Good Night of Boxing

Kovalev v alvarez 2

In a good night of boxing, some of the sport’s elite put on a good display of their craft. Teofilmo Lopez, an amazing talent, fought the rugged Diego Magdaleno. I don’t know if Lopez is clairvoyant, he can see where his opponent is going to be, but it seemed like he couldn’t miss even if he wanted to. If someone was born boxing out of the womb, this young prodigy would definitely be the one, he is definitely heading for greatness. Magdaleno, for his credit is tougher than anyone I have ever seen, unfortunately tough would only hurt him more than he had to be on this night. Diego took a one sided beating that I wouldn’t even give to my worst enemy. This isn’t Lopez’s fault, he actually was very professional during the fight. Lopez was composed, confident and well schooled. Magdaleno was chatting it up a little, which I think it was more to bring the warrior spirit out in himself than it was to taunt Lopez. The end coming in the 7th with a double left hook reminiscent of Jones Jr. was more than any person could take. The fight should have actually been stopped the round prior but sometimes a fighter would rather go out on his shield than being stopped in his corner. If there is one knock on Lopez, it’s that he should make every attempt to touch gloves with his opponent after the fight or at least thank his opponent for making him look so good, not in those words. The post fight celebration was perfectly fine, you should be able to celebrate, but you should try and get the sportsmanship in. Lopez is so good that he is on an astronomical level.

In the main event, Kovalev fought Alvarez in an outstanding rematch. The role reversal was so apparent, it was ironic. In the first fight, Kovalev was the one trying to land the big right hand and Alvarez boxed and countered beautifully. In the second fight, Alvarez was looking for the big right hand while Kovalev administered jab 101. School was in and Kovalev was now the teacher. Kovalev, who had fell in love with his right hand as the great equalizer, showed us that boxing was a two handed sport. He started with a jab, finished with a jab. I’m sure Buddy McGirt had a lot to do with reminding Kovalev of those basics. I’ve seen Kovalev fight that way prior, but not as good as he did last night. It was great performance, maybe his best performance, and had nothing to do with a knockout. Alvarez was outmatched, outgunned and outjabbed. Congrats to the new Light Heavy Champ. If he fights like that in every fight, he might be unbeatable. Kovalev is once again the best in the division. The scores were 116 – 112 twice and pitched a perfect fight on the third with a 120-108. I had it 119- 109. Kovalev did this to probably the second or third best guy in the division. I would definitely keep his new trainer. Alvarez will definitely be champion again, he is young and hungry. He will reach the pinnacle of the sport, it just wasn’t his night.