The Governor of the Great State of New York has tendered his resignation . Mr. Cuomo has decided not to put the State through political theater in the midst of an outbreak of Covid -19, the Delta force variant, which has been going through the vaccinated like the Taliban going through Afghanistan. It is a unlikely end to a person, that in 7 years could have run for and probably would have been the first American President of Italian descent. who was the face of confidence and voice of reason during the COVID pandemic, but the silver lining is that he will have his own show on some primetime news channel in a couple of years, and as sure as we were born stupid, it will happen. If you read my blog, what I will say next will make total sense. I cannot say he is guilty or not guilty but I can say that Anglo Saxon women are powerful. You can do whatever to immigrants, but Anglo Saxon women are a powerful group that can and will destroy you if you mess up. Again, this is not a referendum on what happened or on innocence or guilt or if anyone is lying, this is merely a statement that points out that you can do whatever you want to anyone but Anglo Saxon women, and good for them as I hope all women will reach that pinnacle one day, are as powerful as one group of people can be. This young lady did what Trump as President couldn’t even come close too. I think that Keanu Reeves has it right with the phantom hugs and no touch policy. I will say though that I know for a fact that what Gov. Cuomo did, allegedly, pales in comparison to what lesser people, non-political though, have done to immigrant women and those people are still working and will still receive their pensions, so forgive me if I can’t get behind the Cuomo is not worthy hoopla. This again is not to downplay the women and their feelings on these issues, I just know that a lot worse has happened to good people and been ignored. So, for now, ehhhh, is all I can muster up.

I will say one thing, Gov. Cuomo did do one thing that was really impressive. He withheld tax revenue from the State of NY from the Federal government when he felt that they were not doing enough to protect the States or taking enough remedial action against COVID. This was right after then President Trump said that the states had to do their own prevention measures. This was a bold move by the governor and I can definitively say that his troubles began shortly after that. So, lets just say that there is magic involved.