liam neeson

I weigh in on silly situations because that’s what bloggers do. They make their opinion known to their 36, maybe 37 followers. Within the last week Liam Neeson made it known that a friend of his was raped and that he acted irrationally to someone being raped. He stated that he sought the person that did it or anyone that looked like that person. He was obviously traumatized by the event and acted outside normal behavior. The back lash to his comments about actions that happened some 40 odd years ago is, hmmm, how can I put it…. insane. He did something wrong, well, almost very wrong, and he admitted to it. People seem to take the fact that someone he obviously loved very dearly got RAPED and skim past that point like yeah, we all do it, well, we all don’t do that. His behavior is actually what occurs when a loved one is sexually molested or raped. You go outside your normal self and you want to lash out. Some people handle it in different ways. Some people file civil suits because the appropriate authorities are magooing it (as in Mr. Magoo), some people look for immediate action and some people just sit on their thumbs because they’re too damn scared of their own shadows. While Liam should have focused his frustrations on finding the guilty party, when a traumatizing event like that occurs it can discombobulate you. I’m glad the Mr. Neeson didn’t hurt anyone and that he came to his senses prior to doing anything dumb. But if I had a question for Mr. Neeson, it would be, “How’s your friend, is she alright?” because in this incident, she was the only one hurt and no one else.

It amazes me what people seem to take to heart. The forest for the trees people. And if rapists and sexual predators or people that support rape don’t want to see his movies… fuck them. I don’t support his action, I condemn the reactions or over reactions when they don’t take everything into perspective.