A mass shooting of undocumented immigrants has left the people in Texas in an uproar, most of them anyway. Gov. Abbott addressed the situation and offered a $50,000 reward for the capture of an obviously dangerous individual. While most applaud the Governor’s actions, as I do, there were some that took umbrage to the Governor’s description of the victims. Having first hand and personal experience on undocumented people, I can tell you that this is the wrong time to introduce personal feelings or politics to the situation. If you are offended, then send the Governor a private note asking him if he could refer to the victims as to what you feel might be the appropriate term and thank him for his response and for warning other non citizen citizens, my preferred term, that they might be targeted. Not the greatest time to go cancel culture or woke. Not everything has to be an Us against Them situation. I think normal people would agree with me, so that would be about 20% of America….. Jesus, I hope I didn’t piss people off by saying normal….. Fuck, I just said Jesus….Shit, I just said fuck…. Damn, I just said shit….. this can go on forever….

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