pink floyd

Why are you building the wall? To keep the crazies in or out, because it seems that the crazies have been here for a while and none are illegal. This is the only wall I’m interested in. Rock out with your pants undone. Keeping it PG. Tick tock, people are hungry, about to file for bankruptcy. No money for gas to get to work. LOL, I’ll build them damn wall, if you don’t mind Legos. A Lego wall, now that might work. No pressure though. I’m sure we’ll get to the right answer quickly.

So, the wall is just a 214 mile extension. And it’s going to cost 5.7 billion. Well, I would like to sell my tools to you cheap. $150,000 and only broken once.

I have an idea, why don’t we build a labyrinth at the border. A really tricky one and if they make it through they automatically qualify for LAPR status. We’ll put it on TV and sell advertisement to afford the labyrinth, it will actually produce a profit.

This is becoming dangerously close to the hunger games for federal workers. And no offense meant to any leader of this country but we should try not to liken something that’s meant to divide property to a person that tried remove boundaries.