Marijuana’s black market is undercutting legal businesses



I’m not going to lie, I’m printing this as a sort of “told you so”. If I, a person that can’t figure out a fingerprint lock, the instructions didn’t say you had to use the same finger every time, that was a long 20 minutes, saw this coming then….. actually it might have been a little hard to tell. Anyone that reads my blarticles, all 10 of you, might have read my article on why legalizing marijuana might not bring the tax windfall you might think. This was one of the reasons I said. All you are doing is getting people hooked, they’ll start not being able to afford the dispensaries, the local corner guy will have more customers, lol, they might be the same sellers. It’s a pretty simple formula. I do have an idea about solar powered blenders and electric mailboxes if you are looking to make money, yeah…no… ok. It was just a thought.

If I knew how to hyperlink the right way I would know how to use a fingerprint lock, both of those things are still a mystery to me. This is my previous article. Check it out, it has a few decent laughs in it. I’m not as funny as I used to be. Damn.

Why being broke is better. Put Down The Dubious Dooby Law! (copy and paste or search my blog for it)

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