Alright, I know, I stole this from Marvel…. the What if scenario…. I give them all the props for being inventive geniuses (I was going to put ingenuitive but it turns out that is not a word, huh, who knew)

Let me start, what if… you could go back in time and instead of killing all the evil people you kill all the people that made a contribution to humanity. Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Shakespeare, Mozart, Angela Mayou, Jobs, Ghandi, Queen Isabella of Spain (that’s right, whether you like it or not), Tesla (Nikola not Elon, even though there is an argument to be made for the latter), Ghandi (crap, already said him), Galileo, Da Vinci, King Jr (the first time, they succeeded the second time) Mother Teresa.

What would the world look like today… Some may say that what they thought of, someone else would have eventually but I disagree. I think these people were here for that purpose and only they would have come up with the solutions to those problems. These people were all rebels, bucking the system, going against the grain, giving their governments giant headaches and a lot of angina (not to be confused with vagina) and a shitload of GERD. It wasn’t just their genius that made them special but also the fact that they had courage, enough to put their own lives at risk, to challenge the governments status quo, to complete their task.

So why is that this type of genius courage doesn’t exist anymore? How is it that the type of people that shaped the world for the better don’t really endure anymore. (Real quick, a shout out to the person that invented the thesaurus, exist.. endure…, )

Now, a lot like Aaron Swartz, who I thought would have revolutionized the world, Robin Williams, Chester Bennington, Hemingway and King Jr., and many modern day geniuses, if you go against the grain, the government seems to employ a lot of high tech devices to cut your feet from under you. But you know who still exists, they guy that kidnapped Dulce Alavez… and maybe using the same high tech devices. A Federal judge from Newark, NJ loses her only child to a freaked out maniac, someone with a promising future and lets pretend he would have been the first Hispanic President of these United States, you don’t know, now we’ll never know.

You ever wonder why this country would have an insurrection in 2020, in the 21st century instead of having cured the inequality of schools and/or homelessness, maybe because the person that had the answer was a rebel and is now no longer with us.

I was once called a genius, ok not genius but savant, ok idiot savant, mmmm… ok. just idiot.