So, I’ve been reading Avenger spoilers on Google. It seems that these theories are actually something people are interested in, for some unknown reason. Well, I have a theory. When Dr. Strange was on Thanos’ planet, looking into the future and saw all 43 million outcomes and only saw one outcome where they would win, he made a pretty good point of saying they had a 1 in a 43 million chance of winning. Dr. Strange would later give up the green stone, the time stone, to save Tony Stark. My guess is…. that Tony Stark, or Ironman or is it Iron Man, is the guy that eventually kills Thanos or cuts Thanos’ arm off at the elbow and then sells it on ebay, you know, to fund new projects. Either way, he kept Tony alive for a reason and I don’t think it was to just save the guys life, don’t think they liked each other that much, the characters, to save him and give up the stone. Look for Iron Man to save the day, maybe.