ammonia brain



  • Abnormal movements or shaking of hands or arms.
  • Agitation, excitement, or seizures (occur rarely)
  • Disorientation.
  • Drowsiness or confusion.
  • Behavior or personality changes.
  • Slurred speech.
  • Slowed or sluggish movement.
  • Reddening of the eyes, especially when you sweat.
  • Causes non stop chatter and synapses to fire due to the overload of potassium chloride.

So if you ever have sharp pains to the liver, where the hepatic blood vessels go to cleanse the blood from foreign substances, then you might suffer these symptoms. You ever heard of the term bat shit crazy, that because bats defecate high quantities of ammonia and if you are ever in a bat cave, you need to wear a protective mask.

To help, eat items that have peppermint, spearmint or any kind of mint. It helps reduce the amount of potassium chloride and it cleanses the blood.

No wonder Batman goes around jumping from building to building, he’s crazy.