Some people that follow my blog might have read that I was homeless for some time between 2015 and 2016.. I wasn’t homeless because I couldn’t get a job but because I had been evicted twice because my former employer refused to pay me my full pension for a year creating a situation where I couldn’t rent or buy. Having no other place to stay, I roamed the streets of San Diego for a little over a year, mostly staying in my car but some times venturing out and staying in what I thought was a secluded place out in the open. During one of these occasions, I woke up with my pants undone. They were adidas sweat pants, but they were tied tight. I woke up face down, I usually sleep on my side, and with some of my stuff strewn around, I couldn’t tell you why I was face down, with my drawstrings loose. Something didn’t feel right, but I couldn’t quite place it. The next night I decided to stay at a hotel, in a bed, with locked doors. While I was their, I used the bathroom and noticed blood, not in my stool but around my stool after I defecated. I ended going to the hospital the next day because of heart pain. While there, in San Diego, at the hospital, the doctor told me that a rectal exam was going to be needed. I asked why, she said for precautionary measures, I didn’t want to at first but she told me that it was necessary for other reasons or they couldn’t treat me. I got the exam and it was painful as hell but she said everything seems normal. I walk out, after getting dressed and there is this old guy in scrubs with glasses that I had seen before in San Diego, saying that he wanted to do it. As some people in the staff were like it was already done. Then he looks at me and says that he wanted to give me a rectal examination, I just look at the doctor that had already done it and asked “Do I have to?” because I didn’t need to find out if I was having a heart attack that badly. She said no. She said that I was extremely dehydrated and needed to get fluids. That guy, it turns out, wasn’t a doctor. I still don’t know what he was.

Now I read that 3 federal agents and/or people that fix stuff in the last year are being charged for sodomy. I was under federal investigation at the time. I still don’t know why I was shitting blood or how I ended up face down while I was asleep or how my pants got untied. I do know that I put in for an 8 million dollar refund on my taxes and they still haven’t paid me or charged me. Everything you just read is true except I still don’t know for 100% sure if he was a doctor or not but he didn’t have an ID and everyone else did and he seemed to like bung holes more than the ordinary person should.

Shortly after that (and another WTF incident) I spent all of my IRA on buying a house. I couldn’t be homeless anymore. The IRS now says I owe over $70,000 for early withdrawal of my retirement fund…. crazy shit that you can’t just make up.

There is one more thing… who the hell is pink dick?????? and where was he when this whole thing went down…. his comments are pretty insightful now.

Some things just have to be told, so people can say, that has to be bullshit…. right??