There have been calls by some prominent newspapers to abolish the FBI. Their reasoning is the same reasons you would abolish any and all law enforcement. Hitmen, sexual predators, on the take, politically motivated, etc. but what makes them any different, in these terms, than any other law enforcement agency? If you look at any law enforcement agency you will find all this and some I failed to mention, so why would you abolish them and not all others? Their not even the worst, but these news outlets do make a good point that they are climbing to the top, if their not careful and implement some hard lines.

One of the jobs that these women and men do is investigate fraud. Any kind of fraud, nationwide. From any kind of medical fraud i.e. charity care fraud, to ID fraud, i.e. fake U.S. passports, to immigration fraud,, i.e. the 9/11 hijackers, they missed that one but I’m sure they will get all the rest. Those three alone will put you away for 30 years. That’s a lot of time for people to think about their mistakes. 30 years for someone, lets say that is 25, won’t see the light of day until 55. And if they’re illegal, back to the country you left because you couldn’t make a living, seems harsh. I would probably do anything to avoid that. First thing I would do is not do it.

These trained professionals have solved some of the worst crimes that they haven’t committed (crimes perpetrated by them according to the news outlets and subsequent convictions) or convinced other people to do in this great country, so lets cut them a break. Add some accountability, maybe make examples out of some of them, I suggest adding a morality clause so they don’t open investigations on all the pretty ladies, and then let them work. If you think it was good before they were the top dogs, for some it was, just remember how some people would end up shot on the way to prison or the courthouse and the locals would say it was an attempted escape, even though they were still handcuffed, that was a while back but they put an end to some of it. They do.. do a good job on the civil rights front, at least give them that.

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Abolish the FBI

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