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Kevin Hart Slammed for His Response to Homophobic Attack on Jussie Smollett

So funny. The only person that has the right to dismiss Kevin Hart’s tweets is the person he referenced. All these people that jump on this band wagon of trying to tear the comedian down for some jokes, albeit comedians will make some on edge comments and they were only jokes, must be perfect. Didn’t know that their were so many Jesus’s walking the earth. Hey, to those people, I would like start my own wine distillery, maybe you can come over and turn my water to wine. I would share the profits with you but I’m sure you’re too perfect for that. Mr. Hart, keep your head up, if any of us were perfect, then we wouldn’t need mirrors in our homes or cars in our garages. We would just wake up and float every where. You see, after reading this paragraph, this is why we need the Kevin Hart’s of the world, I’m just not funny but we all need to laugh. I’m not calling people out for chastising him on the statement, I’m calling them out for mentioning it more than once. He apologized, he got it, let’s move on.