bad call

What a bad call. This stuff happens all the time, not on purpose, and the question you have to ask is how do you approach this problem. I say you adopt an MLB rule. You allow the head coach to approach the officials and request an official’s review, meaning that when everyone in the stadium saw it and everyone on the offended team saw it and everyone on the opposing team saw it but the officials missed it, the head coach can request an official’s review of the play, no matter what the play was. If the head coach is wrong, then he loses that challenge for that half. When games as big as these are on the line, you should be able to review any call on any play when everyone else saw it. It’s like asking an umpire to review if the home run was a home run, they don’t have to but when you are unsure, why not allow an official review. So instead of making it play specific, make it a general review that the officials would have to agree on. I’m sure after looking at the jumbo screen and hearing all the boos and magoo’s,  they would have agreed to do it.