easy, while less competent students overestimated their competence greatly.

My take: I have never over estimated a damn thing in my life, I always knew I couldn’t do it and if I didn’t remember, my mother was right there to tell me

3. The mouth of a sailor

There’s a common misconception that people who swear a lot have a limited vocabulary. Studies have shown, however, that swearing may in fact display a more intelligent use of language as an added feature that an articulate speaker can use to maximize communication effectiveness.

My take: I knew when I joined the Air Force it was dumb move. The Navy makes you smart.

4. Empathetic

For a long time, experts considered IQ and emotional intelligence as separate, and it became a stereotype that smart people were lacking in social skills. But more recent studies have shown that people with high IQs also demonstrate high EQs, specifically regarding empathy. Highly intelligent people are good at being attuned to the needs and feelings of others and acting in a way that is sensitive to those needs. They’re typically very interested in learning more about people.

My take: I’ve been called empathetic, or something that sounds similar if you remove the em sound.

5. Self-control

Studies show that people with higher IQs can curb impulses better, usually with a better sense of planning, goals, and forethought. An experiment published in Psychological Science offered test groups two options: one with smaller but immediate results, or a greater prize further down the line. The participants with the higher IQ scores opted to wait, displaying greater restraint.

My take: I almost never eat dinner before dessert, save the big meal for the end… self -control folks. Doesn’t bode well for WTF…..

6. Curiousness

Displaying an insatiable curiosity has been linked with a high IQ, which makes sense because it aligns with a passion for learning.

My take: Always been curious, the jack in the box toy, didn’t put it down for 8 hours one time, then Hurricane Ida hit NJ and it got lost. This one does bode well for WTF

7. Comfortable alone

Introverts rejoice! A 2016 study published in the British Journal of Psychology suggests that smarter people tend to derive less satisfaction than most people do from socializing. They relish their solitude

My take: Whether I like it or not, and this whole time I thought it was because of my face and body odor, it turns out that I’m just fukcing smart.

8. Thinking outside the box

Many famously intelligent people have been considered weird or arrogant because they have a tendency to break or bend rules, thought patterns, and traditions. But that’s how they find the best solutions!

My take: I always think outside the box. I mean who the fuck goes in a box to think, that’s for playing fort and shit like that.

9. Messy

A cluttered desk used to be a sign of a cluttered mind, but more recent studies are suggesting the opposite is true. In a 2012 research project, the Netherlands’ University of Groningen found that people thrive intellectually in a cluttered environment, and the disorganization forces the brain to focus more.

My take: Does that mean that housekeepers are dumb dumbs or the fact that I had to hire one makes me a genius that isn’t at all lazy like some mothers like to say

10. Observant

According to psychologists, it’s about how the brain processes information, and highly intelligent people spend more time concerned with what they’re observing than what they’re presenting.

My take: I once binge watched all the episodes of the Big Bang theory and understood almost all of it, observant…

11. Creativity

It’s easy to think of intelligence and creativity as separate because they’re controlled by opposite sides of the brain. But, in fact, people with high IQs use both qualities together to achieve their goals. Even Albert Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge, “For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

My take: Do Legos count????

12. Night owl

The late nights and later mornings lifestyle is often seen as the antithesis to success, but some psychologists suggest that the more intelligent among us can bend our biological clocks so that they are more able to reach personal targets.

My take: What the fuck does antithesis mean, that’s a made up word, this article is a trap….

13. Aware of limits

You might assume that smarter people are less likely to say “I don’t know,” but the opposite is true. Many sources say intellectuals are actually best at acknowledging their limits. And they aren’t afraid to admit them! This ties into curiosity, because admitting you don’t know something becomes easier when you genuinely want to learn.

My take: That’s funny, the guy that stole my wallet said the same thing when I asked why he had it. Who knew he went to Harvard…

14. Open-minded

With regards to opinions, those with higher IQs are said to be more receptive to new ideas. That is partly due to the fact that they will not accept things on face value, and prefer to look at evidence from all sides first. Only after presented with a diverse selection of opinions do highly intelligent people make up their own minds. This process is called delay discounting.

My take: This is true of me. I generally wait for that discounting thing… or I just buy used.

15. Trust in their judgment

After that opinion is made, however, intelligent people are not likely to be swayed. They have already made a considered and calculated choice, and they stick with it.

My take: I rarely change my mind.. wait, do I, no, I never change my mind… maybe sometimes… no never, mmmm, let me do that delay discounting thing.

16. Cat people

While dog people are more likely to be active and social, some psychologists suggest that cat people tend to have higher IQs along with being more introverted and sensitive.

My take: Bull shit… Dogs… Why get a pet that’s smarter than you

17. Really funny

In 2011, researchers from the University of New Mexico found that comedic writers had high verbal intelligence scores, and a follow-up study found the same in stand-up comedians.

My take: So who knew, Ukraine got it right, we, evidently, keep getting it wrong.

18. Dark humor

Interestingly, a 2017 study  found that people who score higher on tests of verbal and nonverbal intelligence are most likely to enjoy and understand dark humor.

My take: Racist…. I don’t like singling out particular group of funny, all funny is funny. Next thing you know light humor makes you evil.

19. Generosity

Some psychologists suggest that people with higher IQs are more giving because they generally have greater resources, they can expect to recover what they have given later on, and they tend to be more concerned with the public good and joint benefits.

My take: So you are saying that the rich people that use personal charities to offset their tax obligations are intelligent… sounds right

20. Talking to yourself

Contrary to the idea that it’s a sign of madness, talking to one’s self is actually said to be a sign of a high IQ and a useful thought technique for boosting memory.

My take: Then I’m the smartest motherfucker alive along with that dude that talked to his dog, I mean how many humans talk dog language, what was his name, his father’s name was Sam, that guy’s son….

21. Anxiety

Unfortunately, high levels of anxiety have been linked with high IQ levels, specifically with worries about social situations. But this isn’t fact, just a possible connection.

My take: So you have to be smart to worry, so all those dumb fucks don’t worry, then why do they run from the police…

22. First-born

Just a theory, but surely cause for yet more sibling rivalry, is Norway’s National Institute of Occupational Health’s study that suggests eldest children are usually the smarter ones. Not because of their genes, but because of how they are raised.

My Take: That would make Adam and Eve the smartest people to ever live, no?

23. Adaptability

Recent psychological research suggests intelligence depends on being able to change your own behaviors in order to cope more effectively with your environment.

My take: Climate change… do I need to say anymore… we’re all fucking stupid.