A 15 year old Michigan child is pleading insanity after he went on a school shooting rampage. That child reported hearing voices, more like whispers and he even said that the voices just won’t go away. No parent would ever want that to happen to their child, especially knowing how this whispers were happening. I am all in favor of choice, whether you choose to have a child or not, that is completely your decision. I don’t feel it right that people that don’t interfere with the ones that do or vice versa. What happens when it’s your own government that decides to screw with your kid?

What if…. everyone decided not to have children. At this point , where you have to acquiesce to a group of people and their sadistic behaviors, sadistic originating from the Marquis de Sade a French philosopher and a real sick bastard, and their fondness for being Alabama… inside joke that’s not so funny, also originating from Marquis de Sade and a French philosopher and a real sick bastard,… what would happen if people just started to decide not to bring children into a world where experiments like MKUltra, done to a 16 year old by the name of Theodore Kaczynski, you might know him by the name of Unabomber, were done by the government to its own citizens? Why should children suffer because sadistic, originating from the Marquis de Sade a French philosopher and a real sick bastard, people that have a fetish for… hmmmm… whatever.. run the show. what is it about the fascination of mind control that allows people to act like the most evil versions of themselves.

If no child was born, to a country where they have no regard for a child, then that country would soon perish. Maybe that’s the appropriate thing to happen. There are certain children of certain parents that would never happen to, but everyone else it seems to be duck season, or is it rabbit season…. No, child season. If I know, if there is any way to know, that this is what they will do to my child, I would do everything in my power to have my wife or girlfriend have an abortion. There is no way I would have a child. Btw…I do have a child, a son… my hypothetical is for any future offspring.

These people have a great way of deflecting by changing the topic and turning one person against the other, to the point where you don’t remember who the sadistic person is in the first place. The right hand can do whatever it wants when you are so focused on that left hand. MAGIC…….