thumbs eyes

I don’t what it is but every time I go to the gym, my thumbs and eyes feel electric. My wrists and elbows and forearms and biceps hurt. And a feeling of high irritation comes over me. It’s generally at the gym. Maybe I’m doing something wrong because everyone else except for a few are playing on their phones but they don’t seem to have that electric irritation.


I have a court case in federal court that is going to determine if I keep my home or not. If I lose I’ll be homeless again. My plan is to buy a guitar and sing for money outside the court if I lose. I’m going to have two plates…..Just letting the court know how good I am.


plate full of money
Give if you want me to stop playing for five minutes


empty plate
Give if you support my music







Update: I lost. That seems to have emboldened the crazies. Well, I already bought the guitar. All I know how to play right now is Amazing Grace. Just two verses. I have no problem with the decision, if all three courts agreed then it must be the right decision.




The opposite of social or any supremacy is equality. What would you rather have? Big ups, what I mean is, outstanding job by the Dem and Repub leadership to take action against it.

UPDATE: I guess some ups for Steve King who voted to sanction himself in what he states was a huge misunderstanding. I’m confused, a little baffled, bewildered, uhhh, huh?

Just for the record, I believe the NYT. It doesn’t make sense that a reporter would be outraged by someone saying “what’s wrong with the words western civilization” alone.



The truth is not always pleasant or is it meant to be, Rule #5, Always tell the truth……

even when it’s as simple as where you met for the first time………

or when you say you gave someone a break when what you really did was find another way to profit……


angry manIrritability in men is often a result of high stress cortisol levels and low testosterone levels. Some men respond by acting out while others hold these feelings in and become depressed. Behaviors characteristic of men with Irritable Men Syndrome include: Angry.



So, I’ve been reading Avenger spoilers on Google. It seems that these theories are actually something people are interested in, for some unknown reason. Well, I have a theory. When Dr. Strange was on Thanos’ planet, looking into the future and saw all 43 million outcomes and only saw one outcome where they would win, he made a pretty good point of saying they had a 1 in a 43 million chance of winning. Dr. Strange would later give up the green stone, the time stone, to save Tony Stark. My guess is…. that Tony Stark, or Ironman or is it Iron Man, is the guy that eventually kills Thanos or cuts Thanos’ arm off at the elbow and then sells it on ebay, you know, to fund new projects. Either way, he kept Tony alive for a reason and I don’t think it was to just save the guys life, don’t think they liked each other that much, the characters, to save him and give up the stone. Look for Iron Man to save the day, maybe.

WTF Moment


Starting a new category I’m going to call WTF Moments. I’ll start one that happened to me. There¬† was a short time in my life that I was homeless and sleeping out of my car. I was parked in the middle of a field and it was a rainy night. I fell into a deep sleep, the one that feels like you are hypnoed out and you can’t wake up. About half way through the night I felt something wet in my crotch area and woke up to find my belt undone, my jeans unzipped and pulled apart, my car door open and unlocked and, well, the one eye monster peeking over my boxers. Didn’t see anyone around but definitely a WTF moment. True story and not the only time this type of behavior occurred. I had a couple of break-ins into my home, one of them, a person pinched my rear, left a bruise, and left the sheets off of my pelvic area. Didn’t wake up, couldn’t wake up.

WTF Moment: Starbucks


While at Starbucks, this guy backs up and puts his hands behind his back and reaches for my crotch. WTF, I just backed up and pushed his hand away and said “what the hell are you doing?” and he responds “forever”.