With the Justice Department embarking on a Religious freedom initiative, you kind of wonder what they mean by that. Does it mean that they stand with the baker from Colorado that refused service to a gay couple, that wanted a wedding cake, on religious grounds or do they mean that they stand with the gay couple’s right to be treated equally under the law? What we have to realize is that some of these religions don’t allow you to recognize any other God but the God of that religion. Does that mean that the baker can now refuse service to non-believers or people that believe in other religions? The slippery slope of exclusion based on religion is one thing that we should avoid.

First, there is no religion that says that people should be discriminated for any reason. All religions say that you must be tolerant and show compassion. To refuse to treat a person like a person and claim it on religious grounds is contradictory to what the religion is all about. All people sin and in if you choose to discriminate on only one particular sin, which I don’t really know if it is or is not, then your being biased. When you start adopting rules on religion and how you can treat each other because of it then you might as well head back to the days of the crusades. Another reason to truly eliminate your wrong beliefs of religion as an excuse of proper or legal behavior is because you will then excuse people that commit horrendous crimes because of their misinterpretations of religion, 9/11, and since this country has a freedom of religion, their argument is going to be as crazy as the bakers. There is a very good reason to separate state and religion, it’s so people don’t act out and then point to obscure, misunderstood and misinterpreted verses in a religious book and use it as an excuse to be crazy.

By the way, the baker was wrong.

And, I believe that’s there only one God and that he came down six different times or however many true religions there are, in the form that the people that he was preaching to could accept and acknowledge. It’s crazy to think that an all powerful and omnipotent God couldn’t foresee the dangers of making one true messiah that only looks like one portion of the population. All religions basically teach the same things, in the core of that religion, so why would you think that Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha and whoever else would be different people but not the same person as an image that is acceptable to pass his message on to the people he /she is preaching to? Well, I’m not a religion major and I’m sure that there are arguments to debunk my belief but I’ll wait to hear them, again my Religion Degree comes from Crayola, who by the way all share the same box peacefully.

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  1. All religions are not the same. Most believe in the here and the hereafter, but the monotheistic faiths, especially Christianity and Islam, believe they know how the world will end and they pray that it will happen soon. GROG

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    1. Lol. ok. I haven’t studied the religions but they all do teach compassion and love for your fellow human. I don;t think any teach exclusion and hatred. They were written by humans so I’m guessing that some extras might have made its way into the religious books.


      1. It’s been awhile since I delved into what I believed and why. It takes a bit of digging around. History is important. Where did monotheism come from? Why did Christianity survive? Your statement about not teaching exclusion and hatred, That is exactly what they do teach! If you have time… the research is interesting. GROG

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      2. Yeah, I know that’s what the crusades were about and what some wars then and now are based on but the teachings of these messiahs, I guess that’s what they were, didn’t seem to be go out and force people to believe in this religion and if they don’t, kill them. I believe that was later when people decided to run their religions like an army. You’re right though, I haven’t really studied religion and it’s history but it sure is an interesting topic.


  2. My whole article is about how people will use something that is meant to bring people together, like religion, as a tool to create divisiveness. To use something that is meant for good to create bad. I guess like the duality of people, how war is meant to bring peace. Or getting order from chaos. It’s a super interesting topic.


  3. I had to look up monotheism, which I’m pretty sure I knew what I meant, had it in a a philosophy class, but couldn’t quite remember what it meant. My brain isn’t what it used to be. I guess monotheism was always the view of Judiasm and adopted by the romans by Constatine. Eventually adopted by all people, which kind of gives credibility to the idea of messiahs. They labeled the other religions mythology and it will be interesting to see what happens to these religions in the future.


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