Slavery is an anchor on the legacy of this country. I understand that reparations in the form of money might be difficult to achieve. I opine that the worst part of slavery now is what it has done to the ability to create equality around the country. While money might not be available, there are other things that might be available. To the relatives of people that were slaves in this country there might be services that could make up for the horrendous treatment of their relatives. Free tuition to colleges that they qualify for would be my favorite. That’s just an idea. Another would be interest free Small Business Loans to legitimate business plans with the possibility of loan forgiveness if the business was an earnest attempt at opening a business that employs people. I know some people might mock my ideas but unless you throw some different solutions you may never get the answer the relatives of people that were in bondage deserve. These two ideas, which I’m sure smarter people will have better solutions, would bring empowerment and equality. I’m sure I’ll have critics.